August 2020 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. New file formats now available:
    • HubSpot
    • Publisher
    • Canva
    • Stannp (for the newsletter)
  2. The advertising pack is retiring from September
  3. Delivering the content to you earlier:
    • September on 20th August
    • October on 10th September
    • And then 10th of each month
  4. Weekly best practice webinars
    • Tuesdays at 4pm BST
    • 20 minutes
    • Starts Tuesday 11th August
  5. Launch of new support portal
    • Hundreds of how to videos + articles: Launches Friday 14th August
    • Zero Excuses GTD support line: Launches Monday 24th August

Full transcription

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Hi. Hello. It's Paul here with August 2020's Update, and I've got five big things for you today. We've been working very hard behind the scenes to make some major improvements to the service, and I'm so excited to be able to tell you about them today.

Now the first is that we're delivering all of the content, or some of the content, in lots of new file formats. So a couple of weeks ago, we started delivering the social media content in a file that you can upload to HubSpot, and we'll do that going forward, both the weekly and the monthly social media content.

Now, in terms of anything that's delivered to you in InDesign format, we're now providing files for Microsoft Publisher and for Canva. So we've pretty much covered off all the formats now. We've got InDesign, we've got PDF. We've got Word, we've got PowerPoint. We've obviously got Publisher and we've got Canva. So I think we've pretty much covered off all of the major formats now.

And the other thing that we're doing is the printed newsletter, not only are we delivering that in all of the formats, but we're also now doing a stamp version for So essentially all we've done is we've just moved the content a little bit and put in an address box. But that means now you can not load that file directly to without having to faff around with it. And that's the goal, is that you have to do as little work as possible and you can just get on with this. So all those new file formats will continue going forward.

Now, the second thing is that we are actually taking something away. We're retiring the advertising pack. I don't like to take things away, but I don't believe the advertising pack, it meets the quality standard that I'm looking for. I've been unhappy with it for some time. Very, very few people use it, and apologies if you do use it and you're not particularly happy it's going, but we did a poll in the Facebook group. The vast majority of people don't use it. Many people didn't even know what it was. So it was a series of adverts that you could use every month.

Here's the thing, they were untested adverts because it's impossible for us to test them and deliver them to you on time. Google and Facebook keep changing the formatting of the adverts and it's very hard for us to keep up. It's not a core skill of ours to produce adverts. So I've decided that that's going to go. We will replace it with something. I'm not quite sure that's going to be yet, but we will. In fact, your ideas are more than welcome, but we will announce its replacements in the next couple of weeks or so.

Now the third thing to tell you about, and this is something I'm very excited about, is we're going to start delivering the content to you earlier. So at the moment, we deliver it on the first of the month, which our entire production schedule is based around, and of course it just makes it easy to know. It answers the question of, "Paul, when is the content coming out?"

We're going to shift it and we're going to have to do this in two steps, because we produce something like 60, 70 old documents, files every month, and there's quite a workflow that goes with that as you can imagine. And also because it's the summer, we can't just shift it back in one go. So you'll get September's content on the 20th of August. That's the goal for September's content. But then we'll shift it back another 10 days. So you'll get October's content on the 10th of September. You with me so far?

So we can't just shift it all back so we give you September's on the 10th of August, that's just physically impossible for us. So we're going to shift this back in two steps. So you get September's on the 20th of August. You get October's on the 10th of September, and then going forward, you'll get all of the content on the 10th of the previous month. So you're getting the vendor's content on the 10th of October, December's content on the 10th of November, and January's content on the 10th of December. Does that make sense? So the 10th of the previous month will be our new delivery date going forward, which also makes Christmas a lot easier for everyone as well.

Now the fourth thing that I've got to tell you about is that I'm going to start a series of weekly best practice webinars. So this is best practice in terms of how to actually use the Marketing Edge content. We're noticing lots of questions in the Facebook group, which is just the best place to research and to find out what you're thinking and what you're talking about. Lots of questions about how should I use this?

So I'm going to take a different element every week and just do a short, literally 15, 20 minute webinar to look at best practice. Of course, it will be recorded, and we're actually going to put them into our new support portal, which I'll tell you about in a second. The reason I've done this as a webinar series is to force myself to record a whole series of best practice videos, which have previously been being bumped off my to do list every day. If I've got a live broadcast, I can't not do them. I have to prepare those and do them. There's a clever little how to do things, how to trick your brain into doing things trick there.

So these are going to start on the 11th of August and they're going to be happening every single Tuesday at 4:00 PM British summer time, only around 20 minutes. As I say, I am recording them. I'm expecting literally two or three people to show up for them, which is just fine because the goal for me is to get them done for our new support portal.

And this is the fifth thing to tell you about, and I'm so excited this because we've been working very, very hard in the background. I've had two members of my team working pretty much full-time on this for getting on for two months now and we are very, very close to being able to launch the new support portal. So let me show you exactly what it's going to look like and what's in it. So the idea is that you can just go into the support portal and search for anything, and we've got hundreds of videos and articles that will be available to show you how to do stuff. We'll have around about 50 at launch, and then we'll be adding new stuff literally every day as we go forward.

Now the support portal is also somewhere where you can come and talk to us directly. So you'll be able to email us. The Facebook group I'm going anywhere, but you'll be able to come in and essentially log a ticket. Because we've got around about 250 clients now, and I want to make sure that we're serious with our support and we can do it in a timely manner. So we're adding staff, some frontline support people to help you with basic questions.

You'll still have full access to me, and in fact, you'll also have access to a member of my team. Because the other new thing is you can book a support call, a Zoom call, one-on-one with someone where you can actually get some direct help. And the idea behind that direct help is literally if you or your team are stuck on something and you've searched for support article and you've watched the video on it, but it still doesn't really answer the question you've got, you can actually talk to a human on my team.

So I've got a guy. His name is James. You may have already met one of my James. I've got two. James' now. There's a new guy called James. I've known him for 23 years. We've worked together several times and he's now working full-time with me and 50% of his life is going to be being on calls with you.

The other 50% of his life is he's creating new content for the support portal. So his full-time job is support for you, but he knows loads and loads about marketing. We've put him through a fairly intensive training thing, and he's not going to be the guy to ask the strategy questions. That's still going to be me and you'll still have full access to me. He's going to be the guy to say, "Right, how do I do this in Hootsuite?" Or, "What is the best way to do this?" And he will answer that with you one-on-one on the Zoom calls.

So this is the schedule for the launch of this, and we're hoping to launch the support portal, well, the goal is on Friday, the 14th of August. We're pretty much on track for that today. We have just had a major technology switch because the original software we bought just couldn't do what we wanted it to do. So we've just moved on to something called Intercom, which is an excellent support portal, and so far we're completely on track to launch on the 14th of August.

So that will launch then with all the how to videos and articles, and of course, I'll do a video showing you how to get in. The good news is we think, we're pretty 99% sure, we can log you directly from the dashboard. So once you're in the dashboard, we just log you into that support portal from there. But I'll be able to confirm that for you when we launch that.

Now the actual Zoom calls, which we're calling the Zero Excuses GTD, Get Things Done, support line because I want to remove any excuses for you of, "Oh, I can't work on marketing, because I don't know how to do this." Or, "No one will show me how to do this." I want to remove all of that for you. So the Zero Excuses Get Things Done support line is due to launch on Monday the 24th of August, and again, we'll have a launch video for that. These dates might slip slightly based on what happens with the support portal. But as I say, as things stand today, we are exactly on track to launch on those dates.

Now, as always, if you have any questions, if you're watching this in the Facebook group, then just comment below and I will type in an answer to that, or if you're watching this in the dashboard, just drop me an email,

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green