January 2021 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. Social media files now supplied in Publer format
  2. Added a video with burned in captions but no voice
  3. The "secret weapons" are coming in 2021...
  4. Support hours over the holidays

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Hello, this is Paul Green from the MSP Marketing Edge with what is possibly the fastest and shortest monthly update video that you've seen all of the year. I've just got two things to tell you about relating to the product and then two reminders for you.

And the first thing to tell you about with the product is we now supply all the social media in a file format you can upload directly to Publer. Now Publer is a competitor to Hootsuite, Buffer, and loads of other social media scheduling tools. Increasingly, our members are using Publer, we're seeing lots and lots of people using it so it made sense to give it to you in a format that's native to Publer, and we'll do that every week and every month going forward.

We're also now supplying the monthly video in another format. So for a while, we've been doing versions of that MP4 with no voice and with no music just to make it easier for you to do some editing on that. We're now providing a version of that with no voice but with the burned-in captions. So you've got the video, exactly the same video, still got the music on it, and it's got the burned-in captions, but there's no voice. So that means that you can put your own voice on with a local dialect or a foreign language or whatever it is that you need to do.

So those are the two product things. I've then just got quickly for you two reminders and the first is that the secret weapons are coming next year. Now we have a very clear roadmap for the MSP Marketing Edge next year. We're not going to make that a public roadmap but what we have got is a whole series of additions that we're going to add on. It's not extra content, I don't think anyone needs any more extra content, so instead, we're going to focus on building you tools, tools that you can use to improve your marketing, to generate more leads, to warm up those leads, and just generally useful marketing tools. And they're all included in your membership. There's nothing extra to pay. There's no upgrades or anything like that, it's all included.

So we're releasing the first of those tools in January. And the first of those tools is the IT Services Buyer's Guide, which I think you know we've been working on for some while. That is a roundabout 60% completed. I'm a little bit behind on that, but we will get that finished and get that out to you in January. And then we have some other very exciting tools, which we'll tell you about as they come up throughout next year.

And the other reminder, for me, is just what the support options for you are over the holidays. I did post this into the Facebook group so there will be no weekly content sent out to you on the 24th of December or on the 31st of December. We get a break, I don't think you were going to use most of that content anyway because I hope you'll be taking a break as well. So we'll be back on... What would that be? It'd be about the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th of January, that will be when your weekly content starts again.

And over the holidays, we are going to close our direct support, whether you can email us or you can talk to us via the knowledge centre so that will be closed, there will be no one there from 5:00 PM on December the 23rd, back at 9:00 AM on the 4th of January. And, of course, as I'm sure you'll be busy then because you'll have a whole backlog of tickets and we'll be exactly the same. However, I am personally going to check into the Facebook group every single day over the holidays, except perhaps Christmas day or maybe not even New Year's day, but I'll check into that Facebook group every day. I know a lot of people do marketing over the holidays. If there's something that you want to get some support on, just post it in the Facebook group and I'll do what I can to help you.

As always, if you've got any questions, if you're watching this in the Facebook group, then please just comment below and I'll answer your question. Or if you're watching this in the portal in the dashboard, then please just drop me an email, hello@mspmarketingedge.com.

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green