If you’re struggling to get your
MSP Marketing Edge materials implemented every month…
this is the answer

Hello, it’s Paul Green here. The number one frustration of MSP owners these days is getting things done.

And I know from talking to some of the MSP Marketing Edge members, that they love the content they get every month… the problem is using it fully.

Because marketing can only work when you put it out there, right?

That’s why I’ve partnered with a lively digital marketing agency based in the UK, called Indigo Tree, to offer an MSP Marketing Edge Done For You service.

They will implement and publish your monthly MSP Marketing Edge content for you. So every month you will benefit from:

  • Your logo and details being added to the guide and video
  • 4 weekly blog posts being published, including your video and guide
  • A social media post being published for you, every business day
  • 4 weekly marketing emails being sent

This all happens without you needing to do anything. So you and your team can focus on the things you’re good at, instead.

There are two great reasons I picked Indigo Tree
as my Done For You partner

Reason 1: They understand MSPs

Indigo Tree’s expertise makes this one of the few marketing agencies I’ve met that understands your world, and your business model.

They know how to talk tech. But also how to translate that to the business owners and managers you want to reach.

Reason 2: They  really, really  understand marketing

The owner Louise is one of the most passionate marketers I’ve met. She understands that great marketing can change lives. And her team absorb that passion every day.

Louise TowlerIndigo Tree logo

It’s a simple 3 step process to get started


Fill in the form below. A member of the Indigo Tree team will be in touch to set up an onboarding call with you.


You’ll go through an onboarding process. There’s no charge for this. Indigo Tree will check you have the right website tools, social media tools and CRM to allow them to implement your content for you.

If you don’t have everything you need, Indigo Tree should be able to help you get set up. You don’t have to do this with them, and there’s no commitment to anything at this stage.


Once your onboarding has been completed, you’ll sign a contract and Indigo Tree will start working on your behalf – implementing your MSP Marketing Edge content for you.

And there are 3 bits of small print you need to know

1) You set up a separate payment agreement with Indigo Tree

2) It’s a minimum term of 3 months. After that you can cancel any time with one month’s notice

3) You need to maintain your subscription to the MSP Marketing Edge (obvious, but worth saying)

Your investment

is just $375 per month

This is on top of your $129 per month investment in the MSP Marketing Edge

Ready to get going?

Fill in this form. A member of the Indigo Tree team will be in touch to set up an onboarding call with you


Alternatively, please arrange a time to speak with my colleague Ben Smith