May 2020 content update

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Bullet point summary

  • Content is more balanced between Coronavirus, and non-Coronavirus
  • Video and guide are aligned on the same subject again
  • The advertising pack contains ads to help with Project New Client Ammunition
  • Keep checking the Coronavirus page for additional new marketing content, currently being added around once a week
  • Now supplying versions of the video with the voice but no music, and vice versa

Full transcription

Hi, it's Paul here. I've just got a very quick update video for you for May. There's not a huge amount of changes to tell you about this month. Obviously, we're monitoring the situation and everything and adapting as and when we need to. So the first thing is that I did decide pretty much just a week before that May's content should be a mix of some Corona content and some non-Corona, content and I will keep an eye on that. I think in June as people, as I said in last month's video, as people get more and more into this, I think their tolerance for it is going to go down and down and down. So we will keep an eye on this and we'll probably leave June's content decisions until fairly late in May, as well, just so we can keep an eye on this and put the most appropriate content together for you.

So that's what we've got this month. You've got quite a mix between the two. Now the guide and the video are aligned again this month and they're about getting people prepared to going back into the workplace. Obviously we don't know when this is going to happen. It might happen in May, or it could be June or who knows when. Let's get them at least thinking that they should be doing some planning right now, and we're focusing on three sort of areas: people, equipment and data security. And those are the three things that you should be trying to get your clients to start thinking about now. So you know in terms of getting their people ready, getting their equipment ready and getting their data security ready for some kind of transition back to the workplace. And of course looking at there might be more flexible arrangements. They might have some people in the office, some people at home, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

So those kinds of conversations with your clients, and then obviously the marketing materials are aimed at trying to get the prospects to start thinking about that as well. Now also in the advertising pack this month we've got some adverts which they're to support the thing that I launched just last week, which is Project New Client Ammunition. And you might remember this is the new project where I want you to go out and get some social proof from your existing clients. I want some testimonials from them talking about how well you've been looking after them during the lockdown because we can then use that down the line to generate some new clients for you. Now we're putting together an entire campaign pack on this, and that will follow probably in a couple of weeks' time. There's a lot of work that we need to put into that and we've got to get it absolutely spot on.

But in this month's advertising pack, you've got three adverts. There's of course a Google one, a Facebook one and a LinkedIn advert and those are all based around essentially leveraging some of that unhappiness. And you know my thoughts on this, there are lots and lots of unhappy clients out there. They've already decided to leave their incumbent MSP and what we want to do now is make sure that you're there at the exact moment they're ready to take action. So they've made the decision, they just haven't taken the action yet. And it's about getting you in front of them at that point. So there's a little bit of work you can do with that with the ads in this month's advertising pack and the real stuff for that for the project is going to come to you with that full campaign. That's going to be with you in the next couple of weeks or so.

What I do recommend is just keep checking the coronavirus page, so every time we add anything that's related to coronavirus, and we're adding something around about once a week at the moment, this is the page to get on. And as always, if you go onto that page and you can't get in because you've been locked out, the way our system works is it's based around cookies, so you just need to go back to any Marketing Edge email that I've ever sent you and click on the link and that will refresh your cookie, and you'll be able to get straight in. Just on that, our portal is in the final testing now before we'll be looking for a small number of beta testers, so you'll actually have a portal to log in and you can see all of your content in one place. It's probably the number one most recommendable, most requested feature of everything that we've been doing and my technical guys have been absolutely brilliant behind the scenes pulling it all together.

We're even looking to even pull your Xero invoices into there as well. So that's going to come hopefully in the next week or so. We just need to make sure it's absolutely spot on and secure, of course, before we put it into beta testing. So as always, if you've got any questions, you know where I am. If you're watching this in the Facebook group, then just comment on the post below. If you're watching this on the web page, just drop me an email,

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green