September 2020 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. The Knowledge Centre has now launched
  2. The Zero Excuses GTD Support Line follows in the next few weeks
  3. Delivering the content to you earlier:
    • September on 20th August
    • October on 10th September
    • And then 10th of each month
  4. Content changes:
    • Newsletter and Campaign in a Box are now aligned
    • Advertising pack has been withdrawn
    • New tools to help promote the guide:
      • Email footer
      • Blog post image
      • Download image
      • Social media image

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Hi, hello. This is Paul Green with September 2020's update. Apologies for the lack of usual quality to my AV, I'm actually on holiday this week. We're in a lovely fifth-floor apartment in Cardiff. It's raining outside and the dishwasher's on in the background, which isn't ideal, but it was a case of getting this video done now and out to you in time or not getting it done at all.

I've got four things to tell you about this month. The first of them you probably already know, this week we finally launched the Knowledge Centre. This has been a three-month project, which has been absolutely wonderful for us. What we're trying to do is suck all the knowledge out of my brain and all the good ideas and the knowledge in the Facebook group and put them all in one place, one place where everyone can go and search for them. We've got already hundreds of videos and articles, and we're adding new content all the time. We've got a very long list of stuff to add, and as ideas are coming up, we're adding all of them.

This doesn't replace the Facebook group. The Facebook group, it stays. It's a great place just to discuss things, to announce things, to debate ideas, but what we're doing is taking best practice, taking how to implement marketing and we're actually putting all of that in the Knowledge Center. It's also how we're going to up our support game. I've taken on a couple of new people, James and Amy, and you will get to know them over the weeks ahead. They're now handling my first and second line support for me so I can spend more time working on bigger issues with you and they can handle things like new users, can't log in, all of that, can't find my invoice, all of that kind of stuff.

To access to the Knowledge Centre, it's very simple. You just go into your dashboard, we've made it really simple to find it. There's a link up there at the top for you to get to the Knowledge Centre. There's also a link just there for you to get to it. There's something on the dashboard called the Beacon. Now the Beacon, you see it's that little chat bubble.

What the Beacon allows you to do is either to search for an article, you could go in and put it in the word LinkedIn, it'll show you all the content we've got on LinkedIn, or you can also start a chat with us. If you email us now, or you chat with us via the Beacon, it all just goes into the same place. We've got a ticketing system called Intercom, which is driving the Knowledge Center and the ticketing for us. Don't worry about how you contact us, just either drop us an email or use that Beacon and my support team will be on that a lot faster than I would be on that. We're able to pass little notes to each other and try and find the best solution for you, whatever your question is.

There is, of course, a full video about the launch of the Knowledge Centre. It's there in your dashboard, all right? If you're watching this in the dashboard, it's over there or over there or something like that. Please do use that Knowledge Centre, have a good look. Your feedback is very welcome, especially on what's missing. We've got a long list of stuff that we're putting in, because we wanted to launch it when it was about a third full, so we are creating lots of content, but your ideas for new content and literally what are you stuck on in your marketing that we can help you with and we'll create new content for it.

The second thing to tell you about is the extension to the Knowledge Centre, which is something called, and it's got such a long title, but it's called the Zero Excuses GTD Support Line. GTD, of course, stands for Get Things Done. We're calling it the Zero Excuses GTD Support Line because I know that many people struggle with implementing the marketing materials, and yet that's the secret sauce. It's the only golden bullet, is actually implementing marketing materials. It will be about a week or so's time, we'll launch this, where you'll be able to book a one-on-one Zoom call with James, my colleague, James Lett, and he will literally talk you through whatever it is that you're trying to do. Whatever piece of marketing you're stuck on, maybe you've watched the video in the Knowledge Centre, it still isn't quite coming together for you or your team, zero excuses. You can now book that direct Zoom call with James and he will talk you through that. We'll send you another email and let you know when that launches, in around about a week or so.

The third thing to tell you about today is delivery date changes. This is being published on the 20th of August and we're delivering September's content. As of next month, we're going to be delivering it on the 10th of each month. On the 10th of September, we're going to deliver you October's content, on the 10th of October, we'll deliver your November's content, and so on and so on. It's taken us a couple of months to move that back, because as you can imagine, with 80 odd files, we had a hell of a production process and to skim 10 days off that was hard, to skim 20 days off it was near on impossible. We've managed that now for this first month and as of September the 10th, we'll be able to deliver you the content with plenty of time.

Now, I know one of the small downsides of that is that the social media content is now a little bit more out of date, but ultimately that's why we introduced the weekly content. You've got your monthly content that you can schedule that ahead with plenty of time before the start of the month and if you want that up to date content, you can, of course, just use the weekly content as well because that's prepared the day before, so that's as fresh as we can make it. I have to say lots of people, as far as I can see, are using both the monthly and the weekly social media content, which is great, because it's actually designed for that. There's no content clash and there's no scheduled time clashes either. You can use both if you want to.

Then the fourth and final thing to tell you about is just some content changes. A couple of small things really, nothing fairly major this month. The first is that the newsletter and the Campaign in a Box and are aligned in terms of the subject matter. We've done that deliberately so you can actually incorporate the newsletter into a marketing campaign if you wanted to. You can see on the left here, you've got the postcard talking about your new normal, and then on the right you've got the newsletter, which again is talking about the new normal. There's no reason, there's nothing to stop you sending out the postcard from the Campaign in a Box and the newsletter to a prospect at different stages of the month, completely your choice. I am filming a series of best practice videos at the moment to talk through things like this.

The whole point of this is you can do what you want to do with it. We've set it out to be used in a specific way, but you could now take that newsletter, send that out to everyone, send a postcard as a followup a couple of weeks later, and then of course, pick up the phone and call those people. Because we've aligned those two things, it just gives you more options in terms of doing that.

Something we have withdrawn as of this month, and we had a consultation about this on the Facebook group, which is that the advertising pack has now gone. It was just not viable for us to deliver you untested adverts when the platforms are changing very often. That's gone, and what we're going to do is add in a whole series of things in its place. The first of those from this month is we've added in more tools to help you get more out of your educational guide.

The first tools that we're adding is an email footer and the idea of this email footer is, literally, we've given it to you all the usual formats, Canva, Publisher, InDesign, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and you can go in and just edit that and then you can set that up as your email footer for you and your team. We're also giving you a blog post image. Again, that's delivered to you in all the formats. The idea behind this is you can tweak the size of it or tweak the wording and you can then put that into the blog post. The best practice for the guide is that you just put it into a blog post and people can just access it and download it. Well, now you've got an image to put into that blog post, if that's something that your WordPress setup or your website setup demands from you. That's in all the formats.

Now, there's two of the things that we give you, which are not in all the formats, they're just fixed images. The first of them is a download image. What you can do now is on your blog post, where you got the guide, you could actually have this image here of the guide, which they could click to download. You see we've got a 3D version and we've got a flat version, but they're both real. They've got that real look to them. So your blog posts, you could have your blog post image there to make it look pretty, but then you can have the blurb about the guide and then there's an image click to download. You can say to them, "Click the image to download your copy of the guide now." It just makes it look visually nicer, I think. The other thing that we're supplying to you is a social media image, which is optimised in that square social media format, again, for you to just share this on social media. You can just add that in as a post.

That's pretty much our content update for September. If you've got any questions, well, if you're watching this in the Facebook group then just comment below and I'll happily answer those questions. If you're watching this in the dashboard, then click on the Beacon, that's the little green thing down on the bottom right, and you can type your question in there and a member of my team will answer you. If they can't answer, they'll escalate it to me and I will answer it. Have a great one, speak to you soon.

Paul Green
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