The MSP Marketing Edge is strictly available to only one IT support company per area

It's $129 per month, cancel any time
Try your first month right now for FREE
And you'll get these 4 great bonuses to keep

BONUS 1: Coronavirus marketing materials, updated daily

As the situation develops, MSP Marketing Edge members are receiving constantly updated marketing materials to send to their clients and prospects. These include guides, emails, adverts, press releases and sales letters.

You'll get access to all of these during your free trial, and all updates going forward.

BONUS 2: Instantly be the author of your own paperback book on cyber security

Nothing is better for credibility and lead generation than being a published author. And all of the hard work has been done for you.

You’ll get the files for a book on cyber security called “Email Hijack”. You can put your name on the front as the author, and edit the contents as you wish to make them relevant to your business.

There are three different designs to choose from. And contact details for a writer, designer and printer who can help you get it done quickly.

Whether you get it printed, or use it as a PDF, your book will become a valuable marketing tool for your MSP.

BONUS 3: A PDF copy of Paul Green's best selling MSP Ultimate Business Growth Manual worth $79

You'll get a PDF copy and the MP3s instantly

If you're looking for dramatic growth in your MSP, you'll find all the answers in this 127 page printed Ultimate Business Growth Manual 2018 edition.

It's a complete marketing system, structured around a powerful Model for Accelerated Business Growth. This guide will give you the answers to grow your business, exactly when you need them.

BONUS 4: A fun MSP mug to sit on your desk

When everything is good, running an MSP is great fun. But when two large clients get cryptolocked on the same day you discover their backups fell over 10 days ago... that's when it becomes "challenging".

This fun mug will sit on your desk reminding you HOW MUCH YOU'RE ENJOYING YOURSELF!!! 🤣

Here's how to check if your area is still available

The MSP Marketing Edge is only available to one IT support company per area.

The locked areas are based around counties - for example San Diego county, California. Or Dallas county, Texas.

Watch this video for the full explanation – then enter your county into the search box below.

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