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  1. Newsletter and email are now more "edutainment"
  2. There's an Australian version of the monthly videos
  3. Email Hijack is now available in Canva format
  4. We're aiming to deliver three Secret Weapons in March

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Hi, this is Paul Green from the MSP Marketing Edge. I've got your monthly update for March, including news of three secret weapons which we hope to deliver to you by the end of March.

So just a few short updates for you and then I'll tell you more about the secret weapons. And the first update is that as of this month's content, so as of April's content, which we've just delivered to you today, the newsletter and the email are now more edutainment. So we've kind of toned back the salesy-ness of it, we've taken out some of the call to actions, so they're more a mix of education and entertainment. And that was based on your feedback in our Facebook group. And in fact, I do think it's a much stronger offering that we've got now for you to build relationships with your leads and with your prospects.

Another quick one just on the monthly videos, so we now have an Australian version. Now, the vast majority of our Australian and New Zealand clients, they take the USA content. So we've popped those into the USA page, now they're not in the one-click download and that's so no one in the USA can make a mistake and accidentally download and use the Australian videos. So if you are based in Australia or New Zealand, you will just need to go into the content page, you know where April's content is, and download your specific versions of those videos from that page. And I'd appreciate any feedback that you've got on those, as always.

Also just one other thing to tell you is that Email Hijack, which is our book, there are now some Canva versions of Email Hijacking, quite a few people have already used those versions. So if you go into your dashboard and just search for Email Hijack, go and click on that, and it'll take you to the Email Hijack files page. And on there, you can download the Canva versions of that. And we will put together Canva versions of any other future guide that we put together for you.

And that brings me on very nicely to the secret weapons. You see, we have a whole series of secret weapons planned for 2021 and the early part of next year as well. And my goal is to get the first three of these secret weapons out to you by the end of March. So if we don't make the end of March, we'll certainly do it by the very early stages of April.

Now the first secret weapon is called the IT Services Buyer's Guide. And the idea behind this is it's something that's available for download from your website, so anyone who's a serious prospect can just go and download this and it teaches them how to pick a good MSP. So there will be a bit of personalization for you to do within that guide, perhaps for you to take out some of the things that don't really fit with your modus operandi, with your MO, but we've made it really, really easy for you to look at it, change it, and of course, to turn it into something that can be downloaded from your site.

Yes, there will be Canva versions of it. And what we've done is it's currently sat with my designer, Steve. Steve's going to design it so it matches up to the Email Hijack. So he'll do three different designs and those three different designs will match up to the three designs that we offer Email Hijack in. So you can have it matching up as those documents. I hope to get that out to you in the next week or so. As I say, we're just preparing all those files, it does take quite a long time, it's quite a long guide, and obviously we've got to do three versions of that for the UK, three versions for the US as well, and get them turned into all the file formats. That's where the delay is on that. So we'll get that to you in the next week or so.

Secret weapon number two is an enhancement to our plugin. And in fact, just it's either today or yesterday, I would've put something into the Facebook group asking for some testers for the plugin. So at the moment, our plugin just contains the, "Have I been pwned?" functionality. We've completely added to that functionality. There's a whole load of new stuff that you can do with the new version of that plugin. And we hope to get that, once we've got that approved by our testers, we hope to get that to you no later than next week. It's exciting that one.

And the third secret weapon that we've got for you is, again, something you may have heard me talking about in the past. It's a series of hackers videos. So we've got a certified ethical hacker to do three big hacks and he filmed both ends. So he filmed what he was doing as a hacker and he filmed the victim's computer, which was obviously one of his computers under his own control. And then we've put together some videos about that and there are two versions of each of those videos. There's a fully self-contained version with a voiceover, and yes, we'll do UK and US versions of that, and it's designed to go onto your website or your social media so you can just show it to people. There's also a second version, which has no voiceover and it's cut back a little bit. And the idea behind that is that you can show it to your clients and to your prospects.

So you can say to them, "Hey, look, let me show you what a ransomware attack actually looks like. This is something that I got a certified ethical hacker to film for me. Hey, look, here it is. So this is what happens on his computer. This is what happens on your computer. This is what it looks like when all your data has been encrypted." Can you see the power of that? So we're trying to make it as flexible as possible for you to use these hackers videos in any way that you want to.

So if you've got any questions on these and we're aiming to get those hackers videos out to you by the end of March, or certainly the beginning of April. But if you've got any questions on these, if you're watching this in the MSP Marketing Edge Facebook group, then obviously please comment below, if you're watching this in the website or anywhere else, just drop me an email. hello@mspmarketingedge.com.

Paul Green
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