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  1. We’re adding years of my business growth information and advice into the MSP Marketing Edge dashboard
    • Advanced Profit System to grow your business
    • Dozens of training courses
    • Live monthly webinar + recordings
    • MSP Millionaire audio series
    • Hundreds of business growth answers in the Knowledge Centre
  2. Launching Peer Groups as a paid upgrade, with Zooms and a meet-up (UK only for now)

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Hi, this is Paul Green. We’ve done something today which I believe is going to triple the value of your membership to the MSP Marketing Edge. It’s very exciting. In fact, I’ve been teasing it for a number of weeks. I’ve been telling you there is a total game-changer coming. This is it. Let me explain what we’re doing, and then I’ll tell you how to reach out to me and my team if you’ve got any questions.

Now, a little bit of context to start with, for a number of years, I’ve had two sides to my business. Of course, we’ve had the MSP Marketing Edge, which has always been our core service. And then on the other side, we’ve had sort of a business growth and advice side where I’ve worked with MSPs. We’ve had a couple of different formats we had to change because of COVID of course. It used to be physical meetup mastermind groups and then we flipped over to something which is called The War Room, where I work with MSPs. We get on Zoom calls together, but also they have access to my brain and to the years of business growth advice that I have. Because you might not know this about me, but my super power is not just marketing.

It’s using marketing to grow your business. And there are much wider areas that I’m fairly knowledgeable about that I’ve worked with a number of MSPs over a number of years. And that’s what we do in The War Room. Now, the big announcement, and my War Room members know this because I told them about this a few days ago is that we’re no longer doing the War Room. In fact, what we’re doing is we’re merging those two services and it will just be known as the MSP Marketing Edge from now on. So what this means in practical terms is I’m taking all of the information and content and advice and years of stuff, all of which is about growing your MSP and all of that is going into the MSP Marketing Edge dashboard. And I’ll do you a little run through towards the end of this video so you can see exactly what is in there.

The other thing that we’re going to do is because I have as part of that War Room as it used to be is I have a series of peer groups, and the peer groups we have a number of them that meet on Zoom and we meet every single two weeks. And then we have a peer group which actually meets up in person. We’ve just been able to start doing that again here in the UK and that’s a monthly meetup. Now these are no longer going to be completely separate. In fact, these from now on are only going to be for active MSP Marketing Edge members. So they will be optional upgrades. You still continue to get absolutely everything, all of the content and all of this new business growth content, all of that in the basic subscription fee. But there is now an option for you to choose to upgrade to a peer group.

And we’ve made it very, very simple where you can choose to upgrade and if it’s not for you, you can just downgrade again back to your basic membership. So we have two types of peer group that we’re introducing today. The first of those is called peer group action calls. So every two weeks you jump on a Zoom with me and about three or four other MSPs. So it’s the same dates. Currently Tuesdays we do those calls and it’s the same time every two weeks and it’s the same people. So the idea is over a period of time you get to work closely with these MSPs, with me and eventually one of my business colleagues, my colleagues here in the business as we grow these peer groups over a period of time, we work closely for a small period of time every two weeks.

Now there is a page with all the full details of this and I’ll link to that page on the Facebook post for this and when we launch this video. But that’s a very powerful way to get some momentum going within your business because the beauty of talking every two weeks, just for an hour, it’s an hour out of your day every two weeks, but it acts as a deadline and that call as an impetus for you to get things done. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Isn’t implementation just the secret, the golden key to getting everything done? So we’re launching those. We have five groups already. Most of those groups are full. They’ve been very stable for the last couple of years or so. We have a couple of vacancies and what we will do is we will add new groups on demand.

So depending how many MSP Marketing Edge members want to try that out and have that paid upgrade, we will add those calls on. The other thing we’re doing, as I say is we’re doing the in-person peer groups. So unfortunately this is UK only at the moment due to COVID. We will look at launching some in the States perhaps next year, if that can be done. But for now we meet once a month in Milton Kings in the center of the UK. And again, all of these, all of our peer groups are now only open to active MSP Marketing Edge members. So you’ve got to have a basic membership and access to all the content to be able to join our peer groups. And I think that’s going to leverage those peer groups and it’s going to make a real difference because of the quality of the MSP that will then be in those peer groups.

So that’s the basis of the announcement, which is that we’re putting all of this stuff in. There’s a lot for you to look at, and I’m going to just show you some of that stuff in the new dashboards, but appreciate you’re going to have questions. If you decide to skip the rest of the video, please do reach out. If you’re watching this in the Facebook group, just comment below, or if you’re watching this anywhere else, you can drop me and my team an email anytime, But let me take you through the new dashboard. So if you go into the dashboard today, you’ll see it’s new. We’ve rejigged it around. We’ve simplified it because of course we put a lot more information in there. So you’ve got the column on the left and the column on left is where you still access all the marketing content and the tools. That doesn’t change at all. That stays exactly the same. It’s where you access the Secret Weapons marketing tools, all of those things are there.

And of course, as we add new Secret Weapon marketing tools, those will go in there as well. So all the content is in the left hand column right now, and we’ve got the support options and the done for you options and all of that kind of stuff. That’s all there. And that’s the stuff that’s been in the dashboard for some time. The new stuff is in the right hand column and we’re calling that business growth. So you’ve got a series of different things, and there’s actually some very powerful content in there. For example, we start with the advanced profit system. So the advanced profit system is a giant wall chart. It’s a physical wall chart. In fact, we’re going to send you a couple of copies of this wall chart and some printed action summaries. We’re going to post those out to you in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll give you an update soon on when those are going out.

But this is designed. The advanced profit system is I sat down some time ago and I looked at what is it that, if I had to design a blueprint for growing an MSP, what would it look like? And that’s what this is. So I think it’s about 24 different areas that if you want to systematically grow the business, you address these 24 different areas and they’re all areas to do with marketing and business growth, the only thing we don’t look at is operational stuff because you’re good at that already. So you’ve got literally this system which lays it all out for you and each of these boxes in the system, each of these boxes has a corresponding video. And each of these videos which I filmed last year during the very first lockdown, so around about a year ago, they’re a comprehensive look at each of these.

So what I’ve tried to do with this advanced profit system is give you a complete guide so you can sit down at any point and say, “Right, I need to work on this part of my business.” You can look at the wall chart, you can watch the video, there’s a transcript of the video, there’s an action summary, it’s all there. And then of course, you’ve got direct access to me via our members only Facebook group to ask questions about that. And you can ask the team one-on-one as well via the knowledge center. So do you see how powerful that is? It’s literally every resource you need to grow your business.

Now on top of that, we’ve then added a whole series of bite-sized training courses. We’ve just got the one that’s available right now, which is about fixing your website. And you’ll find that through the dashboard. We’ve got around about 10 other subjects which we’ve got planned out. And in fact, I’ve already started planning the training and I will start to record those. I’m going to aim to do one a week if I can and add those on over the next few weeks. And all of those are, if you like intense, deep dives into specific subjects like LinkedIn, like growing your monthly recurring revenue, so specific training courses on specific things. And then we’ve got a whole series of webinar recordings and in fact, live webinars.

So we’ve got about six, seven recordings from the last few months and going forward every single month, there will be a live MSP Marketing Edge webinar only for our active members on a specific subject. And you can see all the specific subjects on the webinars page. And of course I will promote to you when the webinar is happening. Each one is recorded and transcribed, but we do a deep dive into a business growth subject every month. And if you can [inaudible 00:08:25] the webinar, it’d be a great way for you and me to interact as well. Something else that we’ve added in is something called the MSP Millionaire. Now this is an audio only program and I’ve done it as audio only because I get such great feedback about the podcast and how people love listening to the podcast. Well, this one is only for active MSP Marketing Edge members. We’ve got roundabout 82 chapters of this which will be delivered every single Tuesday. So a new chapter put into the dashboard and you can access all of those chapters at any time, or certainly as we release them.

And of course, you’ve also access to the regular Thursday success videos that I do. The other thing that we are doing is we’ve literally filled the knowledge center. We’ve packed it out with hundreds and hundreds more answers. So there’s so much information in there now about how to grow all aspects of your business, not just marketing knowledge. And again, over the next few weeks, I will start to highlight as we put new content in there and flag up to you what’s there in the knowledge center, but please do go and have a look. There’s an enormous amount of stuff in there. So that’s all the new extra content. And there is A lot in there. Just go and have a delve around, have a play through, and you’ll see what’s in there.

The final thing is there’s now a box at the bottom of the dashboard before you get to your monthly content and that’s got information about the peer groups. So there’s a page on there where you can find out how to upgrade risk-free. We’ve got there what we’re calling latest wins and clever ideas. So when we do our peer group action calls, I’m constantly writing down successes, wins, clever things that people are doing and all of those get documented on a single page so you can just go and get inspired, go and see what other MSPs are doing. Whether you’re part of a peer group or not, you can go and see what other MSPs are doing. And it’s a wonderful way to just pick up some clever ideas to grow your business. And then we’ve got down at the bottom there, you see where it says action calls, that’s for the people in the peer group.

So if you’re in a peer group, you’ll be able to access your actions. If you’re not in a peer group, there’ll be nothing there when you click on that. It will just be a blank page. And we’ve also got all the timings and other stuff and future dates and all of the clever stuff like that. So that’s kind of a real whirlwind tool of absolutely everything that’s in there. It’s quite hard in just 10 minutes to cover off everything because there is literally years and years of content in there, but I know you’ll have questions. So if you’re watching this in the Facebook group, just comment below. If you’re watching this elsewhere, have a chat with the support team one-to-one. You know you can click on that green chat icon in the dashboard or the knowledge center, or you could just drop us an email. It’s

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