Let's work together to get your website FIXED

In my experience, most MSPs have a pretty lame website. They all seem to have the same problems.

Yet your website is the single most important digital marketing asset you have. So it's time to get it fixed.

You know what I mean by "fixed"?

I mean you've addressed every part of the website that will positively and emotionally influence people who are visiting it. People who could go on to become your next client.

Because your website is your single most important digital marketing asset. This is your opportunity to focus intently on it, and make sure it's working 100% efficiently for you.

Paul Green, owner of Paul Green's MSP Marketing

Hello, I'm Paul Green. And this autumn I'm running a Website Intensive.

It's a one time only, highly interactive course run over Zoom. Where you and I work closely together to get your website fixed.

These are the problems many MSPs have with their website:

  • They look and feel the same as other MSPs' sites
  • There's little emotional engagement
  • The text is lacklustre and doesn't really say anything
  • The images are weak stock photos, or worse, pictures of computer things like network cables (even though people buy from people)
  • There's no effective Call To Action (CTA)
  • They're not using smart tools to constantly tweak and improve the website

Being honest with yourself… is this your website too?

Then let’s work together to do something about it. There’s a big opportunity coming this autumn. Where all of the clients who have been unhappy with their MSP since they were badly treated during lockdown will finally start to take action on their unhappiness.

They’re going to switch. And that means a flood of prospects on the market 😃

I believe this is going to continue for at least a year.

And if they’re thinking of contacting you, what’s the first thing they’re going to do? They’ll check out your website. Because your site is your shop front.

Aaron Weir - Google Review

We really, really do judge books by their cover And people WILL judge your MSP’s capabilities and competence based purely on your website

I know that seems crazy, and unfair. But it’s the way people act.

Remember these people aren’t making cognitive decisions about which MSP they should speak to. They don’t have the technical knowledge to be able to do that.

No, instead, they are making purely emotional decisions:

  • “Do I like the look of these IT people?”
  • “Do I think they’ll fit with my business?”
  • “Can I trust these people with my people?”

So let's work together to get your website fixed, with the correct content (80% emotional; 20% cognitive); the right feel; and following best practice guidelines.

Here's what happens during this Website Intensive

PART ONE: Get the knowledge

We'll start with a group strategy Zoom call, where we run over every single element you need to get right in your website.

This builds on the email course I've been sending you. With the content really brought to life by my passion to help you get this right.

I'll give you a strategic website checklist, so you'll be able to judge how well your website is currently performing, against the "perfect" site.

And I'll show you 5 of my favourite MSP's websites. None of them are 100% perfect (because that's almost impossible). But each one has got so many elements right that there's loads you can learn from them.

By the end of this call, you'll have a list of the things that you need to fix on your website. That's half the battle, isn't it, knowing what you need to do.

And it leads directly into...

PART TWO: Implement change

Now THIS is where the real magic happens. Because the only magic bullet for marketing is GTD - Getting Things Done.

We'll jump on another Zoom call. This time it'll be a much smaller number of MSPs on the call. Because you will:

  • Share your website with the group
  • Talk about the changes you've already made (off the back of the group strategy call + strategic website checklist)
  • Benefit from a full appraisal and review of your website from me

This'll happen for every MSP on that call. The idea is that you get 121 attention from me, in a setting that's encouraging you to succeed (because everyone on that call wants exactly the same thing... a great website).

For the next few weeks you'll also have direct access to me on email. So you can bounce ideas and potential changes off me directly. No need to second guess exactly what you should do.

Then, a few weeks later, your group will come together again for one final Zoom call.

Again, everyone will share their website and talk about the changes they've made, and we'll set any final actions.

You'll also have an opportunity to get inside my brain with a Marketing AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Due to the 121 attention I give to each business
This programme is only available for 10 MSPs
There is
place left

Here's a summary of the Website Intensive and how you'll benefit

1) Get a strategic website checklist

So you can assess what needs to be done on your site

2) Group strategy Zoom call

Direct training from me on what to do and how to do it. The call will be recorded & transcribed

3) Direct access to me on email

So you don't have to second guess the changes you're making

4) Small group implementation Zoom

Your site appraised to help you form a final action plan

5) Marketing AMA

A chance to directly ask me any marketing question at all, related to website or not

6) Final wrap up small group implementation Zoom

Gives you a deadline to make your final website changes 

This programme kicks off with a group strategy Zoom call

Monday 7th September 2020

4pm British Summer Time (BST). Finishing around 5.30pm

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I've deliberately made this programme a no brainer for you. Including the way you pay for it

UK: £297 + vat
Paid by GoCardless
USA + rest of world: $367
Paid by Stripe credit card
Due to the 121 attention I give to each business
This programme is only available for 10 MSPs
There is
place left

If you're already a client of mine and have an active GoCardless / Stripe, we can add this to your existing payment. If not, you can set up a new payment below.

Remember - this programme will run for one time only. And is only available for 10 MSPs, because of the amount of 121 attention I give each business.

If you've got any questions, email hello@paulgreensmspmarketing.com. Or skip to the very bottom of the page, and book a 15 minute phone call with my business partner Ben Smith.


Questions: hello@paulgreensmspmarketing.com

Or book a 15 minute Zoom call with my business partner Ben Smith