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  1. The first two Secret Weapons have launched. The 3rd - Hacker's Toolkit videos - is due next week
  2. There are now a series of extra promotional items for the IT Services Buyer's Guide
  3. The guide download images supplied every month now have a Canva version
  4. UK only: We've delivered some Super-deduction marketing materials, to help you educate your clients about this new tax break when they buy new computers

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So here we are then with May's content update. We've just delivered May's content for you. I've got a whole host of improvements to tell you about, and I've got a question for you. Are you making the most of the secret weapons?

The secret weapons have launched and they're the first update I want to give you this month. We've launched two secret weapons already with the third one due to hit you next week.

Now the first secret weapon was the enhanced plugin. So if you haven't had a chance to look at this yet, please do. It's no longer just about have I been poned; it's also now got a password checker in there and a random password generator. In fact, we're on version 1.4.5, I think, and that version also includes a CSS style editor. We've noticed that some people, when they put the plugin into their WordPress websites, sometimes their CSS conflicts with the plugins, so we now have the ability to actually for us to generate some code, give it to you and to make the plugin look really nice in your website.

So that plugin we're going to continue to develop it. We've got some new improvements. We'll be launching on that later on, probably late summer this year, but that is the first secret weapon. If it's not on your website already go onto the dashboard, get hold of the new plugin and pop it into your website. It's great functionality that you can offer to people visiting your website.

Now secret weapon two is out, and that is the IT Services Buyer's Guide. It's a comprehensive guide of how to buy from you. That's been out for a couple of weeks now. We've just added in some extra promotional tools, which I'll tell you about in a second.

Now the third secret weapon is called the Hackers Toolkit Videos. These should be with you next week. We're just putting the final touches to these.

We have a certified ethical hacker who has done some hacks for us and he recorded both sides of the hack. So he recorded what he was doing as a hacker, and then he recorded what was happening to the victim's machine. We put those together into, I think it's about six different videos for three different hacks. So for each of those, there is a video if you'd like a self-contained video with a voiceover showing what's actually happened. And then there's a second version with no voiceover with the idea is that you can use that when you're talking with clients. So you could screen share it to them, or you could even have it on an iPad or something like that and talk through the footage of what's happening.

So the idea with these hackers toolkit videos is that you have some tools to show your clients and your prospects, what it's actually like to be hacked. I think we've all found that the thing that's most difficult is for them to understand how scary it is when someone breaches their systems. So you can actually show them how easily it can be done, and how easily one click on one bad email can let a hacker into their system. So that should come to you next week.

Another update for you is, as I said, we've added some extra promotional items to the IT Services Buyer's Guide. Now there are three designs to this guide and those three designs match up to the same designs as Email Hijackers, the book, the idea being that you can have a similar design pattern for the stuff that you give away with your business. We've just now added in a book image, an image of the Buyer's Guide with a spiral bound binding. We've got a blog image. There's an email footer and there's a social media image. And we're providing those in all the usual formats; PDF, Illustrator, InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, and of course Canva, which more and more people are using Canva for.

If that's not there already, we're just building those onto the page. If you go again through your dashboard, go and have a look at the IT Services Buyer's Guide and you'll see when all of those tools are there.

Next update is in the monthly content, so the stuff that we give you every month. We've now added in Canva versions of the download image. Every month we give you a download image, it's for the guide. It's flat and there's a 3D version of the guide. By popular request, we now have Canva versions of that every single month as well. I think that's from April and ... it is in May and obviously it's then every month going forward is there.

And then the final update I've got for you today is one for UK MSPs only. There's a new tax break, which lasts for two years here in the UK. When limited companies buy computers, they can write off more tax. So if they spend a thousand pounds on computers, they can reduce their tax bill as if they'd spent 1,300 pounds. We've done a whole bunch of marketing materials for this. Again, it's available in the dashboard and you can go and get it there, and everything from the dashboard.

Now, if you've got any questions and you're watching this in the Facebook group, please just pop your comment underneath or your question underneath as a comment and I'll answer that. If you're watching this anywhere else, you can always email me and my team;

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green