May 2022 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. Redesigned weekly and monthly content pages
  2. Batch 3 of How To videos + 86 repurposed Tech Tips videos
  3. IT Services Buyers guide now in A5 / half letter size
  4. Summary PDFs on all the Bitesize training courses
  5. Coming soon: Universal plugin and new tools + New multi-touchpoint campaign + Dashboard redesign

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    Hi, this is Paul Green with your May 2022 content update. And I've got five things to tell you today. The first is about the way we deliver the content to you. So you may have noticed by now we have split out the weekly and the monthly content pages. They're now separate pages and we've taken the opportunity to redesign them, because there's now not much information that needs to be on each page. So the weekly page now looks like this. It's a much more efficient way of showing you everything you get from us on a weekly basis and making sure you get the most benefit from it. And this is the brand new monthly page. This is actually only a partially built one because I filmed this video a few days before we release the content. But from May '22 onwards, this is what the content page looks like. So it's based on the weekly design. And of course, based on your feedback, we'll continue to tweak that design in the weeks and months ahead.

    We've also taken the opportunity now that we have separated the weekly and the monthly content to put them up at the top of the dashboard. So you can still always find your content down at the bottom of the dashboard. That's where all your content is. But up at the top, you'll now see the very latest content. So the latest weekly content and the latest monthly content. Second thing to tell you is that we've released a ton of new videos in the last month. So we've released the batch three of the how-to videos. And we've got a final batch four that's coming later on. It's going to be sort of end of spring, middle of summer because it's quite a lot of work for us to produce all of these videos.

    But by the time you get that batch four, you'll then have how-to videos covering off all of the main applications within 365. So we're talking Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. And the final batch is on Windows 10 and Windows 11. And we'll be focusing on features that are common to both versions of those OS. And when Windows 10 reaches the end of its life, we will change those videos. We've deliberately made them so they can be tweaked and updated just to mention Windows 11 down the line.

    So that batch four will be our fourth and final batch of those how-to videos. That will be coming later this year. You've got batches one, two, and three all ready now, and we've also released another 86 tech tips videos. And it sounds like a lot of videos, but all of these are arranged in a single document where you can just copy some code and put them into your website quickly and easily. So you can choose to invest a lot of time moving the code around and designing the page or better still get someone to do that for you. But if you wanted a quick and dirty and easy solution, you can now put hundreds of our videos on your website, just like that, which is our beautiful solution.

    The third thing to tell you is our popular IT Services Buyers Guide. Based on your feedback, we've now created half-size versions of that. So for the UK, that's A5. For the US, that's half letter. So you've still got the bigger version, the A4 or letter-size, but you've now got this smaller version as well. So you have the choice of which of the sizes do I want and which design am I going to use? And of course, when we do the update for 2023, which we'll be doing round about November, December time, then you will again have those size choices as well. So we will update all of the versions towards the end of this year.

    Fourth thing to tell you is that on our bite-size training courses now we now have summary PDFs. So we went through all of the courses and summarized them. We were going to try and do one-page summaries, but the courses are so rich, there's so much packed into them that some of those are two or three-page summaries. But you've now got the video. You've got the transcript, and you've got a summary PDF as well. So I'm trying to make it as easy for you to go and throw yourself into a specific subject and really deep dive into it. We have just added actually a great new course. It was with one of our members, Alan [inaudible 00:04:02]. So thank you so much, Alan. Alan literally did all the work on this, how to get onto your local TV station. So that's our latest bite size training course.

    You may have noticed I have actually backed off on those a little bit. So I'd got quite an aggressive series of courses that I was going to go and build. And we've just paused those a little bit just based on some feedback. What we're going to do is as we release new things and focus on certain areas, we're going to super serve those specific areas.

    So for example, LinkedIn, you can go and see, I think it's three specific training courses now, and three specific areas of LinkedIn and the general feedback that we've had just from the MSPs that we've spoken to is that's more useful, sort of super serving the core marketing elements like LinkedIn, websites, email newsletters than it is for us doing a wide range of courses. So we are redesigning what we do with that. And we are actually in the process of redesigning our dashboard, which I'll talk about in a second. All of this is coming together other so I can give you the most useful resources as you need them. These bite size training courses are deliberately bite sized. The average course length is 30 minutes and it's broken down into parts so you can sit and consume it.

    And then the final thing then is just to tell you some stuff that's coming up. So the first thing that's coming up is you may know that we have a project underway to remove our WordPress plugin. So we've had this plugin for a couple of years. It only works in WordPress websites and it gives you some tools to put into your website. There is a have I been pawned connection, there's a password strength checker, and there's a random password generator. And a surprising number of our members don't use WordPress. So we've had... This has been one of those projects that every... It's three steps forward, two steps back, because we are building it in a different technology. So it will work in any website, but we are nearly there. We're about 80% there. I reckon a couple of weeks away from asking for sort 10 or 20 testers.

    But the idea with this is it will be some code that you can generate in our dashboard, which you can then add in to your website regardless of the technology. So you don't need a WordPress plugin. We'll support it for six months or so, and then we'll withdraw support. You can still use it, but we just won't directly support it. But this new plugin will allow you to put tools onto your website so much more easily. And it reduces our support burden, which is important because that allows us to spend more time innovating. It also allows us to issue a fix, kind of like as a SaaS company, because we can issue the fix in the browser without having to release new versions of the WordPress. Most critically though, we can add new functionality to it.

    And you may have seen a thread in the members only Facebook group just a few weeks ago where I was asking for new ideas. The two ideas that came out of that we're going to pick up and we're going to implement going forward. And we're certainly going to look at them. And one of those was a pricing calculator and the other one was a... I think it was a downtime calculator as well. So we're looking at both of those, but we need to get the initial project finished first, before we start adding in new tools because you know how dangerous project creep can be. So watch this space on that one.

    The second thing we are working on is a new multi-touch point campaign. So this will be a standalone campaign. At the moment, have one big multi-touch point campaign, which is our ultimate lead generation campaign. It's a great campaign and lots of our members have used it, but we are going to add in two or three other campaigns. So I'm not going to flood you with campaigns. I don't want to flood you with shiny things, but I want to give you some options. So we will probably do a couple more general campaigns and then we will do some very specific ones. So there might be a VoIP campaign. There might be a cyber security campaign. We'll pick up the things that you want to go out and sell and we will put together campaigns from there. And that will be a process that will probably take us a number of months to complete those campaigns.

    And then the final thing to tell you about is, as I mentioned, we are redesigning our dashboard. Now this isn't just a sort of a dusting of making it look more pretty. We're actually fundamentally redesigning the way that you access information. And yes, it's very much in my mind that we have members who've been with us as long as five years, because we've been going five years in May, not having any birthday celebrations. It's just a date, but I'm aware that we have been people who've been using us for five years and the dashboard has iterated along the way. And you can see how we've added stuff in and it doesn't quite work as well as it did when we first launch it. So we're taking a completely holistic approach to it. We've looked at it more of an information flow. So rather than for example, assuming that you are coming in, looking for training courses, let's say you are coming in and you've decided it's LinkedIn. So we've gathered all the LinkedIn stuff together.

    You'd find the training courses with the resources, with the knowledge base stuff altogether in one LinkedIn, but have also made it easy... Just going to say I've done hardly any work on this. My team is also making it easy for you to go in and find the thing that you are looking for. So we are kind of early stages at this. We're about 20% in. We've got to get it right the first time and this will take us a couple more months to get right, but I'll be delighted to show you some behind the scenes stuff when we actually get near to launching this new dashboard experience. So as always, if you've got any questions on this, if you're watching this in the Facebook group, please do comment below. If you're watching this anywhere else, just drop us an email. It's

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