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82% of new members say their marketing has improved dramatically since joining the MSP Marketing Edge

When you start your free trial, we'll help you achieve these 3 things

Make More Money

Increase your turnover and net profit, and so your own personal income. And do this while spending LESS time working

Win More Clients

Attract high quality leads and turn them into appointments. Build a marketing machine to make sales repeatable and predictable

Better Brand Awareness

Become a recognized name in your area and stand out from all the other MSPs. Better recognition leads to greater trust

You'll thrive with our program whatever your marketing ability

  • 44% of new members are complete beginners at marketing
  • 39% say they have some marketing experience
  • 13% of new members say they have some advanced knowledge
  • Only 4% of new members say they're marketing experts

You're here because you want new clients, right?

Here's how the MSP Marketing Edge delivers

We'll help you implement this 3 step marketing system
that's trusted by our 672 member MSPs worldwide

Step 1

Build multiple

Build groups of people who will consume your marketing, such as your LinkedIn connections, email list and YouTube channel.

We'll tell you exactly what to do, give you the tools you need, and hold your hand while you do it

Step 2

Build a relationship with those audiences

You do this by sending them educational content on a regular basis: Daily, weekly, monthly.

You'll get all the content you need, plus tools to help you get it into your prospects' hands quickly and easily

Step 3

Commercialize that relationship

You now have a hitlist of hot prospects. So you find someone to phone them, and book appointments with you. DON'T hire a telesales agency for this.

We'll help you find your own person who will cost a lot less and perform way better

Get your marketing DONE in a third of the time...

60% of our members say they now spend less than one hour a week on their marketing - but with much better results.

Here's how we do it...

Your monthly membership includes everything you need to get new clients, all in one place

1) When you start your FREE 30 day trial, you'll get instant access to our member dashboard...

This is where you'll access your world-class marketing materials, tools and expert support.

There's fresh content delivered every Thursday. And regular special marketing projects such as "sell more cyber security".

2) You'll then receive the best marketing support the channel can offer

There’s a knowledge base with 300+ "how to" articles and videos. You'll join a fantastic community of non-competing MSP owners in our members-only Facebook group. And you'll get direct 121 support from our expert team, including MSP marketing expert Paul Green.

3) You'll get fresh content every Thursday (personalize it as little or much as you wish)

Every week, you'll receive:

  • Powerful new social media content
  • A tech update video with a live female presenter
  • A blog post for your website and LinkedIn Newsletter
  • Talking points if you want to create your own content
  • Plus monthly powerful tools including a 4 page printed newsletter, educational guide + promo tools, emails for prospects and clients, and a media release

Our members have a slick routine to get the best return from this content and make it easy. We'll help you do the same...

When you join, we'll talk you through how to start using the content to create a marketing machine. Unlimited support for you.

4) You'll get access to the planet's best MSP marketing resources

You won't believe the evergreen marketing resources instantly available to you:

  • Smart cyber security tools for your website to encourage prospect engagement
  • 100+ videos for your website (you can add them in just minutes)
  • Mind blowing prospect tools for you to personalize: An IT Services Buyers Guide, and a cyber security book
  • The Ultimate Lead Generation Campaign + more campaigns
  • Templates for sales proposals, strategic reviews (QBRs) and technology roadmaps
  • A prospecting tool based around 365 security flaws
  • Cyber hygiene videos and upgrade campaigns

Try your first 30 days for free
Then just USD $129 a month
No contract, cancel any time

MSP Marketing Edge
100% total protection, Triple Guarantee

Guarantee 1: If you follow our advice and use just a fraction of the content and tools on offer, you’ll improve your marketing, generate new leads, and create new revenue in your first 90 days. If you don’t, we’ll return every dollar you’ve paid.

Guarantee 2: You’ll feel you’re always making progress as a member of the MSP Marketing Edge community. If you don’t feel that way at any point, tell us, and you’ll get immediate 121 attention from an implementation expert. They’ll chat to you on email or a video call (whichever you prefer) to help make your marketing easy.

Guarantee 3: Your direct competitors are locked out and can’t use this while you’re an active member. There’s no contract, cancel any time.

You and your team will feel EXCITED and INSPIRED when you start your free trial with the MSP Marketing Edge...

and actually start seeing results from your marketing, for once

This service is only available to one MSP per area, to keep your marketing unique

Check if your area is still available

Try your first 30 days for free
Then just USD $129 a month
No contract, cancel any time

These are the FOUR BIG MARKETING PROBLEMS stopping you from achieving your goals right now

We asked more than 600 MSPs what's stopping them from getting new clients. Here's what they said...

Your problems...

Our solutions...

PROBLEM: 68% said they didn't have enough time

Running a successful MSP leaves you with very little time. Which is why the average MSPs dedicates less than 3 hours a week to their marketing.

SOLUTION: Get your marketing done in a third of the time

60% of our members now say they spend less than 1 hour a week on their marketing with much better results.

PROBLEM: 31% said they had a lack of marketing knowledge

It's overwhelming not knowing what to do, or even where to get started. And the last thing you want is to waste your time and money on things that don't work.

SOLUTION: Expert support guiding you in the right direction

Our program tells you what to do and how to do it. You're benefiting from the R&D hundreds of other MSPs have already done. Plus there's expert 121 help when you need it.

PROBLEM: 25% said marketing is too expensive

Creating your own marketing materials, working on your SEO and running Google ads can soon become very expensive. But marketing your MSP doesn't have to cost lots when you know the right way to do it.

SOLUTION: Try your first 30 days for FREE. Then USD $129 a month

Our program gives you everything you need to make more money, get new clients and be the Number 1 MSP in your area. And it's zero risk - no contract, cancel any time.

PROBLEM: 10% said their competition is beating them

It can be devastating to feel like it's impossible to win new clients, and other MSPs are beating you to all of the best prospects. The reality is, there is plenty of business for everyone, if you know how to go fishing for it.

SOLUTION: You'll be the only MSP in your area to get our support

You'll be the only MSP in your area to access our world-class marketing materials and support - giving you a huge competitive advantage.

This is what one MSP said when comparing us to our competitors:

"MSP Marketing Edge has the freshest content and doesn't come across as a hard sell, which is really good"

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Here's what our members told us...
"Easy to understand"
"Easy access to everything"
"Easy to use"

The MSP Marketing Edge makes your marketing easy

Try your first 30 days for free
Then just USD $129 a month
No contract, cancel any time

This service is only available to one MSP per area, to keep your marketing unique

Check if your area is still available

Try your first 30 days for free
Then just USD $129 a month
No contract, cancel any time