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  1. Ukraine topical video + put yourself in the videos
  2. LinkedIn Newsletters are HOT right now
  3. Lots of videos and a new universal plugin coming soon

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Hi, this is Paul Green with a quick update for you for April 2022. I've only really got three things to tell you about this month. The first of them is about our weekly videos. So you might be aware that a couple of months ago we switched. We transitioned the way that we were doing our weekly videos. So we used to have a guy. We had a UK guy and a US guy, and they were pre-recorded videos. So we recorded them in batches. We called them tech tips, and basically we just released them to you on a weekly basis. And then a couple of months ago, we switched so that we could actually do topical videos. So we now have a production process whereby on a Monday we have a content conference. We decide what that week's topical content is going to be about. And that's for our syndicated blog as well as for our video.

And then that's written on a Monday. The presenter, we now have a female presenter, the presenter films that on a Tuesday, and then that's produced on a Wednesday to give to you on a Thursday. And for the first time last week, we had something which was in the news, which allowed us to really reflect something that was happening topically. And that was of course the terrible events in Ukraine. And you're probably aware or you should be aware if you've looked at last week's video, that we were able to get a very topical video out very quickly about the official cybersecurity advice that had come out in both the UK and the US. That's why we went through the pain of going through this change to be able to do topical videos in a way where we can guarantee we get that to you on a Thursday. It's a surprising amount of work to get a topical video written and filmed and produced in time for you to put it on your website.

So we hope to be able to do more topical videos like that. We'll certainly be creating a new video every single week. I'm hoping that as events unfold around the world, big hacks, major cybersecurity things, major technology things, that we'll be able to reflect that topicality in those videos, because the more topical something is, the more likely people are to watch it and engage with it. Now, something else that we're able to do with these weekly videos, which is brand new as of last week as well, is we can now provide you with all of the background footage, if want to insert yourself or your own presenter into the footage. So we supply you with the video, which is complete, ready to go. You've got the female presenter and that's ready to go. The idea is that you can just take that, put a bit of code in your website, and it's just ready to go.

And for some people, for many MSPs, for many of our members, it's just done, that's what they want, but we also have some other members who want to replace the presenter with themselves. So we've managed to sort out some sort of licensing issues with that. And you can now have that sort of background footage for you to insert yourself. So you can film yourself against a green screen using the script that we send you, and then you can insert yourself into that footage and we'll continue to send you that every single week. So that's the first thing to tell you about. The second thing to tell you about is LinkedIn newsletters. Have you been on the LinkedIn newsletter thing yet? I did a live Facebook group, a Facebook live only in our MSP Marketing Edge Facebook group, just a couple of weeks ago about the massive opportunity right now of LinkedIn newsletters.

And you can go back and review that. You can go and find the recording of that and the cheat sheet, which we've into the dashboard. If you can't find it, just get in touch with us and we'll send that to you. But we've had so many members launch their own LinkedIn newsletter over the last couple of weeks. If you go and look in the Facebook group, I mean, there is literally, it's almost like every other post is someone saying, oh, I did it. I started launched my own LinkedIn newsletter and it's just wonderful. I have now about seven or eight of them are landing in my email box. And that's just from the members of the MSP Marketing Edge. So if you haven't done that yet, please do go and review that. It is a time limited opportunity.

LinkedIn newsletters I think will be here for some time, but the amount of algorithmic and promotional weight that LinkedIn is giving to it is at some point they're going to scale that back as more and more people start doing LinkedIn newsletters. So this is very much a timely opportunity for you. The opportunity is to reach huge numbers of people on LinkedIn with tiny amounts of work. In fact, if you use our syndicated blog content, it could be as little as 10 to 15 minutes of work every week, which a member of your team could do for you. And yet, you get in front of potentially hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of people on LinkedIn. And the final thing to tell you about is just things that we are working on in the background, which we are expecting to drop later on in March or in April.

So these things are all now in the dashboard. You can go and see everything that we're working on, and I'll keep that up to date. First thing we're working on is the IT services buyers guide. So this is the 2022 edition. We're now reformatting that down into a five size, which is in the UK and in the US that's half letter size. So that was originally designed in a four, which is letter size. We'll keep providing that, but we'll now provide you with that smaller version, lots of different reasons that you would have that. Maybe it's cheaper to print or easier to print. Maybe you feel more comfortable handing that out or giving that to people. Certainly in the UK, it's cheaper to post, to physically mail out a five document compared to an A4 thing.

So going forward as we do those updates every year, because we will update the buyers guide every single year, we'll do those updates for A4 and A5. So letter size and half letter size. Now earlier on I was mentioning the old tech tips videos. So that was the weekly video with the mail presenters. In total, we did around about 90 of those. We only released about 82 of them. There were eight that we sort of never ended up releasing. There nothing wrong with them. We just wanted to end that program early and start our new topical videos. So we are now currently putting all 90 of those together in one document so that you can embed them all into your website in one go. So very soon within the next couple of days, if I'm right, we will get that document to you.

And literally it's you just copy the code, post it into your website. Bang, just like that. You've got another 90 videos in your website to demonstrate the authority of you and your colleagues to prospects visiting your websites. We've also got even more how to videos coming. So at the moment we've got two batches of how to videos, which are available to you and it's the same thing. You just copy and paste a whole load of code into your website. And the videos are just there. We've covered off a whole load of 365 content in these new batches. Three and four, we're going to do Outlook. There's a whole load of content about Outlook and then some Windows 10 and Windows 11 content. So batch three is due to you in the X couple of weeks and batch four will be due to you around about June time.

And then the other thing that we're working on right now is we are... We have a website plugin, which is just for WordPress websites. We are reworking that plugin. So it will be universal regardless of the platform that you have built your website in. It will work in all websites. So we're calling it the universal plugin. So we're going to switch over. If you are using the WordPress one, there will be a long period of switch over. We'll continue to support the WordPress version for probably about three months or so, but then we'll discontinue support and we will ask you to move over to the universal plugin, to be supported. The advantages of that are A, it's works in any website. B, it's a hell of a lot less support for us. We've got one code base to maintain, but it also means that we can add some new tools as well.

And we've got some great ideas for new tools, the things that you'll just be able to put into your website, and it will be as simple as copying a line of code, but you'll have as much control over it as we can possibly give you. So there's loads and loads of new things coming up. And of course, we have a huge pipeline of other new things throughout the rest of 2022. Now, if you've got any questions at all, loads of places you can get help. You can go into the members only Facebook group and ask a question there. You can go into our knowledge center or if you've got a specific question, why not drop me and my team an email. It's hello@MSPmarketingedge.com

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