Your questions answered

How much is it?
$129 per month, no contract, cancel any time. Your first month is FREE.

Why is it so cheap?
Because we have 676 members. Just like Amazon Prime, as more people join we keep adding extra value.

What do I actually get?
1) A series of powerful marketing tools
2) New monthly content delivered on the 10th of every month, and new weekly content delivered every Thursday
3) Invaluable business growth training and support
You can see the full list of everything you get here

Why is it called the MSP Marketing Edge?
Because for a small investment every month, it’s designed to give you the marketing edge on your direct competitors.

Isn't that confusing, because of Microsoft's Edge browser?
Only a tiny bit.

Do you really only sell to one MSP per area?
Absolutely. If multiple IT support companies used this in an area, it would dilute the effectiveness of it. It’s sold to one MSP per area and then that area is locked.

How do you define an area?
For most of the country it’s based on the County, State in which your business is located, or mostly operates within. In some very high population areas - such as LA County - the county is split into smaller areas.

What happens if my area is not available?
You have the option to join a waiting list. You'll be notified by email when your area becomes available.

Are there restrictions on what I can do with my content?
Very few. We want you to use it in as many creative ways as you can. You’re welcome to use the support videos for staff training, for example. The only three restrictions are common sense ones:

  • You mustn’t use your content outside your area
  • You mustn’t pass it to any other IT support company to use
  • You mustn’t re-sell it

What file formats do you supply?
Designed documents are supplied as InDesign, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Canva and Publisher.

Social media imports are for Hootsuite, Buffer, Publer and HubSpot.

All other documents are in standard MS Office format.

Check if your area is still available

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This service is strictly available to only one MSP per area

Can I put your content on my website?
Our weekly syndicated blog is designed to go on your website, as are all our videos, the book Email Hijack, the IT Services Buyer's Guide, etc.

In theory you could put any of our written content on your website, but you must be aware that other members may do the same. And Google hates duplicate content. One way round this would be to set the pages not to be indexed by Google. That way humans can enjoy the content, but Google won’t see it.

Do you supply images I can use?
We are NOT supplying you with images each month. As you probably know, the stock image companies are hot on making sure they are paid for their images.

Our team buys images to use in many of the marketing materials. We have a licence to re-sell them to you as part of the materials, but you can't strip them out and use them for other purposes.

Instead, why not use Unsplash or Pexels for genuinely free, interesting stock images.

Do you offer a Done For You service?
No sorry, we don't offer one. We're very happy to work closely with a virtual assistant who can implement your marketing for you. Loads of our members do this.

What happens if I want to cancel?
You just tell us by email. There is no contract, so your subscription will be cancelled immediately and your area unlocked.

If I cancel, will I lose access to my content from previous months?
No. You will always be able to access content you have previously paid for. But you will lose access to some of our marketing tools, such as the WordPress plugin and the Hackers Toolkit videos.

Can I pay by check? Or bank transfer? Or nuggets of pure gold?
Sorry, no. We only take payment by card (using Stripe) as this is quick, efficient and cost effective. It’s how we keep the cost low.

The MSP Marketing Edge is strictly available to only one IT support company per area

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