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Bullet point summary

  • Content is very Coronavirus heavy this month. Will probably scale it back for May
  • Press release and sales letter are time sensitive. Send them out now
  • Still a big opportunity to win break/fix work now. Leverage it to start relationships
  • Video and guide are on the same subject for one month only
  • I've got your back, with fresh content for Coronavirus as often as an opportunity arises

Full transcription

Hi. Hello. This is Paul Green from home in Milton Keynes and I've even been growing my Christmas beard a bit little early. I'm going to be doing some videoing tomorrow so it has to come off. But I thought you'd like to see how bad my beard is and how little hair I get here. Just this funny little goatee beard. Very strange. Anyway, I've got your April 2020 update video. If you go looking for the March update video, there wasn't one. So don't think that you're going mad and you've missed it. The last video before this was February, but we've got so much else to talk about, So much to talk about in April. I've got five key points that I want to talk to you about and of course the first of those is Coronavirus. So the content for April is very, very Corona heavy in fact it's predominantly 90% Corona and that's deliberate.

I've had lots of discussions with my team. We've recreated all the content. We've pushed the whole production schedule back and that's to try to give you, as of today, as of the launch of this at the beginning of April, to try to give you the most up to date and relevant content that we can for something that that works ahead now. Because I think the world is obsessed with Corona right now, it's the right thing to do to have very Corona heavy content. However, when we come to May's content, my gut feel, and it's only got feel at this stage, but my gut feel is that we'll start to see people start to be Corona doubt the novelty of working from home, it just won't be fun anymore. The novelty of having the kids off school, I mean that's already not fun, but you get the idea.

So we will monitor this and I'm constantly monitoring this both in the UK in the US in Canada and Singapore and everywhere we have clients around the world monitoring where I think we're at. I worked in the media, I was a newspaper reporter, then a radio presenter and I ran radio stations. I did that for about 10 years. So that kind of new sense, that ability to try and sense how well people reacting to stuff is what I'm using at the moment. We've pushed the production of May's content right back because we normally work weeks ahead with this content and we have very specific deadlines. We've pushed it all back. So we'll be doing the all the content in the last week of April. So again, we can just, just be on the nose for what we think normal people want in May. As I say, my gut feel is currently that they're not going to want as much Corona content, but we'll see.

And if that changes earlier, by the way, So if Corona's tiredness, fatigue comes in earlier than we will obviously tweak the April content. So I've got your back on all of this. The other things you mentioned is there's no mentions of the C words Coronavirus or COVID in anything that you may need to email out. So that's the promotional emails, but also the press release because obviously you email the press release out. Now the reason for this is we already know and you may have seen my post on this in the Facebook Group just last week that you put Coronavirus or COVID into an email and it's become a very quickly become a spam trigger word. So we don't want that. So I've made sure that we've avoided use of those specific C words and I suggest you do exactly the same by the way in any other promotional emails that you send out.

So that's the first thing. Second thing in the press release and the sales letter that you've got this month and they are somewhat time sensitive. So I recommend that you send those out ASAP. This end of the week or beginning of next week would be perfect because obviously we don't know how the situation's going to change. The other thing on the sales letter is that obviously there's no point sending a physical print sales letter to someone's office right now because they're not going to be reading that for some time. So I am in two minds, I'm having this constant argument in my head about you go and look at your prospect's home address and just send it to them there. Which, certainly in the UK you've got companies house you could do that feels wrong though to just do that. So maybe you would send them an email and say, “Look, we've got a letter that we want to send to you, please, if you don't mind, could you hit reply with your, with your home address and we'll post it to you there.”

And I think that's got to be worth having to go with that. Third thing to talk to you about is the advertising pack. So the back end of last week, I sent out some Coronavirus adverts because I believe we're in the opportunity now for you to go looking for break fix work. And I think that opportunity is going to carry on for a number of weeks. So there's some of the advertising packages made up of different versions of that, some of the advertising packages made up of promoting the guide and I do think there is a massive short term opportunity for you to go and find frustrated people. You probably aware, I have a concept I've been working on for a week which is that at the end of this we're going to have a great big client grab where we're just going to see in a way that we've never seen before clients move from one MSP to another because of levels of dissatisfaction, which means obviously that you've got to be focusing on protecting your existing client base but also a starting relationships now with people who are frustrated.

Just before recording this video, I've just come off a video call with a new client in America and we were talking about exactly this, that if he can go and do some short term break fix work for some of the frustrated clients in these areas, it's a great way to start relationships. It might not pay off immediately but it will pay off at some point for some of those prospects. So that's in the advertising pack. The fourth thing to tell you about is that for this month, probably this month only the video and the guide are on the same subject. So for the last year or so we've made sure that the video and the guide are separate subjects to give you more value, more things to talk about but we've really got to push the subject and the subject is bring your own device. It's about data security. I want to make sure that that's the hammer you're hitting because that's your long-term thing.

Short term, you're looking for break, fix opportunities to fix problems for people and start relationships. But long-term we've got to keep the same messages going. Just got to make it seem relevant. So it's about bringing your own device. It's about data security while working from home and for this month only the video and the guide are the same subject, different content, same subject. And then the fifth thing to just tell you is I've completely got your back on this. One of the beautiful things of working from home and having no meetings and having really nothing to do otherwise other than look after you and a nine year old but kind of looks after herself, things to Tik Tok is I'm monitoring it constantly looking for opportunities. Any ideas at all are welcome. I'm not going to take every single idea and produce it, but if there's any opportunity to produce a piece of content or a piece of marketing collateral for you to use, I will do it. And I'll always put that extra content on the Coronavirus page.

So the April page is locked. That's not going to change now, but the new content goes on the Coronavirus page. If you haven't seen that yet or you don't have access to it, just email me, hello@mspmarketingedge.com or just reply to any email I've ever sent you and it's me at the end of it and I'll sort that out for you. But my intention is to keep adding materials as we see opportunities because it's the right thing to do both for the short term and the long term for you to A, get some revenue in now, B, set up some really hot prospects for later on in the year when all of this is starting to die down. As always if you've got any questions and if you're watching this in the Facebook Group just comment below if you're watching this on the website or in some other kind of medium just drop me that email, hello@mspmarketingedge.com. Speak to you soon.

Paul Green
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