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Bullet point summary

  • Guide: Plain text version now available
  • Guide: Make sure you are happy answering the "difficult questions". If not, post in the FB group. I will provide some alternative text for the question, but not a replacement version of the guide
  • Advertising pack: The social proof figure is the number of users you have, not clients
  • Advertising pack: Make sure you send them to a Calendly / MS Bookings page
  • Press release & sales letter: Hybrid = a solution where they can work from the workplace and home interchangeably

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Hello, this is Paul Green from the MSP Marketing Edge. And I've got June's update for you. It's just some small items just to clarify why we've done some things and some bits and bobs that you just need to check.

Now, the first thing to tell you is as requested in the Facebook group, we now supply a plain text version of the guide. It never occurred to me that it would be difficult for you to extract the words out of the versions we supply you. And it's crazy because we start off with it in a plain word document. So that's now available to you. I know some people who were saying they were going to put it on their websites, which is absolutely fine. So long as you are aware of the potential duplicate content penalties that Google applies when you put content on two or three different websites. I know there was a lively debate about that in the Facebook group, but you can also use it in other ways.

If you wanted to do a completely brand new design or turn it into something else or take the last six months worth of guides and turn them into a book, you can do anything you want with it. So we've now got that in plain text and we'll supply that in plain text every month going forward.

The second thing with the guide is it is about... The whole point to the guide this month is to help you to generate more leads. And the guide is called five difficult questions to ask an it support provider. So the first thing for you to do before you publish this is to check that you can correctly answer all five of those questions. So essentially if someone asked you one of those five questions, would you be happy to answer it? And if not, then let's just put something in the Facebook group.

So if you need some alternative text, we won't change the guide, but I will write you some alternative text and I'll put that into the Facebook group. Because inevitably, if you've got one of those questions that, "Actually, we're not quite sure about this. Could you change it?" Then there's going to be someone else in exactly that same situation. So let's say just to clarify, we won't keep issuing different versions of the guide, but I will give you the alternative text and you can then get your designer to just flow that text in. And it's just the simplest way for everyone to get a guide that they're comfortable with. With questions they're comfortable answering.

The other thing to tell you about is in the advertising pack, you'll see a figure. And I've said here 1,428 people in town, I intend that as a user's number. So anytime you're doing adverts, theoretically, and technically your adverts come under the control, the regulation of the Advertising Standards Authority, certainly in the UK. There are bound to be regulators in the USA as well. And anything you put in an advert has to be factually true. So this figure is obviously not a client figure. No one's got 1,400 clients. Would you want 1,400 clients? But it is a figure of users.

So you can look at how many active users you are supporting, and that can become that number. It's quite a clever way of having a big number that's actually quite truthful to report. The other thing in the advertising package. You'll see my call to action is to book a 15 minute no obligation call. And I highly recommend you send this to a page on your website, which has got either Calendly or Microsoft Bookings embedded into it. So they can directly book a 15 minute appointment with you immediately. That's the whole point of this. It's that instant gratification of them comparing their diary to your diary and be able to take action on it immediately.

Then we've got in the press release in the sales letter, you'll see I've used the word hybrid. The answer here is to put in place a hybrid solution for your business. What is a hybrid solution? It's simply where you've got the workplace solution and a work from home solution. It's putting those two together. Hybrid is just a fancy word we've come up for it. And I think we'll keep using that in the months ahead unless we come up as a group with a better word, but isn't this what all businesses need right now? They need the ability to work from the workplace, the ability to work from the home and the ability to swap over on a daily basis. And let's call that a hybrid for now. And that's what we'll be pushing there.

And we'll be doing some more stuff on this in the months ahead, because obviously anytime you set up something new or you put a new arrangement in place that creates opportunity for you, which is exactly what we want. So if you've got any questions at all, best place to ask them is in the Facebook group. If you're not in that Facebook group, then just drop me an email and we'll get you put into that. Vast majority of Marketing Edge members are now in that Facebook group. You can email me as well. It's hello@mspmarketingedge.com.

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green