February 2020 content update

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Bullet point summary

  • Have I Been Pwned plugin for your website now available here
  • Coming in 2020: Quarterly campaign in a box
  • Coming in 2020: Promotional directory website
  • Coming in 2020: More videos
  • Coming in 2020: Portal access
  • Coming in 2020: Price freeze for existing members for another 12 months

Full transcription

Hi. Hello. This is Paul Green from the MSP Marketing Edge. I'm going to got a quick update for you this month. One new item and a recap of some stuff that I told you about in January. The first new item, which we launched a few days ago is a brand new, Have I Been Pwned plugin for your website. You've heard of, have I been pwned, it's where anyone can go and check their email address to see if it has been breached. We have put together a plugin, which is WordPress plugin, so you can put in your websites and it works with a, have I been pwned API to someone can put in their email address on your website, it goes and checks it and then delivers back the results. What it also does is it keeps a copy of their email address in the backend of the plugin. You can use it as a form of data capture.

We've provided this plugin for you. There's also some suggested text to go on your websites and a little educational video I've done, which is showing you, if you like, best practice of how you can use this for data capture. This plugin is completely free for you as a thank you for continuing to be a member of the MSP Marketing Edge and it will stay active for you as long as you remain an active member. All the details on that, I did send out an email a few days ago on that. If you haven't got that in and make sure you're logged in to the site. Any of the links that you click when I send you MSP Marketing Edge material, if you make sure that you're logged into that and then go to MSPmarketingedge.com/pwned and I'll put that link underneath this video.

The only other stuff to tell you about is just a reminder of other stuff that's coming in 2020. In case you didn't see this in January's update videos. We've got so much more. I'm going to do an Amazon prime on this. The goal of Amazon prime is to keep giving you more and more value for your subscription. I want to do exactly the same thing. Also coming up this year, we're going to be doing a quarterly campaign in a box. We're going to be delivering the first of those in spring this year. We've already got some good ideas that we're working up on those and a couple of members are helping me to shape that as well. We're putting together a promotional directory websites almost to act as a bit like a software advisory service, but a little bit more focused and also something which was again will only show results of MSP Marketing Edge active members.

Something else we're working on, is more videos. A couple of times that are declaring 2020 the year of video. We're going to deliver some more videos to you. The goal is to work up to weekly videos so you'll have a new video to post every week. We need to get some backend stuff done so that we can meet that criteria safely every single month. We're looking at giving you some portal access. At the moment we do have a portal. It's just that you never have to log in. As I was saying, when you click on a link that I send you in an email, it automatically logs you in to the portal without you having to have another password and whatsoever. We are looking at beefing that up because some people, quite rightly, want to be able to login not the normal way.

I'm sure we can do that. We're also looking at seeing if we can drag in your invoices as well. As you can imagine as something as simple as can we show someone's invoices in the portal is a huge technical challenge and we are working on that and we're looking at that hopefully for the summer this year. Then the final thing is a price freeze. The price you're paying now is the price you'll pay for the rest of 2020. Although we are going to put the prices up for new members that isn't going to affect you so long as you remain an active member. That's just our quick update for February. As always, if you've got any questions, you can reach me. hello@mspmarketingedge.com.

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green