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How much is it?
$129 per month, cancel any time, no contract. Your first month is FREE.

Why is it called MSP Marketing Edge?
Because for a small investment every month, it’s designed to give you the marketing edge on your direct competitors.

Isn’t that confusing, because of Microsoft’s Edge browser?
Only a tiny bit.

Do you really only sell to one MSP per area?
Absolutely. If two or three IT support companies used this in an area, it would dilute the effectiveness of it. It’s sold to one MSP per area and then that area is locked.

How do you define an area?
It’s based on the county, State in which your business is located, or mostly operates within.

What happens if my area is not available?
You have the option to join a waiting list. You’ll be notified if and when your area becomes available.

Are there restrictions on what I can do with my content?
Very few. We want you to use it in as many creative ways as you can. You’re welcome to use the support videos for staff training, for example. The only three restrictions are common sense ones:

  • You mustn’t use your content outside your area
  • You mustn’t pass it to any other IT support company to use
  • You mustn’t re-sell it

What file formats do you supply?
Designed documents are supplied as InDesign, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Canva and Publisher.

Social media imports are for Hootsuite, Buffer, Publer and HubSpot.

All other documents are in standard MS Office format.

Can I put your content on my website?
You can in theory, but you must be aware that other subscribers may do the same. And Google hates duplicate content. One way round this would be to set the pages to not be indexed by Google. That way humans can enjoy the content, but Google won’t see it.

Do you supply images I can use?
We are NOT supplying you with images each month. As you probably know, the stock image companies are hot on making sure they are paid for their images.

Our team buys images to use in the monthly guide only. But we’re not allowed to resell them or supply them to be used by other people. So you shouldn’t re-use any images you find in the guide.

Instead, why not use Unsplash or Pexels for genuinely free, interesting stock images.

Do you offer a Done For You service?
No, not any more. Being honest, it wasn’t popular with our clients. Our recommendation is to find a virtual assistant to implement your marketing for you. There’s someone we can recommend.

What happens if I want to cancel?
You just tell us by email. There is no contract, so your subscription will be cancelled immediately and your area unlocked.

If I cancel, will I lose access to my content from previous months?
No. You will continue to be able to access content you have previously paid for.

Can I pay by check? Or bank transfer? Or nuggets of pure gold?
Sorry, no. We only take payment by card (using Stripe) as this is quick, efficient and cost effective. It’s how we keep the cost low.

Check if your area is still available

Based outside the US? Contact us to see if your area is available

This service is strictly available to only one MSP per area


✔ 7/4/21: Plugin version 1.4.5 lets people check their mobile numbers, in the Facebook breach

✔ 25/3/21: Download images now supplied as Canva files

✔ 11/3/21: Plugin version 1.4.0 released. Adds ability for people visiting your website to check how strong their password is, and generate a random password

✔ 9/3/21: Added Australian voiced version of the monthly video

✔ 19/2/21: Email Hijack now available in Canva format

✔ 1/2/21: Download images now have editable files

✔ 9/12/20: Publer now supported for social media scheduling

✔ 9/11/20: Video now comes with burned in captions. Also available in VTT format

✔ 9/10/20: New redesigned print newsletter in 4 page and 2 page formats

✔ 7/9/20: The Implementation Helpline has launched. The printed newsletter is being redesigned. And the file structure simplified on the download pages

✔ 19/8/20: Knowledge Centre has launched. Advertising pack withdrawn. New tools: Email footer, blog post image, download image and social media image

✔ 28/7/20: InDesign files are now also supplied in Publisher and Canva format. Print newsletter supplied ready for

✔ 22/7/20: Social media now delivered ready to import into HubSpot

✔ 25/6/20: Monthly content now includes a printed newsletter, and a marketing Campaign in a Box

✔ 25/6/20: Tech Tip videos now delivered every Thursday, on white screen and green screen

✔ 18/6/20: Extra social media content now delivered every Thursday

✔ 17/6/20: Copy invoices now available through the dashboard

✔ 8/6/20: Announcing MSP Marketing Edge version 3.0

✔ 29/5/20: Guide now supplied in plain text for repurposing

✔ 29/4/20: Versions of the video now supplied with the music but no voiceover, and vice versa. This makes it easier to voice with regional accents

✔ 6/4/20: Extra bonus Coronavirus content now being delivered weekly

✔ 20/2/20: Video thumbnails are now 1080, matching the video

✔ 29/1/20: Delivered a Have I Been Pwned plugin, to use for data capture on your website

✔ 17/12/19: One click download now includes everything. Text on download page tidied up

✔ 26/11/19: Guide now supplied in A5 format as well. And list building letter changed to sales letter.

✔ 14/11/19: New promotional book for 2020 delivered: Email Hijack

✔ 23/7/19: Hootsuite and Buffer CSVs have now been separated into LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

✔ 8/5/19: Launch of Done For You service

✔ 29/1/19: Videos are now standalone rather than promoting the guide, and include a custom thumbnail and a captions file

✔ 27/11/18: Added separate version of the social media posts with hash tags, for Twitter. Also some blurb to accompany the video

✔ 31/10/18: Now includes CSV files for importing social media content into Buffer (Bulk Buffer)

✔ 17/10/18: From November, the Hootsuite Twitter CSV file will contain hash tags

✔ 3/8/18: From September, the Hootsuite content will be split into separate Facebook/LinkedIn and Twitter CSV files

✔ 31/7/18: Extra social media posts added to allow you schedule further ahead

✔ 25/6/18: There's now an implementation checklist on each month's page

✔ 30/5/18: The social media content is now provided in a CSV format compatible with Hootsuite's Bulk Composer

✔ 30/4/18: The bonus print book Caught in the Crosshairs has been redesigned in 3 different versions. The InDesign files will be available this week

✔ 30/3/18: Based on your feedback, the advertising pack is now a Word document rather than a JPG. This is easier to use, and means we can keep the Facebook advert examples and text together in one place

✔ 29/3/18: Our file host Backblaze has changed its link structure, and will be phasing out old style links over the next few weeks (sigh). This shouldn't affect your access to any content from December 2017 onwards. We are changing over older content links in the next week

✔ 23/2/18: Where the Facebook adverts text is long and can't be shown in the sample adverts, it's now supplied in a text file

✔ 14/2/18: Bonus print book about data security "Caught in the Crosshairs" added

✔ 30/1/18: Monthly implementation webinar added, to help you get direct access to Paul with your implementation questions

✔ 22/12/17: Added Word and PowerPoint versions of the educational guide, dated back to July

✔ 1/12/17: 8 promotional emails now supplied each month (client and prospect versions)

✔ 1/12/17: Created a one click download link to download most of the content in one go (in a zipped folder)

✔ 1/12/17: On the sample adverts, we're now listing search parameters on the Facebook adverts, to help you locate the free stock images shown in the adverts

✔ 22/11/17: Bonus press release, marketing emails and a piece of website / social media content to take advantage of the Uber hack publicity

✔ 1/10/17: There are now 3 sample adverts for each platform (Google, Facebook and LinkedIn)

✔ 1/10/17: Added a list building letter each month. This is intended for use in direct mail. It's set up for Docmail but can be easily adapted

✔ 1/10/17: New support video into the library about what to do if you get the "Ooooops" locked content message

The MSP Marketing Edge is strictly available to only one IT support company per area

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