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Bullet point summary

  1. Cyber security upgrades delivered a few days ago
  2. Secret Weapon #4 has been delivered
  3. The Total Game Changer has been delivered
  4. Coming soon: A new resource library

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Hi, this is Paul Green. With your August content update. And we haven't got any ton of tweaks or minor things that we've done this month. We're just straight into some of the big things that we've done. And the first of those is, just a few days ago, back on Tuesday, we delivered to you the Cyber security upgrades, version 1 of that. So it's a series of marketing tools that you can use to get your existing clients upgrade to a higher and better and standard level of Cyber security. And all of that's sat there in the dashboard right now. It's version 1 because we wanted to... Well, the idea only came up on Tuesday morning. We wanted to get it out to you quickly, and we will create a more polished version 2, which will be delivered to you in a couple of weeks time, based on your feedback. So that's available now.

The second thing to tell you is that Secret Weapon #4 has been delivered. And of course, Secret Weapon #4 are the how-to videos. So we've got, I think it's about 30 how-to videos already, how to do things in Word, Excel Teams and PowerPoint. And the idea with those is, you put them into your website, and they increase your perceived authority, because people see you're teaching them how to do things in the applications they use every day. So those are available in your dashboard, and we've got another bunch of those that we will deliver to you in around about September, October time, another batch of those to go on your websites. And our goal is at least once or twice every year, we'll just drop another batch of those, so you just can build up this amazing bank of, like a library of how-to videos in your websites, or your knowledge hub, your learning hub, on your websites. It's a great tool to be seen as the highest perceived authority in your area.

The third update is that we also have now delivered the Total Game Changer. There's so much in this. This is, I can quite confidently say, the greatest value-add ever, because I've taken an entire different product that we used to sell, which was called The War Room, and we've absorbed it into the MSP Marketing Edge. And it's all for you. So there's so much stuff in there. Basically, when you go into the dashboard, if you look on the right-hand column, you see at the top where it says Business Growth, that's all. It's stuff which is not so much marketing, it's just about generally growing your business.

So you've got the Advanced Profit System, which is a, literally an infrastructure, a roadmap of how to grow your business with a deep, in-depth video for every single subject. You've got Bitesize training courses. We've just got one at the moment, which is about fixing your website. Every time I sit down to do the next couple, I get distracted by other things, like new marketing materials in a day. So I'm going to get onto filming the rest of those video courses.

We've got about 10 or 15 of those Bitesize courses that I will deliver over the next couple of months. We do a webinar. Our next webinar is actually coming up this coming Monday, July the 12th, and then we've got all the webinar recordings there. There's details about Peer groups. Now, our Peer groups are paid-for upgrades. We've got five Zoom groups, which I think are full. I'd have to double-check, but it tells you in there how to find out if we've got any spaces. And we have a Peer group in-person meeting, which meets in the UK only, unfortunately, in Milton Keynes, and our next meeting is this coming Wednesday in Milton Keynes. Again, the details are there, if you wanted to have a look.

And then we've got a MSP Millionaire, which is our audio series, and the Thursday success videos as, well.

So there's an absolute ton of stuff there. The idea is that you can just completely delve and absorb or, if you like, immerse yourself in the world of growing your MSP. There's everything in there that you could possibly need.

And then one final thing is, we've got something new coming again. It's going to be with you in about two to three weeks time. It's a Resource library. So what I've done is, over the years, I've created documents and bits and bobs for clients, just things really, stuff, and I've kept them all in a folder on my laptop, and we've been in and tidied all up those things up, branded them up, and we're going to offer them to you as a Resources library.

So be a mix of things like, as you can see here, and these are some of the early designs that have just come back to me on my email from my designer, The Life-changing Productivity Checklist, or Planner, I think it is. It's just a great daily planner to help you plan what to do every day. We've got a System for Effective Recruitment. We've got a Business Performance Snapshot. There's Guide to Running Good Meetings. We've got 18 Low-cost No-cost Marketing Ideas. So there's a whole bunch of different resources. It's about 20, 30 different resources, which will be available to you in the next couple of weeks. And you can just download them, use them as you wish. Again, it's just another value-add to your membership.

So if you've got any questions on this or anything else, you know how you can get hold of me. If you are watching this in the Facebook group, you can just comment below, or if you're watching this anywhere else, just drop us an email.

Paul Green
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