December 2021 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. New templates for sales proposal, strategic review and technology roadmap
  2. Refreshed Section 179 materials for US members
  3. Started work on 2022 edition of the IT Services Buyer's Guide
  4. There's now a "Stannp" version of the US newsletter
  5. Change to the filename structure
  6. New Bitesize training courses
  7. Coming in the months ahead:
    • Major upgrade to the weekly content
    • Cyber hygiene video
    • Bitesize training courses: One per week

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Hi, this is Paul Green with your update for December 2021. And we've got seven items to tell you about this month. The first of them is we've just launched our brand-new sales templates. If you haven't checked those out yet, do go and have a look at them. We've got for you a sales proposal, there's a strategic review, and a technology roadmap. And we've got versions of those for the UK and U.S. And each of those, we've got then a long version and what we're calling a one sheeter, which is basically like a two page one, because it can go on one piece of paper. And of course, they're provided to you in all the usual formats and I've done a video explaining how best to use them. So those are available to you in the dashboard now. Please do go and have a look at them because they are absolutely fantastic.

Second thing to tell you about is, if you're in the U.S., we've just refreshed our Section 179 marketing material. So these were something we pulled out last year and we've updated it for 2021. It's only in the U.S. and basically it's a tax break. It allows your clients when they're investing in new equipment to offset the cost of it in one year, rather than, I think, it's over three years, which has a tax advantage. They pay less tax. However, we are recommending that this year you don't leave it till December to tell them about it because of the supply chain issues. And it's just quite hard to get hold of some of the right hardware at the moment. So we recommend if you're in the U.S. that you use those materials now and just start marketing that to your clients.

Third thing to tell you about is we've just started work on the 2022 edition of the IT Services Buyers Guide. So if you haven't actually put this on your website yet, just hold off for a couple of weeks. It's not going to take us long. We're not editing much of it. So the bulk of the guide will stay the same, but we will change the intro. Of course, we'll change the cover. We'll make it look visually a little bit different as well. But the idea is that this buyer's guide is updated every year. And then you just put the updated version on your website.

And certainly, going into December of this year, you want to be having the 2022 edition on there. What you don't want is you don't want to get to January or February and you've still got the 2021 version on your website. It just makes you look dated. And actually, we want to make you look proactive and ahead of the game. It's all about the perception. It's all about the positioning. So we'll be getting that one out to you soon.

The next thing to tell you is, for the U.S., we're now doing what we're calling a Stannp version of the U.S. newsletter. Now, this is a slightly complicated one because we do already for the UK, for the printed newsletter, we do a version which can imported into the service Stannp. And that matches up with their template. So you can import it straight in. And basically the version just has a little address box for them to put the address box on.

Now, we haven't done that for the U.S. traditionally because although Stannp operates in the UK and the U.S., they're different companies and they don't really operate in the same way. So what's been available in the UK from Stannp is not yet available in the U.S. So we didn't bother doing a version for you. However, some of our members asked in the Facebook group if they could have a version with the address box. And absolutely yes. So we have done that. And the idea is then that you can give that to your printer. We've just called it a Stannp version, because it's easier to understand what people mean.

Now, I am told that if you contact in the States, in the U.S., if you contact Stannp directly, they can take that template and upload it for you. It's just you can't do it through the self-service portal. I think it'd be easier sticking to your local printer, if I'm honest. But now you've got something that you can then adjust to your local printer's needs. And that's that address box that I was just talking about there.

Next thing we're getting into the smaller items now. We've made a change to the file name structure. Again, this is based off your feedback. So a conversation in the members only Facebook group that our file names were getting too long for SharePoint to handle. And actually our file names were becoming unwieldy. So we've been through them all and we've just made a change. And they're now very, very simple, nice short file names. SharePoint won't have a fit. And it's just easier that we've just basically simplified that. It's a long overdue simplification of our file name structure.

Next item is that we've got more bite-size training courses. In fact, we are publishing on average one new course a week. It takes me around about a day to sort of brainstorm a course, pull together all the materials for it. And then of course record it. And believe me, the recording takes a lot longer than you'd think. The number of outtakes I could show you, which I'm not going to. But we've gotten lots and lots of bite-size training courses. We've now got a schedule going through to, I think it's either March or April next year. Loads of bite-size training courses.

The idea behind these is when you come up against a subject and you want to just immerse yourself, it's 20 to 30 minutes that you can just throw yourself into a subject. So if you go through the dashboard, go into the bite-size training courses page, you'll see the latest ones here. As you can see, these are some that have gone on in the last few weeks. And you'll see the schedule of what's coming up over the next few months or so. And if you have any suggestions, by the way, please do email those through to us.

And then finally, I'm just going to finish with stuff that's coming up in the months ahead. Because we have just planned out our roadmap for 2022. It's very exciting. We've got some really, really cool stuff for you next year. And we're going to keep the pace of innovation going. We're going to keep adding new tools and new things, which are all going to help you. We're not changing the prices at all. We're going to stay at the same price again throughout 2022. But we're going to keep adding more value to your membership.

So some of the stuff that's coming up hopefully within the next month, we are around about 70% through in this project, but we're going to do a major upgrade to the weekly content. Now, I haven't got any details for you at the moment because it needs to be explained properly, but we are dramatically improving one of the elements and we are adding something else in. So you're not losing anything. But I am also not going to give you a ton more content because I know what you don't need from me is even more content.

So basically, we are improving what we've got. A major upgrade to one of the elements. One slightly new thing, and it's not really content. It's just something which will just help you with some of your promotional work. A little bit intriguing, but I will deliver that and give you all the good news as soon as we know exactly when we can start doing that for you because we have a production schedule. And with the weekly stuff, obviously, it's a treadmill. We have to keep going each week. So we're putting in place something that's robust so that once we switch over from what we're currently doing to our new upgrade, I can guarantee that we will deliver it to you every single week.

The next thing that's coming as well is a cyber hygiene video. So we are filming this as I speak. We've written it, the script's been signed off and we are filming it. It is a video for you to show to your users. And you could use it as part of your onboarding or you could use it just when someone, a new member of staff, joins one of your clients. But it's a video to tell them, if you like, best practice. So it makes them aware of phishing, makes them aware of ransomware, and just general good practice. So this is designed to be a value-add for you. So you could put it in your CX portal or on your website. It doesn't really matter what you do with it. You can do anything with it. But it'll be something to show to your clients. And then as I said, we're aiming to keep doing at least one bite-size training course every single week.

So that's just what's coming up in the next few weeks. We have a ton more in 2022. And of course, we're here with as much support as you need. If you're not in the Facebook group already, go and join the members only Facebook group. It is the number one place to get support. You can also go into our knowledge center and you can get direct support from me and my team. In the knowledge center and the dashboard, click on the little green chat icon down at the bottom right. That's how you send a message to us directly. Or you can just email us,

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