November 2021 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. Second batch of the How To videos are now out
  2. Canva links now go directly to Canva URLs
  3. New version of the monthly video without the white “contact us” box
  4. Slight tweak to filename structure
  5. Onboarding videos are in the dashboard
  6. New Bitesize training courses
  7. Live monthly Ask Paul Anything
  8. Coming in the months ahead:
    • Cyber hygiene video
    • Templates for a sales proposal, strategic review & technology roadmap
    • More Bitesize training courses: Aiming for one per week

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Hi, this is Paul Green, and I've got for you November's content update. We've just started work on December's content. That's kind of messing with our minds a little bit, feels like the year's almost over. But I've got an absolute ton of stuff to tell you about this month. I'm going to go through it quickly and efficiently. The first thing to tell you is we have just released the second batch of the how-to videos. These are our amazing videos that show your end decision-makers and their users how to do things in word Excel and PowerPoint, and also in Teams. So the second batch has just come out. You can access them just as with everything in the MSP Marketing Edge through the dashboard. And what we've done is we've put batches one and two together. Also kept batch two separate. So if you have previously put batch one's worth of videos onto your website, you can now just come and access just batch two so you're not duplicating stuff.

If you have never actually put any of these on your website before, then we've put all of them together in one go. So we've tried to make it easy for you, whether you've got someone already or whether it's a brand new thing for you. But just go onto the website ... excuse me, go on the dashboard and look for the how-to videos and you'll find this page and you can see all the instructions in there. Second thing to tell you about is the Canva links from our content downloaded pages now go directly to Canva. What we've been doing up to this point is when you click on a Canva link, it opens a text file and that text file contains the URL for Canva, because of course it's cloud software. And I think it was Kevin Landers who suggested ... Kevin suggests about eight things a day, which is awesome.

And I think it was Kevin that said, "Hey, can't we just have the links going directly to Canva?" And my team and I all looked at each other and it was one of those, "Well, that's really obvious. Why haven't we done that before?" So that's how that works now from November's content onwards and also with the weekly content from this point forward as well. The third thing to tell you is that the videos we provide to you each month, they now have a version without the contact us box. So since we started this service four and a half, five years ago, we've always had a little contact us box at the end of the video. And our thinking was you can put your contact details in there and then wherever you host that video, you could pop that into YouTube. You could pop it into social media and you've always got your contact details.

But again, based on the conversation in our Facebook group, and it's a great place for us to see how you're using stuff. Quite a few people said they didn't like that contact us box at the end. So the best of both worlds is to give you both. So you've now got a version with the contact box and there's a version of the video without the contact box. So you can choose which ones to use. In fact, you may use both. If it was me, I would use the version without the contact box of this version. I would use this version on my website because you don't need your contact details on the website, but then the version that does have the contact box. So this one, I would use this one on social media and when you're putting it in other places, but of course, as with everything, it's completely up to you.

Next thing to tell you about is we've made a very slight tweak to the file name structure. You may have spotted this. It doesn't really impact upon you, but I'd like to tell you everything that we're doing. We've now started putting either UK or US before the files. So we have a program running internally to try to eliminate. We have about three or four just very small mistakes that get through the net every month. And I think, considering the number of files, we have nearly 400 separate files a month. I think we do remarkably well not to make more mistakes. However, I'm a perfectionist. And so we've got an internal program just to try and remove obvious mistakes and one of them is just every now and again, we mix up a UK and a US file because they have the same file name. And we were relying on them being in separate folders. Well, that turns out not to be a very robust thing when you've got multiple people involved.

So we now just made it easy for us really to spot a UK or a US file with that file name change. Doesn't really affect you at all. Just wanted you to know about that. Another thing to tell you about, and you may have seen this because these came out a few weeks ago. We now have some onboarding videos. Now, if you've been around the MSP Marketing Edge for a while, these probably aren't that relevant to you. These are designed for new members to help them see what we've got here, how to use it, but more importantly, to understand what it's all about and to see what the MSP Marketing Edge is. Not just how you access stuff, but what's the idea. What's the big picture here. And we put those onboarding videos together. You can go and find them in the dashboard. Please do go and look for them.

Even if you have been a member for a number of years, you'll be aware we've changed an awful lot over the last few years and there's a lot more here, a lot more help and a lot more substance to it and a lot more structure. And it's all based around some pretty big marketing ideas. So if you've got a little time, please do go and watch those onboarding videos and they're always available in the dashboard. Next thing to tell you is we have even more bitesize training courses. So I have a whole program of courses that I'm putting together and I'm aiming to do one per week [inaudible 00:05:10] the schedule have been up to so far. We've just recently added these ones you can see here on the screen. In fact, by the time you've see it, I think there'll be another one on there as well and you can go and access all of our bitesize training courses at any point.

And also see what's coming up in the next few weeks. Something else we've done as well to help you have direct access to me is we've started a monthly Ask Paul Anything. We did an experimental one a few weeks ago and it was very good. And thank you if you took part in that. So I'll be doing roughly one a month, maybe every three to four weeks or so. And I'll schedule the dates. It'll all be in the dashboard and in the members only Facebook group. And it's just a chance for you to come onto a Facebook live or I'm just live and just come and ask me a question. You don't even have to come on. You can just ask me a question with a message and I will answer those. And they can be any kind of questions about business growth, about marketing or indeed about the MSP Marketing Edge product itself.

And finally, just to finish on stuff that's coming up in the months ahead, we do have an internal roadmap of stuff and things do get bumped as we prioritize things. That's why we don't publish our roadmap so that we can be flexible as opportunities come up. But certainly coming up in the next few months, I hope to deliver all of these before the proper Christmas comes. We've got a cyber hygiene video we're working on, which is something that you can show to your clients. So you could show it to them maybe as part of an onboarding or if they have a new member of staff. And it's about, as we say, cyber hygiene, good practice for them to make sure that they're less likely to make some of the mistakes. So it's not cyber security training. It's just kind of a cyber hygiene awareness video. The other thing that we're working on at the moment is some templates. We've got a sales proposal, a strategic review, and a technology roadmap.

These keep getting bumped back a little bit, but they are in progress and they'll be available to you in all the usual formats. And in fact, they're going to power a new technology driven tool that we're going to be working on next year to help you put together sales proposals and technology roadmaps and strategic reviews so much quicker, but more on that when we come to 2022. And of course, we've got the bitesize training courses as well. I'm aiming to continue delivering one new course every single week because I've got into a very good pattern of doing that. So as always, if you've got any questions, you know where to reach us. You can either talk to us in the Facebook group. I'm there every single day. And of course, some of our other members jump in and answer questions as well, which is just brilliant. You can also go into the knowledge center or the dashboard and click on the green chat icon that's down at the bottom. Or if you want, you can just email us, it's

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