Kevin Landers is the owner of rocketwise, an MSP in South Carolina and Tennessee…

“My father was an entrepreneur, so from an early age he instilled me with a good business mind. In 1997 I started rocketwise.

“I’ve worn every hat in the business. Since forming a new partnership three years ago, my role is primarily sales and marketing, as well as being the VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer). 

“What I’ve found is that growth is the most difficult part of the business. Whether it’s growth within the current client base, or getting in front of new prospects. It can be tricky to teach people why technology matters, unearthing the pain they have, and helping them see they need to invest in change.

“When things work great, people forget about us and the things we’ve done to help. They wonder what they’re paying us for! So, educating our clients and our prospects is really important.

“A few years ago, we had a really generic website, zero social media presence, no blog… we weren’t doing a lot of marketing. When we heard about the MSP Marketing Edge, it seemed like the right thing to do. All the marketing material was there, and leveraging that really gave us a kickstart.

“We started off using the social media content as it was a quick win for us. We’d just onboarded with HubSpot, so it was a case of importing the content into that, and it was done.

“One of the other things we used first was the educational book members get - Email Hijack. We gave it away to leads and it even landed us the opportunity to do a presentation on cyber security for an industry association.

“Right now, we’re really using the content for credibility. We turn the tech tip video scripts into blogs, we tailor the guides, books, and emails to our audience and make sure we’re always teaching them about the things they need to know. We’re educating our prospects and clients, and demonstrating why they should trust us. And it’s really helped.

“Oh, and I also have to mention how good the members-only Facebook community is. It’s the only reason I use Facebook now.

“We’ve been in other - much more expensive - groups before, but I can honestly say that the MSP Marketing Edge content is so much better. Not only that, but Paul Green and his team are phenomenal to work with. We’ve even had video meetings with Paul. We never had an opportunity like that with the group we spent thousands on.

“Paul is approachable, but also very focused. He’s doesn’t get sidetracked by new shiny things. If something doesn’t fit into his way of doing something, he doesn’t waiver. He’s a wealth of information and he’s producing a really great product.

“I don’t know how we would’ve got our marketing done if it wasn’t for the MSP Marketing Edge. The other things out there aren’t close to the quality, and we wouldn’t have accomplished what we have today without it.

“If you are considering joining, try it - it’s just $129 a month and there’s no commitment, you can cancel any time. I’ve already recommended it to several peers. One was already a member when we joined… I wish they had told me!

“This would be a very smart play for your business.”