January 2020 content update

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Bullet point summary

  • The one click download now contains all the files
  • The download links have been tidied up
  • Sales letter for Email Hijack
  • Coming in 2020: Quarterly campaign in a box
  • Coming in 2020: Promotional directory website
  • Coming in 2020: More videos
  • Coming in 2020: Portal access
  • Coming in 2020: Price freeze for existing members for another 12 months

Full transcription

Hi, this is Paul Green from the MSP Marketing Edge. I've got a double update video for you. I've got three things that we're updating for January and then I've got five things to tell you about which we're going to add in to your membership at no extra cost to you. And we're going to do that throughout 2020. It's some January updates and a kind of a mini roadmap for 2020. Got lots of exciting things that we're going to add in to the MSP Marketing Edge.

I have to apologize for my voice. I'm at the back end of the lurgy. I've got serious mucus hanging around here. It's horrible. If you've had this cold that's going around, it's just awful. And I do sound like a 30 a day smoker, not very pleasant at all. I will try and get through this without coughing and hacking my way through it.

In terms of January updates, we've got three things to tell you. They're all fairly small things and the first of them is the one click download now does actually download everything. I can't remember my thinking when I started doing this a couple of years ago. I think we just left the MP4 out in the in design zipped folders. It was just to try and keep that one click download folder not too big. The file size, not too big, which doesn't really matter does it? I did a poll in the Facebook group a couple of weeks ago and pretty much universally everyone said just put everything in it. Now absolutely everything is in that one click download folder.

Second thing we've done this month is we've tidied up the download links, so we've just removed some of the words there. Again, just based on anecdotal conversations with a MSP Marketing Edge clients, I used to say things, for example, Vimeo embed code to embed it on your website or download the MP4 to add your logo or edit it. And what we found is that it just made it actually made it harder for people to find what they were looking for. We just reduced the text down a bit, just tidied it up so you can find what you're looking for very, very simply.

And the third thing is there's now a sales letter for the email Hijack book and thank you to Mark Dodds for putting the idea in my head and requesting that. The email Hijack book of course was delivered to you in I think that was in November. It does need a sales letter, something you can use to persuade people that they really want a copy of your free book and that is now available to you for you to continue to use.

Those are the January updates. Now I want to take a leaf out of this man's book. This is of course Jeff Bezos, and if you're an Amazon Prime member as I am, Amazon Prime is a great example of a membership where they just keep adding value and value and value. Fact, so does Office 365. Almost every month these membership schemes add more stuff in so that the value just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. And I want to do exactly the same thing with your MSP Marketing Edge membership in throughout 2020.

Coming up in 2020 we've got a whole series of new things that we're going to start doing and we will deliver these throughout 2020 but there's no cost to you whatsoever. We're trying to make your membership bigger, but I'm not adding in fluff. It's really important you know I'm not doing that. I'm not just throwing stuff in. I'm adding in stuff which I believe if you use it will be useful to you. And the first of these that we're adding in is a quarterly campaign in a box. Now I love the idea, the concept of a campaign in a box where, and I haven't got an example to give you straight off the top of my head, but this is the first thing we'll be working on when everyone comes back to work in the new year.

Let's say we'll take the 2020 problem, which I appreciate is now kind of expiring this month and next month, but to take that 2020 problem. If we come across another theme like that, we will put an entire campaign together. That would involve some printed materials. It would involve some sales letters, some follow up emails, maybe some postcards. It'll be a whole bunch of stuff. And the idea is that you can take that campaign and you can run that campaign and we'll do some evergreen stuff and we'll do some stuff that's based around events that are happening and every, be around every three months or so we'll give you a new campaign.

Now, this is in addition to all the stuff you get every month, so we're not changing anything. Every month you'll get fresh content and fresh guides and fresh videos and all that kind of stuff. But on top of this, every quarter we'll give you a new campaign in a box. And if I can get the timings right on it, I will get a number of my clients will have that early and we'll start to implement it so we can actually field test that campaign and make the necessary changes before it gets to you. That's the the plan on the campaign in a box.

The second thing we're going to deliver in 2020 is a promotional directory website. We're starting to do some really cool things now with things like post code searches and in fact in the United States, MSP Marketing Edge website, you may notice now that when you go in, it asks you for your zip code rather than asking you to search by area. And we're going to be rolling that out using postcodes into the UK site as well. We're going to take some of that functionality and design a website which is aimed at the end decision makers. The business owners and the business managers that you want to reach. And this will be in the UK initially and then we'll launch a US version as well. And the idea is that they, when they're looking for an IT support company through good SEO and through good content marketing, they will come across this website which contains listings for their local recommended IT support company.

And that's you. Because obviously the beauty of the MSP Marketing Edge is we only have one per area. We will populate, it literally the only be made up of MSP Marketing Edge members. We hope to deliver that around about spring, summer time. We've got a lot of work to do on optimizing it and getting the content right and figuring out how we're going to drive traffic to it and stuff like that. But even if you get one lead a year, that's not a bad thing is it? Just to get one lead out of that. That's the second thing coming up in 2020.

The third thing is we're going to increase the number of videos. Now again, we need to come up with a working strategy for this, but I think one video a month doesn't really cut it anymore so we're going to look to up that to two videos a month. And my goal is to get as quickly as we can to a video a week. You'll still get them all in a monthly chunk, but you'll have a video every single week that you can use because videos are great for engagement and we know that the more videos you have, the better engagement, the more likely you are to engage with those end decision makers. Videos really engage people. We'll deliver more videos for you and we're looking at some different formats to that as well. Again, more news on that coming in 2020.

There's something else that we're going to do or we're planning to do in 202, something quite a few people have asked for over the last six months or so, and I do listen and we're investigating the feasibility of it and that's giving you a portal access so you can log in to the MSP Marketing Edge and see all the content that you've ever bought and see your invoices and if we can figure out a way to embed Facebook in there, we'll put the Facebook group in there as well.

Now, the way that it works at the moment is actually we already have a portal. It's WordPress. When you click on a link in an email that I send to you, that link goes to the WordPress page and you'll notice that at the end of the URL there's a number and that number is your unique number and it unlocks your page using cookies as well. Often your, I think your accounts, it's unlocked for something like 90 days or something like that, but basically without, I never wanted you to have to log in because logging in is a pain and the idea is you click the link, it takes you in, and it auto logs you in. We've got the portal, we've just got to figure out actually how to pull together stuff into, if you like a dashboard. To show you the months that you've got available, dragging in it a zero invoice, it shouldn't be too difficult.

We just got to figure out the portal aspects of it and then you will have a login if you want it. What I'm planning to do is to run it both ways. To run it the way that it currently is because many people like that that they just click a link and it's fine, but I know some people want to be able to go login, have a look, see, access old content and all that kind of stuff without having to try and work out the URL. I get that and we're going to try and do both of those things simultaneously which shouldn't be too difficult. Say it shouldn't be too difficult, I don't have to personally do it. We'll see what the technical people say about that.

And the final thing that's going in 2020 is a price freeze for another 12 months. I am putting the price up in 2020. I am going to do that but not for you. As long as you remain an active member, the price stays the same throughout 2020. For new people joining, we are going to just gently start to nudge that price up. We've got around about, it's about a 140, 145 active members now in the UK and in the US and I think we've got to the point now where we've proven that the product is good. It's been out for, I think it's two and a half, nearly three years now. It's a good product. Our retention is incredibly good. Areas that are sold don't come up very often and thank you as always, thank you for being an active member of this. I think we're at the point now where actually the quality's very good. We we can start to push the price up and we will do some experiments.

You may see on the websites and dynamic pricing experiments going on. We may even do some split testing on the pricing. That's all to be done this year. But as long as you remain an active member, you don't pay anything more than what you're paying right now.

If you got any questions on these, you know how to get a hold of me. Either in the secret Facebook group, and if you're not in that, just drop me an email and I can add you in or you can email me, which is hello@mspmarketingedge.com. I'm going now for a rather good hack and a cough and limsey. Have a good one. Bye.

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green