January 2022 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. Cyber hygiene videos land next week
  2. 2022 version of the IT Services Buyer's Guide is now here
  3. Major upgrade to the weekly content finishes in January
  4. Our roadmap strategy for 2022:
    • Make marketing easier
    • More marketing tools
    • Bitesize training courses

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Hi, this is Paul Green with your January, 2022 update. I've got three things to tell you about and a brief glimpse of what we're going to be working on next year. Now, the first is some cyber hygiene videos, and these will be landing next week. So a few months ago, one of our members showed me a video that he had put together, and it was designed for people who worked for his clients, to teach them about ransomware, to teach them about phishing, just general good practice. And the idea was, well, it's why it's called a cyber hygiene video. It's to teach them good cyber hygiene skills. So I thought this was such a good idea that I bought that idea from him. I've licensed that idea and we've re-scripted it, re-filmed it. And next week we'll be giving you three videos to use. The three videos sit together in a series.

And the idea is that you can show them either to all of your clients, or you could just roll them out for new users, or you could just roll them out for new clients. That's completely up to you. But it's a bit of value add, add from you to your clients, to help them be better protected from cyber attacks through education. And of course, there's a side benefit to you, isn't there? If they let fewer bad things happen, that's good for you. It does also create or attempt to create a culture of cyber security within their business, which will help you to sell them more cyber security services. So that's coming next week.

This week we've already delivered the update to the IT Services Buyers Guide. So this was something we originally did back in March this year, March, 2021. And we said we'd update it every single December. So you've got the 2022 edition. Now what is this? Well, it's an idea which comes out of They Ask You Answer, which is a very, very highly recommended book about content marketing. And in that book, the author, Marcus Sheridan, makes a great point that when you are selling to an uneducated audience and believe me, your audience is uneducated. Ordinary business owners and managers don't know what they don't know about technology. And they certainly don't know how to buy managed services. So when you are selling to an uneducated audience, you need to educate them. And one of the quickest ways to do that is with a buyer's guide. So this guide teaches them everything they need to know, but it's been written of course, so it's relevant to them. There's no techy stuff in there.

And the idea is that you put this on your website, you print it off, you give it to every prospect you meet and anyone can access this. And it teaches them how to buy what you sell. As the person who has written this, because people will perceive you've written this, it positions you and your business as the authority on how to buy what it is that you sell. So this is an enormously good piece of positioning and people who read this are much more likely to choose you. So critically, you must update it for 2022. I can't think of anything worse than going onto your website in April, 2022 and seeing the 2021 version. That just dates you in a very bad way. So if you've already done this, we've made it very easy for you to just upgrade what you've got to 2022. We've provided you with the tracked changes documents so you can literally go through and see what we changed and make those changes in your version.

If you've never done this before, then this is a great time to just get it done. It looks like a big document, but I promise you, it's not a huge amount of work. A little bit of personalization, throw in some testimonials, and that's pretty much it. You've then got it ready to go on your website and to print off and give to prospects.

And the final item to tell you is we are nearly at the end of our major upgrade to our weekly content. So the social media stays exactly the same. You keep getting that every week. The video, we'll come back to in a second. But we've already delivered a weekly blog and we've done that syndicated content. So we write the blog, we publish it on one of our websites. And then when you publish it, you have a special reference link to it in the back end of your website. And that tells Google that you have syndicated the content, that you're using the content with permission. So it has no SEO, no search engine optimization benefit, but it does have human benefit, which is prospects are seeing you putting good, high quality content onto your website every single week. So you are already getting that every week. And you're also getting LinkedIn talking points.

Now the problem with LinkedIn at the moment is canned content, hours or canned content you get from anywhere. It's good for having a presence, but you don't get huge amounts of engagement because LinkedIn's looking for a very specific kind of content. So our advice now is keep posting the daily content that we provide to you because that's a powerful way to have a presence, but then once a week, create a piece of your own content. And that's why we've created these LinkedIn talking points. So we've given you three different things that we think you could talk about with some bullet points to kind of guide you. You could go write something off that. The easiest thing to do is just do this, just do a video, grab your phone, do a quick video, or do a screen share or something like that. That's exactly what it's been designed for. And we're just giving you three subjects each week to make it easy for you.

So you've got all of those things right now, except the video. At the moment, we're delivering you a tech tips video. So that's a man on a screen talking about a subject, looking directly at the camera. From early January, we're going to stop those tech tip videos and change them into a topical video. So this will be a female presenter, because I just want to see more females involving technology. There's far too many men in technology that see ... And putting a female, a woman presenter on your website every week, I think is a great idea. It's a great differentiator. And you are the only MSP in your area to do this remember. So you'll have a female presenter and we've got a bank of different presenters and they will be talking about something topical and it won't just be them on the screen. We'll have sort of video footage behind them as well.

Now, the reason we're doing topical content is I believe that can be much more relevant to the people who are watching this. So our production process will be typically, we will decide we'll have a content conference and decide on the subject on Mondays. On Tuesdays, we will write the script and they will film that script. On Wednesdays, we'll do the production. And then on Thursdays, we'll deliver it to you as we are now. So that's going to start ... Well, you'll get your first topical video on Thursday, the 13th of January to use the week after. And by the way, the video and the blog will be the same subject. So you'll have a blog and a video on the same subject to put onto your website every week. I think that's actually quite an exciting amount of very topical, very focused content.

So that's all stuff for this update. I just want to give you a brief update into next year. Now we do have an internal roadmap. I don't share that outside the business because often we'll have good ideas, like the cyber hygiene video. That jumped in and jumped up near the top of the roadmap. And then we have other things which kind of get pushed down. So we're constantly moving things around that. But what I can tell you is three themes for next year. This is what we are going to be focusing on next year.

The first thing is to make marketing easier for you. I know that marketing isn't necessarily one of your skillsets and often our new members when they join us, they don't know where to start because there's too much marketing and too many resources. So one of our big goals next year is to make marketing easier for you. And there are lots of different things that fit under that umbrella.

The second thing we're going to do next year is more marketing tools. So I think we are at peak content. There won't be any more monthly or weekly content. We may swap things around like we're doing with the weekly content. We are retiring one style of video to bring in a new and better style of video. So we may do that with some more of the monthly content, but there won't be any more content added. I think we've got enough for everyone there. So instead we're going to focus all of our effort onto tools and we have two very sophisticated and experienced developers who now are working with us on building some tools, which we're delivering to you next year. So no sneak peaks on that, but I will tell you more about that next year.

And the other thing, the final thing is I'm going to deliver more bite size training courses next year. I already have subjects planned up to, I think it's the end of April. And inevitably by the time I get there, I'll have subjects through to the end of next year. Now the goal with the bite size training courses is that when you come up against something that you want to do, you will have a 20 to 25 minute course that you can just throw yourself into and absorb yourself in that subject. And that's not just marketing stuff. We'll pretty much cover off every marketing subject and every business growth subject. I'm hoping to get all these videos finished in 2022. If not, I'll continue doing them throughout the year after that. But we want to have this massive library so you can literally immerse yourself and absorb a subject with intensity, but in only 20 to 25 minutes. And I think that's a very powerful way to increase your own personal skillset as you start to approach new things for the first time.

So as always, if you've got any questions or anything on this, there are two places to go for help. You can either ask in the Facebook group, the members only Facebook group, or you can drop me an email using that email address at the bottom of the screen, hello@mspmarketingedge.com.

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green