December 2019 content update

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Bullet point summary

  • Lots of new value add stuff coming in 2020. Full update video in January
  • Prices will be frozen next year for existing members
  • The guide is now also provided in A5 ready to print format
  • The list building letter has turned into a more powerful sales letter
  • You must send out the 2020 problem press release in December, as 1) the deadline is approaching, and 2) journalists are desperate for content at this time of year

Full transcription

Hi, this is Paul Green from the MSP Marketing Edge. Got a very quick video update for you of some new stuff that we're adding in from December and something you really, really need to do this month.

Now coming up next month, I'm going to have a longer video for you in January about a whole bunch of new value added stuff that we're going to throw in throughout 2020. We've got a plan and it's to give you even more value from your subscription next year and just give you more tools, more things that you can use to get more new clients. So we're still finalising those. I'll tell you all about that in January.

Oh, we're also going to price freeze in January for you as well. Everyone who's an existing member in January, you'll get a 12 month price freeze. People who are joining new, we're going to put the price up a little bit in January, but as long as you remain an active member, you benefit from a price freeze. But all of that's coming up in January.

What I want to talk about today is the for now stuff, the December stuff. I've got two new things for you and an activity that I believe you must do in December.

So let's go onto the first of the new things and that is that we're now providing the guide in A5 format as well as A4 format and I have to thank a friend and client, Kevin Ackland for putting this idea in my head. I was talking to him a month ago and he told me that every month he takes the A4 guide and he gets it turned into an A5 version and it kind of immediately struck me that that's just such an obvious thing to do. In the UK of course it's cheaper to print... Oh, excuse me, it's cheaper to post stuff that's A5. Certainly some people prefer reading A5. It just seems to have a better value feel to it.

So as of today, as of this point, our designer Steve is doing you stuff in... So you still got the original A4 documents, you've now got them as A5s as well. And the A5s have all been done ready to print. So that means that they're normally eight or 12 pages because then that sort of pagination works perfectly to get that printed and to get that out in the post. So that's as of now and we'll carry on doing that every single month.

Now the second new thing that we're doing is that we've changed the list build letter into a sales letter. So I've spoken to two or three people about the list build letter. It's a letter we've been providing pretty much since the beginning and my gut feel is that no one really uses that and I would rather you got some value out of every single tool that we give to you every single month. So we've changed it to a sales letter and this is now a letter that you can send to your prospects or to cold data. You can send it to anyone and it's designed as a postal letter.

So as you can see, December is all about the 2020 problem. I don't yet know what January's will be. I'll know in about a week's time what we're going to do for that. We'll probably do 2020 again, but each month we will give you a sales letter designed to post. To print it off, post it out and send it out and the format that it's supplied to you in, certainly in the UK, you can use that straight into doc mail, which is quite a useful online mail merge service where they'll print it and post it for you. And we have been researching, there are similar services in the States, which I can recommend to you as well. As soon as we can see that there's a trend for what's the most popular service, we'll produce it in a format that suits for the States as well.

So those are our two new things which start this month and they will be carrying on every single month.

The final thing is there's something you must do in December and that thing is you must send out your press release. So the press release this month is about the 2020 problem and there are two very strong reasons why you must send it out. The first one is the deadline. So the deadline is obviously, I mean we know it's the 14th of January. All the marketing materials have just said January because obviously that gives you that kind of extra boost. But deadlines spur action.

Certainly talking to my MSP Masterminders, lots of activity right now is generating lots of sales appointments because people are suddenly realising, "Oh my goodness, this thing which we've been steadfastly ignoring all these months, it's real and it's now so we need to do something about it." So now is a great time to start to get awareness of that. That's why we've done the sales letter about it. It's why there's so much marketing material about the 2020 problem in this month's pack.

The second reason you must send this press release out is because Christmas is a terrible time for journalists. Now I was a newspaper reporter and then I was on radio for 10 years. So I had a 13 year media career and I remember Christmas, you kind of get to this time of the year, the start of December, and you've got your head in your hands in your newsroom because you've got to try and generate content to get you over Christmas and the new year and that's actually quite hard.

So something like this is a journalist's dream because you can send this out in the next week, get this to the newspapers and the radio stations. You could do interviews with them and all of that. That's the kind of content they can back to go out over Christmas or over the new year.

Now there's no guarantee of course, that they will use it because for journalists, they're always looking for different things. You never quite know what they're looking for, but if ever you've sent out a press release, do it now. Send this one out. Make the followup phone calls. If you don't have a list of your local media outlets, just Google it. What are the newspapers, what are the radio stations? What are the news blogs?

Just email this to them. You put the headline as your subject in your email, you send it out to them, don't send an attachment, just paste it into the actual email. Give it a couple of days, ring them up and the chances of you getting some coverage are pretty good. Never guaranteed but pretty good.

Remember that coverage itself isn't going to get you new clients. What it is going to do, it's going to give you huge credibility because over the next 10 years you can have a logo on your website that says as heard on so-and-so radio station, or as seen in so-and-so newspaper. You can talk about the coverage in your blog and on your social media and it's just good for your general brand building.

I'm not a big fan of brand-building per se, but being in the local media is a very smart thing to do. So if you have any questions about this, if you're watching this on the website then just drop me an email, If you're watching this in our secret MSP Marketing Edge Facebook group, then you can just put a comment underneath as well.

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green