March 2021 update

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  1. Download images now have editable files
  2. Newsletter and email will be 95% “edutainment” from April
  3. Email Hijack has new resources; and Coronavirus Campaign in a Box has recently been updated

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Hi, this is Paul Green with your March 2021 update. And I've got three things to talk to you about this month. The first of them relates to the download images. So these are images that we give to you as part of the guide promotional tools. And the idea is that you can put them onto your website, either to show people what the guide looks like or they could even just click on that image to be able to download the guide. Now by popular requests, we're giving you the editable files for those. So, for the 3D version, it's a Photoshop file. And for the flat version, it's an Illustrator file. And we don't have any plans currently to release those in other file formats. So if you don't have Adobe Creative Suite, or whatever it's called these days, if you don't have that, don't get it just to edit these.

You can always find someone on Fiverr or Upwork who can make whatever changes you want to make to the guide for you. It'll cost you very little amount of money compared to the subscription to an Adobe thing. So those are here from this month, and there'll be here every single month from now on. The second thing to tell you about is a big change to our content from next month, from April's content. You see, we're going to change the newsletter and the emails to be 95% edutainment. What's edutainment? It's a word I've made up. It's a mixture of education and entertainment. There was a great thread in our MSP marketing edge Facebook group. And if you're not a member, i highly advise you go and join that group. You can find the details of it in the dashboard. But there was a great thread from people saying, "Hey, Newsletter's great. Too many call to actions. A bit too salesy."

And you know what? I completely agree. I was starting to form that opinion myself. So when all of these great minds meet in the middle, that's a great time to make some change. So basically, we're going to change the content so it's more educational, it's more entertainment, and there'll be just one call to action, one strong call to action in each newsletter. Now, it's taking some time for us to get that balance right, which is why we're not able to do that from March, we're going to pick that up and we're actively working on it now and that will be from April's newsletter onwards. And I've taken this opportunity to look at the emails that we give to you each month and do exactly the same thing. So, at the moment, every single one of the emails, certainly the emails for prospects, has a call to action.

We're going to tone that back a bit. We're going to up the amount of education and entertainment in those emails so that they're more of interest to the people that you want to speak to. And I think overall that will give you better engagement. Because that's the goal, isn't it? The whole point of the newsletter and the emails is to build a relationship with someone before they're ready to buy. So, at the point they're ready to buy, it's you that they feel they have a relationship with, and it's you that they feel they're much more likely to want to work with going forward. That's a very critical part of what we're trying to do here. The third thing to tell you about is just to flag up a couple of things that we've changed in the last few weeks. I want to make sure that you're aware of them.

So, some recently updated contents, some previous content that we've updated. The first of those relates to the email hijack book. So we've added some new items to that to help you use it more. There is a sample data capture page for you to copy and we've literally laid it out. It's very similar to the data capture page that I have on my website, but we've put in some sample texts, we've put in images of the email hijack and shown you different areas that you should update. And you're more than welcome to copy that. You can send it to someone on Fiverr or Upwork and say to them, "Hey, could you do me a version of this please?" And virtually any competent web person will be able to rip off that design. There's also now a letter that you can send out when you send the book.

So, as you know, we recommend email hijack to be used as a printed book primarily. Now you've got a letter to go with it, which asks them directly if it's a good time to talk. And there's also a sequence of five emails for you to send to prospects after you've posted the book to them. So they get the book. And then it's if you like a standard sequence of five emails, which reflect on some of the issues within the book, but ultimately has some call to actions. So, if they're at that moment where they're ready to talk about switching MSP, then it gets them onto a webpage of yours where they can look at your live calendar. So, those are the updates to email hijack. We've also made some updates to the Coronavirus Campaign In A Box.

So the original version of this was done in May last year, we've given it a bit of a lick of paint, we've simplified it, we've made it shorter, and we've essentially refreshed that. And we release that to you at the end of January or around about the middle of January. Now, you can access both of these from the dashboard. If you go in and you look in the main part of the dashboard, you've got your monthly content, then your weekly content, and then you've got marketing tools. And you'll see there, we've highlighted it in yellow that these have been updated. Now, if you've got any questions on anything that's been in today's video, if you're watching this in the Facebook group, just comment below, and me or a member of my team will comment and answer it. Or if you're watching this in the dashboard or anywhere else, you can just send us either an email,, or if you logged into the dashboard or the Knowledge Centre, down there there should be a little green chat icon, click on that, and you can send a message to me and my team.

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