June 2022 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. Drop-in marketing clinic launches next week
  2. New multi-step marketing campaigns are coming soon
  3. Best of guides/monthly videos are coming soon
  4. Universal Plugin is about to go into beta
  5. Dashboard redesign is underway

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    Hi, this is Paul Green with your update for June 2020. And we've got lots of things coming up over the next couple of months that I want to tell you all about. The first of them is something I'm going to launch later on this week. It's a drop-in marketing clinic. So this is something that's available to all of our members, and we'll be doing it every week, just for an initial six week trial to see what happens. It's a drop-in marketing clinic.

    So the idea is that I make myself available to you for 30 minutes on a specific Zoom call, and you can just drop in to ask me any question you like about your marketing. In fact, anyone can just drop in. So I'll let everyone that turns up into the call will answer your questions. It's actually quite a nice way to talk to some of the other members as well. So I will be launching that later this week, and I will drop you an email when that launches.

    By the way, sorry, if you can hear background noise. You may have noticed I'm in a different environment to where I normally am. We're having some work done in our house at the moment. This is my temporary office for the next few months. And right now, the lovely builders are outside drilling concrete out of the spiny concrete thing. I don't know what that does, but it's just a little bit noisy.

    Hopefully, you can't hear too much of it. So that's going to launch later this week. The second thing to tell you about is we are hard at work on some new multi-step, multi-touch point marketing campaigns. Now, the idea behind these is they are campaigns that you can use to warm up leads and turn your leads into prospects. Find out to the point at which they're ready to buy from you. And we're going to release four campaigns in two batches.

    So with each batch, we'll have a simple campaign, and then an advanced campaign. So the simple campaign will be where we give you everything that you need, and you can just get it printed. There'll be an element to go in the post, there'll be some stuff to email, and there'll be a phone script. But the idea is that it's all quite manageable by you. Now, the advanced campaign, there will be an additional element that you need to buy in.

    So for example, our first advanced campaign is about sleeping better at night, and we'll have some elements with that. It might be ear plugs or a face mask or something like that. We'll give you links to go and buy these things, but essentially, you'll have to go out and buy some extra stuff. But of course those advanced campaigns are going to have more impact than the standard campaigns will, but we're giving you both so you can choose.

    You can choose to do just the standard or the advanced or both. That's completely up to you. So this is our first batch. It'll be a productivity scorecard and then sleeping better at night. And in our second batch, which will follow about a month, two months later, we've got a cyber security checklist, and then we've got, I'm looking forward to this one, misfortune cookies. You can imagine what we'll be doing with that.

    And yes, we'll be recommending that you actually get some fortune cookies made, but with misfortunate messages on the inside details of that one to come in the next few months. Now, the third thing to tell you about is we are gathering up our best of package from some of our past content. So we've been going for five years now, believe it or not. And I look back at a lot of the older content that we have, and much of it isn't really relevant.

    We have done an exercise of reviewing older content to see what we can make available to members who've perhaps only just joined in the last 6, 12, 18 months. And a lot of our content has either dated because of course it was designed for the month it was delivered, or it's just not applicable to give it to you now, because perhaps we don't have all the different versions of it. So what we're going to do instead is pull out a small number, it'll probably be around about five.

    Five of our previous guides from the last couple of years that we believe are sort of our best of and the five monthly videos as well. And we're going to make those available in the next few weeks, just so that regardless of how long you've been a member, you can dip into those best ofs and sort of pull out some things that are useful to you. Fourth thing to tell you about is we are nearly at the end stage of our universal plugin.

    So some context on this. For some time, we've had a WordPress plugin, which goes into your WordPress website, which allows you to offer some tools to your website visitors. So things like have I been poned? Breach checker, they can generate secure passwords. They can check the strength of their password. And that's great if you've got a WordPress site, but actually a surprising number of our members have a website built in a different technology.

    So we are shifting away from the WordPress plugin to what we are calling the universal plugin. So this is literally a line of code, which you'll generate from the MSP marketing edge dashboard, and that will go into your website. So it will work on 99.9% of websites, and we'll try our hardest to make it work on all of them. And then you can offer the same functionality in your website, but instead of sort of changing the details in your website, you'll do that in our dashboard.

    So that's the only way that we can make it work across all technologies, is where you change the parameters, things like the style and stuff like that actually in our dashboard. So I'll have the full details of that for you soon. As I recall this video, our developer, David, he's literally down to the last 2% of tasks. You know what it's like when you get down to those last 1% or 2%, they're always the most difficult ones.

    Later on this week, I expect us to go into beta. So I have a small number of beta testers already, people. Members of ours, who've already volunteered, and I'll be asking for a small number more, we'll then put that into beta. And we hope to then have that released within let's say the next week or so, or the next couple of weeks. I know this has been a very long project. It is worth us doing this because this is actually only stage one.

    Once we've moved to a universal plugin where everyone can use these tools on their website, the second stage of this is for us to add more new tools. And we have already had some brainstorms on this in the members only Facebook group. We've got some good ideas as well, so we'll be releasing those to you in the months ahead. And this new platform allows us to do that easily and also makes it easy for us to support that across, we're getting over 650 members now, which is really cool.

    And then the fifth thing just to tell you about is that we are working as well on a dashboard redesign. So our dashboard, which has only actually been around in its current format for about a year, a year and a half or so. As we've added in extra stuff, we've broken it. We've taken what was a very simple design and made it just a bit too complicated.

    If you've been around here for a while, it's not so bad because you know where to look for everything, but we know that new members do struggle a little bit with finding the things they're looking for in the new dashboard. So we have hired a UX, a usability designer, we've gone through a whole process with them, we've thrown a ton of cash at this, and we hope to have a revised dashboard design.

    I'm not sure when we're going to launch this because we've got to go through their findings and then build it. It'll be a couple of months, but just to give you an idea of some of the ways we are thinking with this at the moment. One of the things we're thinking is about toggling. So you can toggle between different views of the dashboard.

    So for example, we can have a view that comes up when you first get started with the MSP marketing edge, which will massively reduce down the number of things you can see except the basics. Because what are the basics when you get started? Well, you need to get your website sorted, you need to get your LinkedIn sorted out, and you need to get started with the weekly content. Those are the basics, but then you'll be able to toggle from that view to a more advanced view where you see everything that we've got included.

    And the way we present that will be completely redesigned, so it's easier to go and find it. And then we'll have another view where you'll be able to go in and sort of jump into topics. Let's say LinkedIn, for example. We've got about five to 10 pieces of content and sort of guidance about LinkedIn. So we're going to gather all of those together into one place. So we are really thinking about all of this. We're trying to come up with a dashboard design, not just for 2022 and 2023, but for the next five years.

    Something that can grow with us as we add more in, but completely removes that feeling of, "Ah, where is everything?" Which I know is the risk of patching up an old dashboard as you go through. And of course, we'll be asking for your feedback along the way. So if you have got any questions at all about anything I've talked about here, or indeed anything at all to do with the MSP marketing edge, there are lots of different ways that you can talk to us.

    You can go into our members only Facebook group, which is a really easy way to talk to us. Then, of course, you've got our knowledge center, which you can access from the dashboard, and you can email us. That's the quickest way to get a hold of us for direct support. Just email, hello@mspmarketingedge.com.

    Paul Green
    Author: Paul Green