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Bullet point summary

  1. No substantial content changes this month
  2. The secret weapons are coming:
    • The IT services buyer's guide
    • Hackers toolkit videos
    • "How to" videos

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Hi, this is Paul Green from the MSP Marketing Edge. So I've got a quick update video for you to accompany February 2021's content. Now we've got no substantial changes to the file formats or any of the content for February. So what I'm going to do instead is just talk to you about stuff that we've got coming up this year.

So 2020 was the year that we finished off our monthly and our weekly content stuff that we send to you. We've now got a really, really good pattern of stuff that we send to you. It all works together. It's a very good system, and our plan for 2021 is not to add any more content.

I think obviously you've got loads of content coming to you every month and every week. And my gut feel is that adding extra pieces of content is going to have diminishing amounts of return, both for you and for us.

So for 2021, we've got a whole series of tools that we're putting together, and they're tools that you can use to get new clients, to generate new leads and to get new clients. In fact, we're calling these secret weapons.

We have an internal roadmap, which we're not going to publish. It's just an internal roadmap for us to help guide us throughout this year. And we've got a whole host of secret weapons that we've got planned for the year.

Now, let me tell you what the first three are, and you may have heard of a couple of them already. The first of them is something we started talking about last year, the end of last year, it's the IT services buyer's guide.

So I read a book last year, and it's a hot book. I highly recommend you read. It's called, They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan. One of the best books I've ever read on content marketing.

And one of the things that Marcus Sheridan recommends that you have on your website is a buyer's guide. Something that they can download, which teaches them the questions they should be asking you to buy from you.

So we have started to put together this buyer's guide. My aim was to get it done by the end of December, but all the lockdown things and just general Corona stuff got in the way because as the core rights in the business to write a big project like this, I need to go away for a couple of days and I didn't get the chance to do that, but it's about two thirds complete. It will be completed by the end of January.

We'll get the files to you at some point early in February. And the idea of this is that it sits alongside email hijack. So email hijack is an evergreen that will continue to be your book that you can use for data capture on your website and use it as your business card. You'll then have the IT services buyer's guide sitting alongside it.

It'll probably be a different format by the time we've finished designing. It's probably A4 for the UK and obviously letter size for the U.S. There'll be a print version as well as a digital version and you'll be able to edit it. So you're able to take out things that aren't applicable to your MSP or add stuff in. We'll have the full details of that when it launches.

But the idea behind this is that your very best prospects, the people who are most likely to go on to buy from you will be able to read this guide and understand how to buy MSP, how to buy IT services, how to buy recurring contracts. And obviously someone that does read that it automatically qualifies them as a very high quality prospect, which is excellent.

The next secret weapon that's coming out next year, and we're going to give it a better name, but at the moment internally, we're calling it the hackers toolkit videos. So we have teamed up with a certified ethical hacker who has done three videos for us showing both sides.

So he's shown us what's happened to the user and he's shown us what's happening as a hackers what he's doing. We've done a video so far on ransomware. There's a couple of other videos that we're just producing right now. In fact, would you like to see a clip? Here's an early preview of a short part of one of the videos from the hackers toolkit.

It's the kind of email you'd normally expect from them. The address sending it looks legitimate, but wait, although it's very similar, that's not their real address. This email is actually fake, sent from our hacker, asking you to do something quite normal, download a PDF guide. We click the link. The PDF opens, the URL hosting the PDF seems legitimate. There's even a padlock indicating the site is secure.

But now we can see things from the hacker's point of view. They've used some special hacking software to send this fake email and monitor the ransomware attack. The moments you click the link in that email and open the PDF, the hacker was given full access to your computer.

Of course, we'll produce UK and U.S. versions of those videos. And yes, you can put them on your website and use them on social media if you wish to. But primarily, we're intending for you to use them as a selling tool. So you will be able to show those to your existing clients and to your prospects to show them how easy it is to actually be hacked.

And the idea behind this is if they can see what's happening from both sides, either perceive that you're an authority on this, which is excellent, but also it will make them realize just how real this stuff is. So we're hoping to get those to you in the February or the early March time.

And then the final secret weapon, is not the final secret weapon, and there are many more to come next year, but the final one I can tell you about now is we're going to start to produce a series of "how to" videos.

So these will start around about spring time. And these are videos aimed at your end users. So we're going to cover off a whole series of very basic subjects, literally showing them how to do stuff. So it might be for example, how to change the formatting a document in Word, how to add a simple formula into Excel.

Now there's nothing that they can't find on Google. All of the answers to these are on YouTube. However, what we're going to do is we're going to build up over a period of time, a very powerful library of "how to" videos. It's going to take us some time to do that.

Of course, we'll be adding, we hope to add four to five new videos a month to see if we can do a little bit more than that. But the idea is that over a period of time, you build up a library of videos on your website.

And again, you can use these however you want. You can use them in social media, you can use them on your websites. You can use them so if someone asks your help desk, "Hey, how do I add a formula to Excel?" You could actually send them the video. I think that's the end goal for this is you can actually send them a video, show them how to do it.

Again. We'll have U.S. and we'll have UK versions, and all the details for that will come later on this month. I'll be talking to some of our members and asking exactly what formats would work best for those videos, and what will be the best way for us to do those.

So that's just a sneak preview of some of the secret weapons that are coming up. Later this year, we have so many more on our internal roadmap and it's going to be such an exciting year for adding tools that can help you all part of your membership. We're not planning any price rises this year. So all of this is value added for you.

As always if you've got any questions, if you're watching this in the Facebook group, then just please do comment below. If you're watching this in the dashboard or anywhere else, just drop me an email, hello@mspmarketingedge.com.

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green