October 2020 update

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  1. The Zero Excuses GTD Support Line has launched and is on FIRE. You can access it from the Dashboard
  2. The printed newsletter is being redesigned, and will be delivered in about 7-10 days. You have the old style one for October in case you need it
  3. Low res PDFs have gone
  4. The file structure on the download page has been simplified

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Hi, this is Paul Green, and I've got four quick things to tell you about in this October 2020 update video. And the first of those is that the Zero Excuses GTD Support Line is on fire. We've already had about seven or eight bookings of people who been a bit stuck on the implementation of their marketing so they've booked a one on one Zoom call my colleague, James Let and he's been able to help them out with figuring out how to get it implemented.

We've now completed all of our extra support options and I genuinely believe that we have world class support here. We've got the knowledge center packed with videos and articles and we're adding new content all the time. And please do go and have a look at that if you haven't already. And now when you get stuck, we can help you one on one, you just book a direct one on one call with us and we are there to help you and talk you through. And all of this is included as part of your membership. If you haven't had a look at that yet, go into the dashboard, it's all available from the dashboard. You can reach it from there.

Now the second update for you this month is that we are redesigning our newsletter. Now we couldn't get the redesign done in time to deliver the content to you on the 10th of September so if you are watching this sort of early on around about the 10th, perhaps even up to about the 20th of September, then it's the old style newsletter that you'll see in the download pack. Around about the 17th, 20th, somewhere around there, we'll relaunch the newsletter and we're doing a four page version completely redesigned and there'll be a two page version of that as well. You'll have the choice between four pages or two pages, brand new format. We've completely revamped it. It's much more visually driven than it was before. Frankly, it looks beautiful looking at the early designs now, it looks absolutely wonderful. We hope to deliver that to you around about a week or a week and a bit after we've delivered October's content to you. Just keep an eye out for that. I would, of course, send you a message when it comes out.

The third thing to tell you about is that we've now stopped delivering the low res PDFs. Traditionally, since we started the service, we've always delivered the InDesign folder, a high res PDF and a low res PDF. And I think we're at a point now where we don't need to keep supplying extra file formats that really I don't perceive many people are using because if you want to low res PDF, you can put the high risk PDF through a service online or even just Adobe Acrobat that will just crunch it down for you into a low risk PDF. For the sake of simplicity, we're now just delivering one PDF, which is the high res PDF every single month.

And what that's allowed us to do as our final item is to introduce a more simplified file structure. If you look at the October, 2020 content page, you're seeing it now, we've been able to sort of list all the different file formats in a much more logical and much easier to understand format. And you can just see they're using the little, I think they're called pipes, those little sort of bar things that go up, they just separate out the different file formats and it will be much easier if you, when you just want one file and you don't want to have to download the entire, one click download, you can just go in and you can access that file very easily. As always, keep talking to us about this. This came out of a suggestion from a member so thank you very much for that. Please keep telling us what things you think we should be improving to make the service even better.

In fact, if you've got any questions at all, if you're watching this on the Facebook group, you can just comment below. If you're watching this in the dashboard, then you can just drop me an email. It's hello@mspmarketingedge.com.

Paul Green
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