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Chris Wiser vs MSP Marketing Edge [2023]: Which is right for your MSP?

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Here's how to decide whether your MSP should invest in Chris Wiser, or the MSP Marketing Edge

What a golden age we're in for growing your MSP. You never have to do it alone, as there is plenty of support and guidance.

In this guide we're comparing Chris Wiser's 7 Figure MSP with the MSP Marketing Edge, driven by Paul Green.

Total transparency: This article has been written by the team behind the MSP Marketing Edge. Our goal is to give a fully balanced view. This review is based on information available on websites, plus research interviews done with members of the MSP Marketing Edge.

The service: Chris Wiser

Chris Wiser's 7 Figure MSP

You can't really tell from the home page of Chris Wiser's website what services the company offers. The 7 Figure MSP home page is a landing page which asks you to enter your details, and then enters you into a marketing funnel, pushing you towards a 45 minute strategy call.

There are no details of the services on offer, or even anything about the business and its staff.

However, as you move through the marketing funnel, you see a LOT of social proof from members of Chris's 7 Figure MSP Inner Circle. This is clearly the main service that Chris offers. And based on the screenshots, it's a successful and well enjoyed service.

Digging a little deeper, we can see:

  • Chris puts on regular large live events
  • He has another brand called the Wiser Agency, which looks like an earlier version of his current program
  • Chis has written a couple of books you can see on Amazon

Interestingly, on the UK version of his Amazon author page, he's shown as the co-author of a book with Robin Robins, now one of his direct competitors.

According to this testimonial video from back in 2010, Chris once attended Robin's events. It's only an assumption on our part, but looks like he may have been a client of Robin's back in the day, before setting up his own growth consultancy.

The service: MSP Marketing Edge

MSP Marketing Edge

Since 2016 the MSP Marketing Edge has offered its straightforward and affordable marketing service.

When you become a member, you receive all the marketing materials you need to attract new clients, as well as unlimited support from Paul Green, his team, and a community of non-competing MSP owners.

What really sets the MSP Marketing Edge apart is that it is only available to one MSP per area, guaranteeing exclusive access to the service.

Each week, you receive a set of easy-to-use marketing materials, including a tech video with a female presenter, a syndicated blog article, social media content, and talking points for creating original LinkedIn content.

Additionally, on a monthly basis, you receive a guide to educate prospects about technology, a printed newsletter to mail to your hottest prospects, educational emails, a press release to send to your local media, and extra video and social media content.

The MSP Marketing Edge has an online portal. Inside, there's a library of evergreen marketing tools, including lead generation campaigns, a book, and an IT Services Buyer's Guide that you can brand as your own.

You can also add smart tools to your website, such as a password checker, Have I Been Pwned email checker, and a pricing/downtime calculator. You also get more than 100 technology videos to enhance your website's credibility.

The cost: Chris Wiser

Its not clear what services Chris offers and how much they cost!

There's nothing on the front end of his 7 Figure MSP website. We found an order page for a program called Elite Now, which is $3,500 a month, and something called the Ultimate MSP Contract Kit for $3,997. But it's unclear if these are active programs or from the past.

It seems likely you have go through Chris's marketing funnel and take the 45 minute strategy call to learn about the full service offering and price.

One thing that's clear from our research is that Chris is very successful at what he does. In September 2022 he received a 2 Comma Club Award, given only to businesses that have put at least $10 million through a single sales funnel built in software called Clickfunnels.

In the media story, Chris is quoted as saying: "When we started helping business owners improve their sales and marketing with our unique systems, we set our sights on creating at least 100 millionaires. As you read this, we've passed 300 in just 3 years and we aren't stopping anytime soon."

The cost: MSP Marketing Edge

The MSP Marketing Edge has clear and transparent pricing. It's a fixed monthly payment of £149 + vat for UK MSPs, and US$199 for MSPs everywhere else in the world.

Every new member benefits from a 30 day trial, and is protected by the guarantee of no contract, cancel any time.

When you consider it's only available to one MSP per area, it seems too cheap. But because there are 700+ members and they all receive the same marketing materials, you can see the economics of how it works.

What MSPs say

In the summer of 2022 we did an in-depth research exercise with our members, asking them about every aspect of their marketing and business growth. Since then, we have logged key bullet points told to us by members during onboarding calls, in a specific market research app.

None of the MSPs interviewed by the MSP Marketing Edge team have mentioned Chris Wiser or 7 Figure MSP. Of course, this is not comprehensive research with every member, so it's likely there are some shared clients between the two businesses.

As mentioned earlier, Chris has tons of screenshots from his private Facebook group across his marketing funnel. You can also see an independent review by Colin Knox of Gradient MSP.

MSP Marketing Edge has 70+ Google reviews.

About Chris Wiser and Paul Green

Chris is based in the US. Not a huge amount is found online about his professional background, although it's likely he shares his story on his webinars and live events. He is also fairly active on Facebook.

Paul lives in the UK. He was a journalist and radio presenter for 13 years and founded MSP Marketing Edge in 2016. Paul is also active on Facebook inside his MSP Marketing group, and has seen 150,000+ downloads of his MSP Marketing Podcast.