September 2021 update

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Bullet point summary

  1. Permanent change to US monthly video voice
  2. New resources library has been delivered
  3. Coming in the months ahead:
    • Cyber hygiene video
    • Templates for a sales proposal, strategic review & technology roadmap
    • Second batch of the How To videos
    • More Bitesize training courses

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Paul Green :
Hi, this is Paul Green with September's content update. Lots of things to tell you this month, and the first of them is that we are making a permanent change to the monthly US video voiceover. So, we've been using a guy called John since we started this, and John's been great until the last few months he's just been unreliable, and he's just told us that he's not really going to be available till January, which is no good to us at all. So, we've switched permanently now over to a guy called Richard. Richard's been doing the voice for the last few months, and this is only the US monthly video that's affected by this, nothing else is affected. And hopefully Richard will prove to be more reliable than John has been.

Paul Green :
Now, the second thing to tell you about is that we have launched in the last few weeks, our new resources page. Have you seen this yet? If you go into your dashboard and search for the word resources, and this is what you will find. Over the last few years, every time I've been working closely with an MSP, and they've said, "Wouldn't it be good if we had a..." And it might be a sales letter or a template for something, then I've created it for them. And we've now tidied all of those up and created versions for you. We've got PDFs in design versions and Canva versions, and they're available to you right now in the resources library.

Paul Green :
Now, what we'll do going forward is when I'm chatting to my peer groups, or even just in a Facebook group, and if someone says exactly that, "Oh, if only I had so-and-so documents," we will create that, and we will make a version for everyone and make that available in the resources library. So, if you do have any suggestions for us at all, please just drop us a line. Can't guarantee that we'll do those straight away, but if we can help, we'll get those done for you within a couple of weeks and add it to the resources library for everyone.

Paul Green :
The final thing to tell you about is a whole bunch of stuff that's coming up over the next few months. So, we have a very clear internal roadmap and we have so much stuff to deliver to you, all added value content over the next few weeks and months ahead. The first of which I've just signed off today, signed off the script today, it's a cyber hygiene video. So, this is something for you to give to your clients and they can show it to their staff, perhaps as part of the onboarding with you, or indeed when they get a new member of their team. And it's just a video which will be hosted on a secret page on your website, and it will show them good practice cyber hygiene, and it won't be too long, but it will show them all the best practice things that you really want them to know.

Paul Green :
And we will do three versions of this. We will do a US voiced version, a UK voiced version, and an Australian voiced version. Should get that to you in around five, six weeks time, and of course, more details when we actually get that to you.

Paul Green :
The next thing to tell you about it is we have some templates that we're working on. So, we've got a sales proposal template, a strategic review template and a technology roadmap. And the idea is if you're not using software or you don't have very good templates right now, you can use these, they'll be beautifully designed, you'll be able to access them in all of the usual formats, and the idea is that we'll just have done all the hard work for you in having a pretty looking template with a whole load of boilerplate content that you can just pick up and adapt as you use. So, we hope to have those in the next three to four weeks or so, watch this space, and I'll let you know when those launch.

Paul Green :
The other thing to tell you about is we've got the second batch of the how-to videos, they're on their way. So, at the moment you've got a roundabout 30 of those, got about under the 20-25 for you, and we'll drop those probably somewhere around the middle of September, something like that. Again, I'll let you know when those are available.

Paul Green :
And the final thing to tell you is I am adding lots of bite-size training courses. So, we have our big training course, it's the Advanced Profit System, and that's an overall training course which is available in the dashboard, and lots and lots of long videos, and going in depth into lots of different areas of your business. To compliment those, I'm recording short bite-size videos, bite-size training videos. And the idea there is if you just want to jump and deep dive into a specific subject, then you can just jump in and have a look at that training course.

Paul Green :
So, we've got three available at the moment. We've got one on fixing your websites, one on LinkedIn, and there's one kind of explaining the entire marketing system and how all of the MSP Marketing Edge materials actually link into that. Those three are available now. I'm aiming to add an extra course every single week, I've got many of them written, it's just the recording time. And if you could see how torturous it is for me to do this recording sometime, you know why it takes so long to produce these trading courses. But what we'll do is we'll try and drip those out one or two a week over the next few weeks. There is actually a list in the dashboard of all the training courses that we're going to record, and as always, I happily welcome any suggestions that you've got on bite-size training courses that you would like to see added.

Paul Green :
As always, if you've got any questions on this at all, if you're watching this in the Facebook group, please comment below, and if you're watching this anywhere else you can just drop me and my team an email,

Paul Green
Author: Paul Green