Tech Marketing Engine vs MSP Marketing Edge: Which one for MSP marketing_

Tech Marketing Engine vs MSP Marketing Edge [2024]: Which one for MSP marketing?

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Tech Marketing Engine promises clients affordable marketing for MSPs and IT businesses. But how does it stack up against the MSP Marketing Edge? Let's compare…

MSPs can view marketing as a necessary evil, often presenting their more technical mindset with a confusing and alien aspect of the business they would rather outsource. So they will often opt for a full-service marketing agency to help them navigate the unknown and get their business directed to new clients.

In this guide, we’ll look at Tech Marketing Engine compared to marketing and content experts MSP Marketing Edge.

Full transparency: This article has been written by the team behind the MSP Marketing Edge. Our goal is to give a fully balanced view. This review is based on information available on websites and Google Reviews

The service: Tech Marketing Engine


The simple business ethos this company embodies is to help IT businesses and MSPs get their desired results via a handy toolbox. Their aim is to overcome the overwhelm when faced with too many marketing options and to help navigate this more simply, inviting prospective clients to ‘choose only the products you need, or bundle them together in fully-managed marketing packages’.

Tech Marketing Engine is a small business run by two experts. It offers a range of services including website building, blog content and review generation, social and video posts, Google My Business optimisation and business listing synchronisation alongside an on-demand content marketing option.

At the time of writing, there are no reviews visible on the website, although there are various examples of completed projects to give a flavour of what they can do.

The service: MSP Marketing Edge

MSP Marketing Edge

The MSP Marketing Edge offers a single service featuring high quality marketing materials at a low fixed monthly cost.

It was set up by MSP marketing expert Paul Green in 2016. The MSP Marketing Edge team operates differently in the MSP space, creating hundreds of pieces of new and exciting content and marketing materials that all clients have unlimited access to.

As a bonus, they only work with one MSP per area. This ensures no clash of marketing with local competitors – if your area already has a competitor already a member, you can simply join the waiting list.

The experienced team now works tirelessly for more than 700 members, providing marketing success for your individual business alongside strategic support to attract new clients and keep the ones you already have on board, further enhancing MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue).

To keep things fresh, the MSP Marketing Edge releases new content to members every Thursday, with an additional batch of bonus content delivered on the 10th of every month.

Add to this a library of evergreen marketing tools, including:

  • Lead generation campaigns
  • A book about security called Email Hijack
  • An IT Services Buyer's Guide that you can brand as your own
  • 100 technology videos to instantly enhance your website's credibility
  • Smart web tools such as a password checker, Have I Been Pwned email checker, and a pricing/downtime calculator

The cost: Tech Marketing Engine

Refreshingly, the price guide on the Tech Marketing Engine website is clear and transparent. This is obviously quite difficult when operating in this space, as what each individual business needs often forces agencies to take a more tailored approach.

The Starter Package ($300) offer states: ‘Save time with basic content marketing and improve your business reputation while on a budget’. This includes two blog, social and video posts per month. You can add in automated review management for $69 extra or go the whole hog and include a dedicated project manager, customized monthly reports and a monthly marketing review for $500.

The various extras on offer are shown in the next pricing tier at $750 per month, with the top tier offered at $1,000, to include a fully managed, custom designed website.

The cost: MSP Marketing Edge

The MSP Marketing Edge operates a simple and easy model of a single price tier, offering full marketing resources, access to the community and unlimited support to all members.

At time of writing this is just £149 + vat for MSPs in the UK, and US$199 for MSPs anywhere else in the world.

New members enjoy a 30 day free trial and are protected by the guarantee of no contract with the option to cancel at any time.

With more than 700 non-competing MSP members, it can deliver massive value to all members, all the time.

What MSPs say

This review from Tech Marketing Engine’s Facebook page says:

Tech Marketing Engine review

MSP Marketing Edge (through its parent company Paul Green's MSP Marketing) enjoys an average score of 5.0, from 73 reviews.

Here's one satisfied member:

MSP Marketing Edge review Simon Collyer

About the people behind the services

CEO of Tech Marketing Engine Matthew Rodela is also operator of Aledor, helping professional services businesses improve their online presence through strategic website development, site care and maintenance, SEO, and online marketing.

MSP Marketing Edge owner Paul Green works closely with the owners and managers of 700+ MSPs around the world. He said: "The MSP business model is beautiful, isn't it? Crazy good retention, and tons of Monthly Recurring Revenue.

"Once you figure out how to add 4 or 5 new clients a year, it becomes close to a perfect business".