March 2022 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. Our plan this year:
    • Make marketing easier
    • More marketing tools
    • Bitesize training courses
  2. The Bitesize training courses are being rejigged
  3. How To videos batch 3 (Outlook) will be here in March, and batch 4 (Windows 10/11) in June
  4. The old Tech Tips are getting a revival into Wistia
  5. New strategy for the plugin to make it easier to add more functionality
  6. Starting a weekly new member welcome call

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Hi. This is Paul Green with your update for March, 2022. And this year we are focusing on three things. Our strategy for you is to make your marketing easy, it's to give you more marketing tools, and it's also to create more bitesize training courses. And my first of five updates this month is about those bitesize courses. We are going to rejig them to make them easier for you. So every week or so, I create a new bitesize training course. It's typically under 30 minutes, and it's like a sort of a short, deep dive into a very specific subject.

So we're going to now start to rearrange those better, because now we've got quite a few courses, it's hard to find on you're looking for. So we're going to change the page, rearrange them around sort of specific groups of content. We're going to make them visually a little more attractive for you to look for. And we're going to add some one page summaries, as well, so you can actually have like a summary of the entire course on a single sheet of paper. We're going to be kicking that off soon, and that work should be done within the next two to three weeks.

The second thing to tell you is we have more how to videos on the way. Now, our how to videos are brilliant. You can literally just take a document with a whole bunch of code in it, copy that code, paste it into your website, and instantly you have 50 or 60 videos. They're just there in your websites for prospects, for clients, for anyone to look at. And they're great for you sort of showing authority and showing that you are real experts in technology. So they're very, very easy for you.

Now, we already have two batches that are available to you right now in the dashboard. And those two batches are pretty much about the office tools, so Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. In batch three, which we're going to get to you around about the middle of March. Batch three is going to be about Outlook. And batch four with you in June. That's going to be about Windows. So for that fourth batch, we will pick out things that are common across Windows 10 and Windows 11, so they're completely up to date for the next couple of years.

And then when Windows 10 reaches the end of its life, we will go back and revise those Windows tips and take out any mentions of Windows 10 at all. So you've always got current videos on your website. So these will be added to the existing batches. You'll have, off the top of my head, around about 80, 90, might even get near 100 now, videos instantly just like that into your website, just by copying some code. It's very, very simple. And we have more videos as well.

Now, these next videos we're going to give to you, you may already have some of these. Because what we're going to do is we're going to take our old Tech Tips, and we're going to give them a bit of a polish, and we're going to make them available to you. So let me, first of all, give you a little bit of history, in case you are relatively new to what we do here at the MSP Marketing Edge. So up to a couple of weeks ago, we did a video every month, and we did this for, I think it was around about 100 weeks, 110 weeks. And each of those videos featured a male presenter on screen giving a tech tip.

So the guy here you see on the left, his name is Deren. And he did the UK videos for the whole run. And then the two guys on the right you've got Stuart and the new guy, I can't remember the new guy's name, but those two. Stuart basically went off on a Bible mission halfway through the run, which was kind of annoying, so we replaced him with the other guy. So we've got all of these videos, which we produced. There's around about 10 that no one has ever seen, because we sort of brought that project to an end early.

And we replaced the weekly male presenter with what we're doing now, which is a weekly female presenter. The video is so much better produced, and it's something which is topical as well, which allows us to respond to things that are in the news. And the real power of that is going to come when we have some kind of big hack or something like that. And we can get a video about the big technology news story onto your website in just a matter of days. That's the thing I'm most looking forward to with that.

Anyway, going back to these. We've got, I'd say around about a hundred and something, or it might be 80, 90 usable Tech Tips videos. We're repurposing them. So we are loading them all into Wistia, so we can have a whole bunch of videos that you add these into your website, again, just with one set of codes. So exactly like the how to videos I was just talking about, exactly like our hackers toolkit videos as well. You've got a whole load of code, and they go into your website and they're just there. Again, it's just great for authority.

Now, if you've been a member and you've stuck around for a long time, and thank you very much for doing that, you might look at that and say, "Well, hey, how is that different to what we have had before?" So if you were a member when these videos were originally released, then you've got the original MP4s. You've got all the resources that go with that. You can change those videos. You can put them on different backgrounds, add your logos, if you were a member when we first released them.

If you weren't and this is the first time you're seeing these, we're just giving you all of these videos with a whole load of code to put into your website. So you won't be able to adapt them or change them or add your logos or use them on social media or anything like that. They're literally just to go into your website. And it's just a way for us to repurpose content that we've already put out, which we think would add some value to your website.

The fourth thing to tell you about is a new strategy for the plugin. And this is actually something I teased earlier on this week in our members only Facebook group. So right now, we have a plugin for WordPress websites, and that's been fairly stable for around about a year or so. However, around about half of our members, don't use a WordPress website, so they're missing out on all the functionality that we have in that plugin. There is an email checker to check if your email is being pwned, which is powered by Have I Been Pwned. There's a password checker to check the strength of your password. And there is also a random password generator, and all of those things sit within the plugin.

So it's great if you got a WordPress website and it's terrible, if you don't have one. So what we are going to do is we are going to replace the WordPress plugin with a universal code that will work in the vast majority of websites. And I say the vast majority, there's bound to be some obscure technology somewhere that just won't run it, but it's going to work in 99% of websites, including yours. And initially, that's going to replicate the same functionality. So you'll have all of those tools I've just talked about, and you'll be able to, instead of having a plugin, which is actually like a piece of, it's a program, isn't it, within WordPress, you'll have just a line of, I guess it'll be JavaScript or something. The developers are figuring that out.

But you'll have that. And then you'll have a login through our dashboard, which is where you'll be able to go in and customize it. So you add the line of code to your website, and then you customize it in the dashboard. And don't worry, I will explain this fully when we launch it. Now, there are two big benefits for this. Number one is, as I said, it allows us to get these tools into every single of our members' websites or the vast majority of them. But secondly, it allows us to make a series of changes and improvements without constantly having to issue new plugins. Because I know it's a pain when we issue a new plug, and you have to manually update it. That means that we're kind of running different versions of the plugin.

With this new single code, we can add new tools to your website. Now, they won't go automatically onto your website, but you'll just have to go into something in the dashboard and tick a button or press a button or something and choose how and where you want to use those new tools. And again, we'll explain the whole thing fully when it comes out. But we have some great plans for new tools into your website, and we want to make it very easy for you, very, very easy for you to add those new tools. They're all tools aimed at helping you to impress prospects and clients, of course.

So this is actively underway as we speak. I have two developers working on this. It's actually a fairly major coding project, as you can imagine, not only just the stuff that goes in your website, but actually doing things like single sign-ons. So when you're in the dashboard, and you move into this new functionality of playing with the settings of this new plugin, we want to make that a seamless experience for you. So I hope to have some more news for you on that in a month's time.

And by the way, if you have the WordPress plugin, we will run both platforms for a period of time, so it will be probably three to six months. We'll basically give you a date which the plugin will no longer be supported. I think we'll always leave the licensing validated on it, if you really didn't want to take it out. But there will come a point where we won't support it because the superior solution will be using this line of code. But don't worry too much about the details. I'll give you plenty of time before we stop supporting anything like a plugin. And of course, I'll show you all the benefits of this new piece of code before we launch it.

And then the fifth and final thing to tell you about might not be of interest to you, or it might if you're fairly new here, we're going to start a weekly new member welcome call. So every Thursday at around about 8:00 PM, UK time, which works for virtually all of the time zones that we deal in. It's a bit tight for Australia and New Zealand, but we have new members coming in from all over the world, and it just makes sense for us to have a single call every week, which is just 10, 15 minutes for new members to come and meet me, ask some questions. We can run over things like our game plan and our onboarding videos, which are tools to help new members get going.

Now, the reason I'm telling you about this is you might have been a member for a couple of years, but never yet taken advantage of some of the advanced support we have these days for new people starting, things like this game plan, which you'll find at the top of the dashboard. It actually lists for you in kind of the easy order, what order you should fix your marketing and what order you should use the MSP Marketing Edge stuff. The onboarding videos are only 15 minutes. There's only four of them, but it helps you understand exactly what you've got here and how to get your best return on investment from it. And we send you a free t-shirt when you watch those videos, and that's open to all members, not just the new members.

So I will start doing those weekly calls at the end of February. They will be advertised in the dashboard. They're not an Ask Paul Anything. They are very much a How To Get Started. But regardless of how long you've been with us, and thank you again for being a member, regardless of how long, you're welcome to join one of those calls, if you just wanted to re sort of initiate yourself in the basics and what you should be doing.

So as always, if you've got any questions at all, there's loads of places to go for help. You've got our knowledge center, which has answers to all of your marketing questions. You've got the members only Facebook group, which is a great place to ask questions, and I'm there every single day. And you can also just send us a direct message. So you can either just go into the dashboard or the knowledge center, and there's a little green chat icon. You can click on that and send us a direct message, or you can just email us. It all goes into the same place. The email address is

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