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  1. We've reorganised the way the content is arranged
  2. There's a brand new newsletter design
  3. There's increased congruency between the materials

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Hi. Hello. It's Paul Green here from the MSP Marketing Edge. And I've got for you November's content update. I've got three updates for you this month. The first of them, is that we have completely reorganised the way that we show you the content and deliver you the content, both on the content page and in the download folder. And I've had loads of feedback over the last couple of months from people saying there's too much, "Paul, there's so much stuff that you're giving us every month." The problem is, there's too much in our head we don't know where to start. So actually, when we break it down, there's actually only nine things that we give you, but we give you lots and lots of different versions of file formats of those nine things.

So, we're now organising those nine things on the download page and in the folder so you can see what they are. And I'm hoping that will make it easier for you and your team and your mind to know what it is. So those nine things are, you've got your promotional guide. Next up, you've got the promotional tools for the guide. So those are to help you promote that guide. You've got the video. You've got the emails. You've got the social media content. You've got a sales letter to post out. You've got a press release to send to your local media. You've got a printed newsletter, new form on that, more on that in a second. And you've got the campaign in a box, which is the multi touchpoint campaign. So, that's it. That's the nine things.

And you can see we've got lots and lots of different files there, but when you cluster them like that, it's a lot easier to understand them. Now, I know that most people just download the one-click download folder and they don't actually look at the content download page, which is fine. So, we've now started organising the folders in there. So, exactly the same. We've got the same nine folders in the one-click download. And actually when you go into each of the folders, where it's appropriate, we've broken that down as well. So, for example, if we go into number two, which is guide promotional tools, you'll see that we've broken that down into specific folders of the different things. So I really do hope that makes it easier for you to see what you've got and then for you and your team to action it. And as always, look forward to your feedback on that please.

The second thing to tell you this month is we have completely redesigned the newsletter. This has been something that's been ongoing for about six weeks or so. So, thank you for your patience as we got there. I think we've absolutely cracked it. We've gone for a much more visual design. It's a four page newsletter. And what will happen is, every month we will design it from scratch. So previously, we were using a template and just dropping content in. That's not good enough. So now we will design it from scratch every month and design it around the content that we've written. So here's November's, this is what the front cover looks like. These are the two pages on the inside here. So this is intended to be, what in the UK is A3 sized paper printed on both sides and then folded. And then in the US that's the equivalent is, I guess, do you call it double letter? But it's two letters with one sheet of paper, again, just folded.

So these are the two inside pages, pages two and three, and then this is page four on the back. And we're actually providing it to you in four different formats. So, I recommend that you use the four-page format. And we've got a print ready version for you and a digital version for you. So it is designed to be a printed newsletter, but you can have a PDF copy as well, which you can send that to people. So you've got both of those, and we've also done a two page version. Now, the two page version, all we've done is we've removed pages two and three. So, you've got pages one and four of the four pager. Some people still want a two page version. That's fine. So we'll continue to provide that each month.

And you've got two versions of that two pager, there's the two pager which you can adapt to print. And then there's the Stannp version. So that's designed to be uploaded to, which is in the US and the UK, and you can just directly send that through there. Now, you may ask, why isn't there a four page version for Stannp? It's because we don't believe that Stannp can handle printing on A3 and folding it. That's just not what they seem to offer as far as we can see. And so there's no point offering you that file. As far as we can see, they will put that on two sheets of paper which will completely destroy it, because the content is designed to flow across in the middle, it's designed to flow across the two pages.

So until we can find a service that will do that, we will just provide the two pages for Stannp. And then the final thing to tell you about this month, is that we've got just a little bit more increased congruency amongst the materials. What I want to do each month is try and use the same themes across a number of materials. It's very hard to do that consistently because obviously we want to give you something that we know works. For example, if we take the press release subject. Ideally, I do the press release about the subject the guide is about. But often you'll end up with a story that's just not of interest to the local media. So I'm constantly looking at the different materials and saying, "Right, what's going to work best in my opinion? But also, how can we make it more congruent?" So, for example, this month, the guide, which is about ransomware, is also the same subject in the postcard, and the campaign in a box, and also in the printed newsletter we've put exactly the same subject in again.

So the visual styles are somewhat similar on the direct mail materials. And then there's a story about the same thing in the newsletter. And of course, what we're trying to do is, when you repeatedly say the same message in different formats to your prospects, at some point it will go into their mind. So, as always, I'm more than welcome to have your questions on this. We try very, very hard to be completely transparent with what we do. And I do listen, I can't do absolutely everything that everyone wants, but I try very hard to listen, and my team to listen to what you want, and if we can do it to give you what you want. So, if you're watching this in the Facebook group, please just type a comment below. If you're watching this in the Dashboard or elsewhere on the website, you can email any time,

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