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  1. This month's US video has a different voiceover guy for one more month. Sorry. Blame his work/life balance
  2. There's now weekly social media content for the tech tips video
  3. Secret Weapon #4 is just days away
  4. The Total Game Changer is also just days away

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Hi, this is Paul Green. I've got some updates for you for July 2021. And the big news is, in the next few days, we are launching two major upgrades to your membership.

So we've got a couple of minor items to tell you about before we talk about those major upgrades. The first is related to the monthly video, so the one that we send you every month. Now last month, we had a different voice. We normally have a guy called John who does the voice for, this is for a US video, and unfortunately John was on vacation and his vacation has been extended. So again, this month for July's content, it's a slightly different voice. We are committed to John long-term, and we have reached out to him to make sure that he is coming back from his vacation, and I hope to be able to return to John's voice for August's video.

Now, the second small thing to tell you about relates to the weekly video. So you know we have the monthly video we send out once a month, and then every week we have a Tech Tips video. That's where you've got the presenter on your screen, talking directly to your audience. Couple of people in the Facebook group said, "Hey, could we have a piece of social media content to promote that tech tips video," which I think is just a great idea. So we're now doing that. Every week, you'll find in the promotional blurb document, you'll find a bit of social media, a tweet, a Facebook post, a LinkedIn post, that you can use to promote it. Now, I'm not putting it into the weekly CSV. So every week we give you some social media content for you to just throw into your scheduling tool. I'm not going to put that in there, and I know that might seem a little bit strange, because in the monthly content, we do promote the video and the guide and stuff like that, but in the weekly, we won't. Now, let me explain why.

My thinking about this is, with the monthly stuff, you have quite a lot of time to get all of that stuff set up. So if for example, you wanted to promote your guide and your monthly video, you've got 20 odd days to get that set up onto your website before that social media content kicks in. Now on the weekly content, we obviously provide that to you on a Thursday, because we're trying to keep it as up to date as possible. That only gives you essentially one working day to get the video onto your website before the social media content kicks in. So some people do get that done in time, but many people, life just gets away with them and they never quite get the Tech Tips video online quickly enough. Some people work several weeks behind. That's fine. It doesn't really matter.

So we're not going to change the social media. So each week won't mention the weekly video, but if you wanted to put it into your own social media content, we will now be providing that bit of social media content, and it will be in the promotional blurb documents. I hope that makes sense? If it doesn't make sense, reach out to support, and we'll explain that to you, they can probably explain it better than I can, to be honest.

Now, onto our two big things that I want to tell you about, and the first of them is Secret Weapon#4. It is just days away from launch. This is the how-to video. So we've got a total of, I think it's about 60 how-to videos and they're videos, they're not for your techs, they're for ordinary people, they're to go on your website.

It's how to do a series of functions in Word, in Excel, in I think PowerPoint as well, and in Teams. And we've got a batch of 30 that are ready for you now, and there'll be another 30, which we're working on, hope to get that to you in the next sort of six to eight weeks or so. And every year we will add another batch of these how-to videos.

And the idea is that you just bang them on your website, they are there to help you with your perceived authority. People who teach typically are, well they're more likely to get the sale, they're more likely to win the client. So we're trying to help you position yourselves as an authority figure, and part of that is showing people how to do stuff within the daily applications that they use. So I will do a launch video specifically about those and show you those. We'll try and make it as easy as possible for you to literally copy one set of code and put that into your websites and just easily show a whole load of videos to your clients or to your prospects and put those on your website. So that's coming in the next few days and that of course is Secret Weapon#4.

The other thing that's coming in the next few days is our Total Game Changer. We are doing something pretty amazing that I believe is going to triple the value of your membership. It's a whole different side to the MSP Marketing Edge. Nothing is going, everything that you currently get is staying. We are adding on a whole bunch of new stuff. And again, I'll do a proper launch video on that in the next few days to explain exactly what that is and what we are doing.

But those will both be with you in the next couple of days. In the meantime, if you've got any questions at all, if you're watching this on the Facebook group, of course, please just pop a comment underneath here. And if you're watching this anywhere else, you can just email us hello@mspmarketingedge.com.

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