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Bullet point summary

  • We’re launching version 3.0 of the MSP Marketing Edge, rolling out in the weeks ahead
  • Nothing is being taken away, and the price isn’t changing!
  • I want to give you even more stuff to help your marketing, but also make your life easier
  • This is an evolution not a revolution. I want to fix some of my frustrations while giving you more useful tools
  • Four categories: Monthly, weekly, tools, and hands on help
  • Monthly: Adding:
    Campaign in a Box
    – 2 page print newsletter
  • Weekly: Adding:
    – Extra weekly social media content (on top of the monthly content)
    – Image based social media
    – Relevant ad-hoc content
    – Tech tips video
    – All delivered on Thursdays
  • Tools: Adding a data capture template for Email Hijack
  • Hands on help:
    – Hundreds of “how to” videos
    – 121 implementation help over Zoom. I’ll introduce you to my new colleague James Lett soon
  • Questions in the Facebook group please

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Hello, it’s Paul Green here from the MSP Marketing Edge. So I’ve got a video for you to explain something very exciting. It’s the culmination of a number of weeks of work behind the scenes and thinking from me and my team, we’re calling it the launch of MSP Marketing Edge 3.0. Now this video is going to take about 10 minutes of your time, but it’s me explaining all the thinking behind it, the context, and all the changes that we’re bringing in. And this is by the way an evolution, not a revolution. So although I’m calling it 3.0 and I’ll explain why in a second. It’s really important you know I’m not taking anything away. This isn’t one of those launch videos where I tell you about a whole load of new stuff that we’re doing, and then I kind of hit you with something horrible at the end. Like we’re taking something away, or worse, we’re putting the price up,

Not taking anything away, not putting the price up. We’re actually adding, we were investing a quite a significant sum of money into the MSP Marketing Edge. And I’ll tell you the commercial reasons why I’m doing this. I’m very happy and I’m very committed to being transparent about everything that I do. I know this business is important to you or this service is important to you and you rely upon the marketing materials and you rely upon them being at that high quality at that low price. And that’s actually a really important thing to me as well, because it’s the core of our business model.

So let me give you some context on this. The first piece of context is that we’ve grown very, very quickly. I’ll be honest, COVID has been very good for us because COVID coincided at the point that we were doing a marketing push anyway, and we’ve invested a lot of money into Facebook, LinkedIn, list-building and a whole series of other marketing methods, strategies, and tactics, which have come together just at the point that MSPs around the world have gone looking for what it is that we do.

And I believe that we are certainly one of the best services doing what we do, if not the best at our price point. Right now, as of time of filming, we’ve got 191 members, the majority of them in the UK and in the U.S. and then we sell some of the content to people in Australia, Singapore, Ireland, there’s a whole series of other countries that buy in some of that content. But we’re committed to just the U.S. and the UK, and those are the two markets we’re going to be focusing on over the next couple of years or so. My goal, and I’ll be quite open about this to you. My goal is to get us up to 500 members by 2021. That’s something that we’re working towards. And our reinvestment today, and all these changes I’m talking about today is part of us getting the service ready to bring on lots more members. Because we want to make sure that the support levels stay high, and we want to make sure that the quality stays high.

And as you can see on reinvesting back into the business, and we’ve got quite a lot of reinvestment that we’re doing today. Some of the context is that we have in the last three months added so much so quickly, and that’s been great because we’ve just acted really quickly. With coronavirus we chucked a load of content at you. We’ve chucked things like campaign in a box, that’s come up. There’s the printed newsletter, it’s all just been added very, very, very quickly, and very much acting on the principle of let’s just do it and get it out there and make sure that you can use it.

The downside of this has been that it has overwhelmed some of our members. And it’s a conversation that I’ve had with lots of people on email, face-to-face in the Facebook group, which is that overwhelming you with content has created confusion. In fact, this is why we launched the content portal, was it a month or so ago? Because that helped to remove some of the confusion of where is my content. But there is still confusion. There is still a bit of overwhelmingness. Is that even a word? I don’t think it is, but people being overwhelmed, really important that I’m listening. It’s me in that Facebook group every day, I’m happy to have conversations about things that aren’t perfect. We all know that no business is perfect, no service is perfect. And I’m as committed to being transparent and telling you what’s going on and why I’m doing stuff as I always have been.

And when someone’s not happy, I listen. And if two or three people have the same complaint, that’s a trend. It means that it’s a wider thing. And people who don’t say anything are feeling that pain as well. So when we’re trying to remove some of that confusion and overwhelmingness. At the same time I want to give you more content, because I know there are some things that we’ve done over the last couple of weeks, which you’ve actually found very, very helpful. For example, campaign in a box.

So we launched this campaign in a box, it’s designed as a multi-touchpoint campaign for you to steal clients from other MSPs. And the feedback on that has been absolutely brilliant, which is great. And I know you’d like more of that, that direct multi-touchpoint commercial campaigns. I also know you want more videos. We produce one video a month and lots of people have said to me, “Actually, wouldn’t it be great if you could do more video to go on your website.” And also the printed newsletter I thought would be a nice add-on, the response from that has been great. And it’s been wonderful to see so many people sending out that printed newsletter, or at least getting it ready to go out.

So I can see that there’s a desire to have some more of that. So we’ll talk about how we’re going to add some more of that in a second. At the same time there’s some of our service which I’m not happy with, and particularly the social media aspects. So we work a little bit ahead in our production schedules to make sure that we have everything ready for you on the first of each month. And the downside of something like that is for something like social media it can be a little bit out of date. And I look at our social media content where sometimes it’s at least four weeks old, but if you think the social media content you’re publishing at the end of the month is at least four, if not five weeks old by the time you come to publish it, and I’m not happy with that.

But at the same time I know that many of our members like the ability to just publish something in one go in one month and not have to think about it. So I’ve got a solution that I think will satiate my desire to improve the quality, but without taking away your ability to schedule content a month in advance. Now the final piece of context that you need to know is that, as I say, support has always been an important part of this. The Facebook group is a critical part of the experience. And at the same time, I’m happy to offer as much help as I can, but I’ve noticed that a lot of the help requests are not really the strategic stuff that I’m good at. My superpower is strategic marketing. It’s coming up with strategies and tactics and with the implementation I typically use a team to implement myself.

So I’ve moved a little bit away from knowing a lot of the smaller details. Questions like, “How do you do so and so in Hootsuite? How do you import a custom audience into Facebook?” I’m finding myself Googling the answers for those to give the answers to you, which is fine, because I’m happy to do that, but that just seems not kind of right. And I think what we’re seeing a trend of is that people want more hands on help. They want someone to hold their hand and take them through, doing little details. And you’re an intelligent person, most MSPs are. You can get most things done and get up to a certain point, but often people get stuck at certain points doing these marketing things. So we’ve got an answer for that. In fact, we’ve got an answer for all of these contexts things.

Now, let me tell you why I’m calling it version 3.0. When we launched about three and a bit years ago, we just literally launched. We had the idea, wrote some content, launched it, sold it. We’ve got about eight members on in the first week. It was brilliant. I realised it was a viable content service. And that was our 1.0. And very, very quickly, we turned that into what we’re running now, which we call two point something. We don’t really have version numbers, but it just helps to explain it. We’ve had pretty much a core service running for roundabout two and a half years as it is now. And it was working really, really well up until about three, four months ago, when we suddenly started adding all this extra stuff in and coming up with all these new ideas.

And that’s why what we need to do now is launch version 3.0. Now this is an evolution. It’s not a revolution, the core of what we’re doing isn’t going to change, but I want to improve the effectiveness of the content. And also I want to simplify your life. So I want to make it easier for you to use this service to really power your marketing. That’s a primary goal for me with this. Now, as I said at the beginning, it’s really important you know I’m not taking anything away and I’m not changing the price. There is no bad news in this video. I’m reorganising a little bit, I’m adding some stuff in and I’m investing in the service, which helps you. And it also helps me to grow it as well.

So the first thing that we’re doing is, well, the core of what we’re doing with version 3.0 is we’re reorganising into four different categories and we’ll be working on these four different categories. The categories are stuff that we send to you monthly. We’re going to introduce a new thing of stuff that we send to you weekly. We then got tools, and I’ll explain what I mean by tools in a second. And then we’ve got a brand new category, which is Hands on Help. And I’m going to take you through what all of these are. And then we’ll just briefly touch on timelines and stuff like that.

So monthly is pretty much what you know now. It’s all the stuff that you get and I’m not going to change that. So you’ll still get every month your guide, your advertising pack, your video, a month’s worth of social media content. The client, or prospect emails, the sales letter and the press release. And that’s still going to be the core of the MSP Marketing Edge service still delivered on the first of every single month.

But we’re also going to add some new stuff onto that monthly delivery. And the first thing we’re going to add is a campaign in a box. So the response to that first campaign in a box was so good that we realised there’s an opportunity to give you a new campaign every single month. Now it won’t be a 30 day campaign. It will be about a 10 to 14 day. We’ll settle down on a format that works best. And what we’ll do is we’ll pick a subject. So it might be we do something on VoIP, disaster recovery, dark web scanning. We’ve got a whole list of things, but every month you’ll get a multi-touchpoint campaign, which would include a bit of direct mail. We would include some emails, some adverts, maybe some social media and probably a telephone script as well.

And the idea is, you can look at that and say, “Ah, brilliant. Yes, let’s roll this out. We’ve got 300 people we want to target with this. And we can hit them with multiple touch points over a 10 day, 14 day campaign. And you’ll have a new campaign every single month. So it won’t be a massive one. It will be a cutdown version of something that you can implement brilliantly. And that remember, is in addition to all the other stuff that we give you every month.

The other thing that we’re going to start doing on a monthly basis is we’re going to give you a print newsletter every month. Now you may not wish to send one out every single month, but I’m going to make it available to you every month. Because I think that print is so important that you need the ability to send that out every month. So we’re not going to do a four pager because I think that’s too much for on a monthly basis. And certainly printing wise to have a big sheet folding in two, becomes a more complicated print thing. So we’re just going to make it a two page print newsletter.

Going to be completely honest, we’re going to repurpose content. So we’re going to repurpose content from the month that you’ve been delivered in, or maybe even the month before, just sort of talking that through at the moment in terms of our production deadlines. And we’re going to repurpose that into the print newsletter, but you will have a print ready newsletter with all the InDesign files as usual that you can go in and you can send it off to your printers and get that printed.

And you may choose as I say, to just send it out every other month, or you may choose to send it perhaps to your prospects every month. And then your clients once a quarter, it’s up to completely up to you. And we will have those discussions in the Facebook group of what is the right thing to do. So that’s all the monthly stuff. We’re then going to start to introduce a series of weekly stuff. And this is completely new. So every, I think it’s going to be Thursday, every Thursday we’re going to deliver you more stuff. And the first thing we’re going to do is every single week on a Thursday is, we’re going to deliver you another week’s worth of fresh social media content.

So if you think about my unhappiness with our social media content, I know people love having that month to upload and just get it all done, and that’s fine. I don’t want to take that away, but I want to at the same time up the quality. So you’ll have a month’s worth social media content delivered to you on the first of the month. And then every Thursday we’ll give you another week’s worth of social media content. And we’ll do it in the formats, again, there’ll be the versions without the hashtags. There’ll be the Hootsuite, the buffer files, all of that kind of stuff.

So I will have a writer, because we’re investing an extra writing resource who will create this stuff on a Tuesday and a Wednesday, and we’ll deliver it to you on a Thursday. The beauty of that is we can then have up to date social media content on your channels. It’s completely up to you whether … You could use all the monthly stuff and the weekly stuff. You could use just the weekly stuff. You could use just the month, completely up to you what you do with this, the point is you’ve got choice. And as the news, and as things change very quickly, it means we can help you to stay a little bit more up to date.

The other thing we’re going to introduce in that weekly stuff is we’re going to introduce some image-based social media as well. So this isn’t something that we’ve been doing at the moment, but I think it’s something that could be quite powerful. What do I mean by image base? I mean, we will pop in and here’s just an example, a stat. So we found a stat that hackers attack a business on average every 37 seconds. We’d obviously do a U.S. and a UK version of that. And we probably do a general one that doesn’t say U.S. or UK, so it could be used all around the world. But we’re going to introduce some of those as well. And we’ll introduce some and we’ll get your feedback on those and what you like about those. So that’s fresh social media content for you every single week.

The other thing that we’re going to introduce every week, but standardised the delivery of is the ad hoc content. So I know it’s slowed down a bit in the last few weeks, but early on in this COVID thing, we were throwing content out left, right and centre. And I know it was overwhelming and I know people got behind and that actually caused frustration. And I’m sorry if that was you in that situation, it was right for us to produce that content, but we needed to manage the delivery of it better. So as and when we deliver ad hoc content to you now, which is based on opportunities, that will be on a Thursday. So it would be delivered to you on a Thursday. Basically you’ll get a load of stuff on a Thursday, you’ll get social media content, you’ll get my normal Thursday video, which is me talking to you. Any ad hoc content, the idea being there’s some work you can do on Thursday and Friday to then get that out there next week, the following week. That’s the goal with that.

There’s one more thing that we’re going to deliver to you on a weekly basis as well, and that is a weekly tech tips video. Because I know video is so important and I know you want to put a video on your websites. So we have hired a presenter. We’ve got a presenter, a UK guy, and we’ve got a U.S. guy. They’re different people and they are presenting tech tips. So they will pick out, it might be something simple as how can you get the best out of Teams. We’ve actually picked very, very small subjects. And the idea is they’re sort of 60 second videos. And we’ll be delivering one of these to you every single week on a Thursday.

So on that Thursday, you get your social media content, your ad hoc content and your tech tips video. And it’s just like the other videos I deliver to you. So you’ll get the Vimeo code, you’ll get the raw file. You can do whatever you want to it. You can download it. You can add your logo to it. You can put a little hat on them if you want to, you can do anything you want. But we will be delivering those weekly. And the reason we’re delivering those weekly is, at the moment it fits within our production schedules better to just work a few weeks ahead with those presenters. Whereas if we’ve got to deliver you sort of four or five extra videos a month, that’s actually quite a big burden, because it’s a fairer chunk of work per video. So down the line we will look to see if we can deliver those to you monthly, because that’s probably more helpful to your production deadlines. But for us right now, we’re just going to deliver those weekly. And we’ll address that and review that down the line.

So we’ve got your monthly category, you’ve got your weekly category. Now in terms of tools, what I classify as tools are things that don’t change very often, but they’re there for you. The book for example, currently Email Hijack, there’ll be a new book for 2021, which I’m guessing is going to be about COVID and the changing world. But we’ll have that discussion around October, which is when I lock myself away to write that book if I can. If I can even lock myself away somewhere in a hotel. And Have I been Pwned plugin is another tool. We don’t currently have any sort of big plans for other tools at the moment. As we spot opportunities, we’ll add them.

One thing we are going to do, and this is going to take us a couple of weeks to figure this out, is we’re going to create a data capture page for Email Hijack, and for the books in general. So I’ve noticed that lots of people love to do data capture. There’s lots of conversation about what is best practice. We’re going to put together a best practice data capture page for Email Hijack and then provide that to you.

Now, we’re currently working out the technicals of that because we want to do it for every single type of website, whether it’s WordPress or not. And we’re conscious that importing a data capture page to a WordPress website normally doesn’t work very well, because you have style sheets and stuff that destroy it. So we’re just figuring out the technicals of that, but we believe we found a way to do it using sub-domains of a standard data capture website. But don’t ask me questions about that yet, because literally we’re on day three or day four of conversations about that, but that’s something we’re committed to doing for you.

So, the final category, this after monthly, weekly in tools is hands on help. So right now we’ve got the two primary ways of me helping you. And I’m not changing these at all. You’ve got the Facebook group, which has just become a wonderful community. And then you’ve got emailing me for one on one help. And I’m happy to keep doing that. I know we withdrew the messenger support recently, because it was interfering with my work-life balance, but you can email me as much as you want. Obviously the group is typically a faster place to get some feedback.

There’s two new things that we’re going to add, and these are completely brand new. And I think these are going to really help you. The first is we are going to film hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of how to videos. So I’ve hired a guy, I’m going to introduce you to him in a second. And he has two jobs. He works exclusively on the MSP Marketing Edge, full time. And his two jobs are, first of all, he’s going to film these videos. And I’ll tell you about who he is in a second and why he’s able to do these videos. But we’re going to literally break down everything into a series of small subjects. So just take something like Facebook Ads. We’re not going to do a 60 minute video on Facebook Ads, because I don’t think that’s what you want.

Instead, we might do 60 one minute videos on Facebook ads. So we might have, and I have a general strategy, overall strategy video, and maybe I would film that. But then my new colleague, James, and yes, I’ve got two James’ on my payroll now. But James, my new colleague, James, he might film a 60 second video about how to upload a custom audience. And he might film a 60 second video about how to select an audience. And he might film a 60 second video about standard settings in the Facebook thing. And then we’ll organise them all into a content portal in such a way that you can actually go searching. So it’s going to take us a little while to get all of these videos up and running of course, but can you see the power of that?

So you come to implement a piece of marketing and you’re an intelligent person, you can Google stuff. And you go fine until you get to a point where you’re stuck on a particular question. And instead of having to go into the Facebook group and wait for lots of opinions and answers about that, there will be a video to answer it for you. And the videos we create will be dictated by your questions.

So we’ve got hundreds of topics already just based on the conversations over the last few months, because I’ve been thinking about this for a while. But we will, as time goes on we will add in videos based on the help that you asked for. And this means that it’s just designed to speed you up and be there as a resource for you. And these videos, by the way, will only be for active MSP Marketing Edge Members.

Now, the second thing that James is going to do, and this is really exciting, is we’re going to start to offer one-on-one implementation help over Zoom. So this is James, my new James, his name is James Let, and he’s actually worked for me for the last six months editing my podcast. You may have heard me mention him before now. I’ve known James for 24 years. We both started in radio at the same time in 1996. I got out of radio about 10 years later. He stayed in and he went on to run radio stations and become a very good producer. And then he was made redundant about six months or so ago and set himself up as a freelancer.

And it’s taken me some time, but I’ve been able to entice him to come and join us full time to work on the MSP Marketing Edge. So he’s going to be the one creating all the videos. He’s got an incredibly good eye for good videos. They’ll be very tight, very well edited videos or screenshots. It’s not him, his face on the screen talking, it’ll all be sort of stuff on the screen.

But the other thing he’s going to do, he’s going to make half of his day available to you for one to one implementation help. So you can go onto his Calendly, and you can book, it would probably be 20 minutes, 20 or 30 minutes of his time to talk you through doing stuff. And the idea is that there is someone available to you one on one to do with detail stuff. So I’m still your guy for strategy and for the sort of the bigger picture stuff. But James is going to be your guy for your lower level stuff. And you’ll say what it is that you want to go over with him. And literally you might dive in, it’ll all be screen shares off your Zoom, and he’s going to talk you through it, all these little bits and bobs.

Now, that’s a service that we’re going to launch in a couple of weeks time. James joins us full time on Monday, on Monday the 15th of June. It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get him up to speed on some stuff. He has a quite a knowledge of marketing already because of the nature of the work he’s been doing. We need to make sure he’s got absolutely everything that we need to know. And in fact, the first two weeks of his training and him putting together those how to videos is so that he can help you with the implementation help. So we anticipate launching James’ availability beginning of July roughly. We anticipate the first set of videos dropping towards the end of June. And then I will probably do a joint video with James to introduce him to you and to tell you the kind of things that he can help.

But we’re committed to giving you this extra level of support at this very detailed level. Because I think, as I’ve said before, it’s not just about knowing what you need to do, it’s actually getting it done. And almost the 3.0 of the MSP Marketing Edge is giving you extra content, more stuff, and more up to date stuff. But also holding your hand more and giving you more advice and more help actually getting it done. We can’t do it for you unfortunately, I choose not to do that. I had a business that used to do marketing for people, and that’s not a business I ever want to be in again. But we can hold your hand while you’re doing it at a new level of detail that we’ve never been able to do that before.

So as always, you may have questions and I’ll happily answer these questions. I’m going to post this in the Facebook group and I’m going to put it in the portal as well. Facebook group is the right place to ask questions. As part of that transparency, please do ask that question. If it’s in your head, it will be in someone’s head as well.

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green