July 2020 content update

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Bullet point summary

  • New weekly stuff already available:
    • Weekly social media
    • Weekly tech tips videos
  • New monthly stuff from July:
    • Monthly 2 page printed newsletter
    • Monthly Campaign in a Box
  • New tools on the way:
    • Cold email for list building
    • Emails for initial email sequence
    • Lead page for Email Hijack
  • Enhanced support on the way:
    • New support centre
    • First line support help
    • 121 implementation support over Zoom
    • Hundreds of how to videos (and see a sneak preview at the end of the video)

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Hi, hello, this is Paul, and I've got July 2020's content update for you and there is a ton of new stuff for you this month. So in this video I'm just going to recap over the weekly stuff that we've been adding over the last couple of weeks. I'm going to tell you about the new monthly stuff that we're adding now for July and also tell you about some new training videos and the new support center. Now we're filming the training videos right now and in fact at the end of this video, I'm going to give you a sneak peek into one of the videos.

So first of all a quick recap on the new weekly stuff that we've added in over the last couple of weeks. So you may remember my video a few weeks ago where I said we're going to add more stuff monthly and we're going to start introducing stuff on a weekly basis. So every Thursday now we send you new stuff, and it appears in that month's content page in a blue box on the right hand side, so going forward from today obviously it's July now, in the July content page on the first Thursday in July, that's where the weekly content will appear and it will always appear at the top of that blue box and that's Thursdays that we send that out. So you'll see ... A couple of weeks ago we introduced social media so you've still got your monthly social media but we're now introducing weekly social media as well and we've set up the Hootsuite file so if you upload the file into Hootsuite, the monthly and the weekly content don't clash, they're not set for similar times so you can use all of it if you want to. I would encourage you to do that.

What's the difference between the two? This monthly social media content is done quite far in advance. The weekly social media content is typically done on a Tuesday evening or a Wednesday morning before we give it to you, so it's more in-date than the monthly stuff and that's why I would advise you to use both of it and you can see from the blue box here that we've got all the usual formats so we've got it in Word, all the CSV files, and that's all there for you. Now if you have a look at the bottom of that blue box you'll also see something called Tech Tips. Now Tech Tips are brand new, we introduced those last week, and it is actually a presenter, a live presenter on your website explaining technology to prospects and to clients and we've got two presenters, we've got Deren who is the guy on the left with the jacket, he is the U.K. present, and then we've got Stuart, he's the guy on the right, and he's the U.S. presenter. Every single week, they will give ... There will be a Tech Tip that you can put on your website and they will give advice to your prospects.

Now a reminder, you may have watched my video on the Tech Tips already but a reminder, these are going to be ... They are going to be talking about some of the things that you do for clients. They're going to be explaining technology not for you but for people who don't really get technology and we're delivering those weekly from now on. We filmed a number in advance and we want your feedback on those so we can make sure we get those right going forward, but I would put these into your blog, I would put them on your social media platforms. You could pull them together into almost like a learning centre or a resources centre on your website. There's absolutely loads and loads of stuff that you can do with them.

So that's the new weekly stuff and we'll keep sending that to you each Thursday. We've also got a lot more new monthly stuff starting from this month. So the first thing we're doing each month is we're giving you a printed newsletter. Now we did our first experimental printed newsletter a couple of months ago, it was a four-page one, initially I said let's do this quarterly, and then I realized it's probably more useful to you to have a smaller newsletter on a monthly basis. So every month from now on, you'll get a two-page print newsletter. It's repurposing content, so it's taking some of the content from the emails, from the guide, from the campaign in a box which I'll tell you about in a second and we're putting it all into a print newsletter.

This is designed to just be printed. It's not designed to be used as a PDF. You can use it as a PDF if you really want to but that's primarily not what it's designed to be. You'll get that every single month with InDesign files. Go on to Fiverr.com, find someone that can tweak it for you, put your logo in, make any changes, print it off and send it, and I would send it at the very least to your hottest prospects so the people that you're having conversations with right now, the people you want to stay in touch with, the people that you talked to six months ago who you think are coming up to that point of wanting to switch, those are the people to speak to and to send this to on a regular basis.

The advantage of print over digital stuff is it just has so much more impact and standoutability. Physical stuff in a digital world has a lot more standoutability, so I do encourage you to do that and you'll get one every single month from now on. You'll see from here, because you download this from the July content page, we've done it in all the formats as well including the unsupported formats. I know there are a few people that like to have these in Word and PowerPoint. We don't officially support those as in if you run into problems or it looks a bit rubbish in those formats, we're not going to spend that time helping you on that and I hope you understand we're just trying to maximize our sort of team's use of time. We'll happily support problems in the PDFs or InDesign or of course the plain text, anything that's supported, but Word and PowerPoint, you can chew up hours and hours and hours making those look perfect and it's not a good investment of time in my opinion because they're not designed for this kind of use, but if you want to edit them in Word and PowerPoint, that's great. My advice is always just go on, get someone on Fiverr.com to do it for you.

Something else that we're introducing this month is a Campaign in a Box and that starts with a postcard. What you're seeing here, it looks like the newsletter but it's different, it's a postcard for you to send to people. Now a Campaign-in-a-Box is an integrated marketing campaign where you've got a whole series of different elements that all work together to try to persuade someone to book a meeting with you and every single month from now on we'll have a different Campaign-in-a-Box. Now to se your expectations, some of them are going to be for things that you don't sell. For example, we're already ... Because we plan quite far in advance, we're already planning a VoIP Campaign-in-a-Box and I appreciate you might not have a VoIP solution but what we will do is we will work around a whole series of things, we'll look at backups, we'll look at VoIP, we'll look at specific things you sell and we'll look at just general can you pinch clients from other MSPs. Each month you'll have a postcard or a letter which you can physically send to people. We'll give you sample campaign timing so this is planned out to be a 10-day campaign for you. There's a webpage for you so you know how you can build it, we've got a telephone script for you to follow people up, there's some emails as well, and again we'll keep adding stuff to this over time.

Now you may remember around about two months ago we introduced a big 30-day Campaign in a Box and that was a very specific campaign to take clients from lazy MSPs in your area. We will do more of those in the future but those are big, difficult campaigns. My feedback I've had from a lot of people I've spoken to is that it's a lot of work. This one is designed to be a smaller amount of work so you can just get it done. Something that you can implement as a seven or ten day campaign and just get on with it because I know you just want to get this stuff out there but we will do the big ones as well when there's opportunities to do them, perhaps around the launch of new books and stuff like that.

That's the new weekly stuff and the new monthly stuff. There is some stuff on the way, some new tools as well so the primary tools that we give you are the book, email hijack at the moment, and the have I been pwned plugin. Now what we've got on the way for new tools is some stuff I've been promising for weeks actually and Sam, you've been asking me for this stuff and I'm so sorry, it keeps getting bumped down the list. This is what I'm going to focus on, if I haven't already delivered it because I'm recording this video a few days in advance, we're going to get you a cold email for list building, so when you email people ... Let's say you brought in some data and you're emailing those people to try to get them to opt into your core CRM, we'll give you one of those emails if not a couple of those emails so you can just roll those emails out. Also when someone joins your list for the first time within your core CRM, I've always said you should send out a sequence of emails, four, five emails, before you sort of add them to your general broadcast bucket. We'll do those emails for you as well and we'll get those delivered. If you don't have them already we'll get those delivered to you in the next few days.

We're also working on something, this is going to take us a little bit longer to deliver because we've got to think through a technology platform, but a lot of people really struggle with data capture and the physical actually having a lead page or a data capture page on your website. So we are putting together a new platform whereby you'll be able to generate a data capture page for your website. Don't ask me how it works right now, my technical team are on it, they think they found a way to do it where we can roll that out across 200+ clients and will be relatively easy to support and for you to customize but we will deliver that to you hopefully within the next couple of weeks and that will be a way for you to generate easily a data capture form ...

Excuse me, a data capture page, for your book, for the book Email Hijack this year and then whatever next year's book will be, and yes, it will be set up so you can pop in a form from whichever CRM that you use. It doesn't matter which CRM you use, you'll be able to put that in. That's our goal. This is the one part that may fall over because there are a lot of technical challenges for us to overcome, but if we can ... We think that we're there, we're 80% sure we're there, so we intend to deliver that to you in the next few weeks.

The final thing coming on the way is supports. Now we're investing in support technology. We're putting together a new support centre so there will be a specific support centre for the MSP marketing edge. I've noticed that around about 80% of the questions that I'm asked or are asked on the Facebook group are common questions, people coming, new people come in, which is great so we're adding on new members all the time, almost every day at the moment which is fantastic and thank you for being a member and thank you for joining but it seems silly to keep answering the same questions again, so we're going to start compiling those into a support centre and we're looking at a new hire actually to handle support which means that I can focus on sort of the high level strategic stuff. I'll still be in the Facebook group, don't worry, I'm not leaving the Facebook group, but I want to focus on high level strategic stuff and sort of the more ... I won't say mundane because they're very important to you but the more day to day questions, we can have a knowledge base and we can have someone to help you with that.

Those are our plans for that and we expect to launch that support centre in the next couple of months. We're actively working on it now. One thing we have got ready is you know I've hired ... I think you know I've hired another guy called James, I have two James on payroll now and this James is doing two jobs for me, just two jobs. His first job is he's going to start a one-to-one implementation helpline over Zoom, we're going to open that to you in the next couple of weeks. We're just getting his training completed and making sure that he's where he needs to be. The idea is that when you're doing something, you're implementing some marketing, and you get stuck, you can literally book a Zoom with James one-on-one, just you and him, you can Screen Share your screen and he can talk you through how to do it. That's the service that I wanted to offer for a long time and we now have James and 50% of his life is going to be available to you.

50% of his working time is going to be available, I think his wife might be upset otherwise, 50% of his working time is going to be available to you for these Zoom calls and I will be encouraging you to book Zoom calls with him and we will offer as much help as we can and James is a similar kind of age to me. I've known him for 20 odd years. We've worked together a number of times over the years. He gets marketing and we put him through a really, really intensive Paul Green marketing refresher over the last couple of weeks so he's going to be bang on for the kind of things that we're talking about.

One of the reasons we can be sure about that is because the other 50% of his working time he's creating how to videos. In fact, I'm going to show you one in a second. Just before I do, I want to just say if you have any questions on this at all, you know how to get ahold of me. If you're watching this in Facebook, then just type a question, a comment underneath. If you're watching this in the dashboard you can just drop me an email, hello@mspmarketingedge.com. Now the video that I'm about to show you is one of ... We've basically brainstormed ... There are hundreds and hundreds of topics, so we'll take for example, this is a topic on Dux-Soup and we've come up with, I forget the number but it's let's say eight or nine videos on Dux-Soup and the idea of these videos is they're hands-on how-to. So the one I'm going to show you here is an example of the kind of videos that we're going to be producing and our goal is within the next couple of months that we have as part of that support center dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of how-to videos and there will be a chance for you to comment underneath them so as they go out of date because things change you can tell us and we can update those videos.

The longterm goal is to have hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of videos covering every possible thing that you need to implement for your marketing, and these will only ever be for MSP Marketing Edge members. That's the goal with these, but here is the sneak preview. Over to you, James.

James Lett
Hello, this is James. So Dux-Soup is the powerful tool in Chrome to automate many of the processes around using LinkedIn and we're assuming for this how-to that you've already got your paid Dux-Soup premium membership and account already set up and this is how to use it to send personalised messages to your connections. In LinkedIn, head to My Network, then select connections. Then you should find Dux-Soup goes green and you can go in. Go into Options and in Actions, make sure Send Connection Requests is off, Send a Personalised Message to First Degree Connections is on, and type in your message. You could also set a tag to be added to the data so you know who you've messaged to avoid repeat messaging. It auto-saves, then go back to LinkedIn, and Dux-Soup. Then click Visit Profiles and the tool will then visit your connections and send them a personalised message and there you go. If this has helped you can inspire others to give it a go by telling the community and if you got any feedback on the video just let us know in the comments.

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