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This is what you get on the 10th of every month

1) Eye opening educational guide
Show off your expertise to prospective clients

An educational guide teaching a technical subject to ordinary business owners and managers.

The best quality prospects prefer to hire an expert. And nothing demonstrates true expertise than being an author of educational guides.

Every month you’ll get a new guide that you can brand as your own and use across all of your marketing channels.

2) Educational guide promotional tools
Maximise the impact of your educational guides

Promotional tools to help you maximise the impact of your educational guide.

The educational guide is a great way to stamp your expertise while generating new leads for your MSP. We’ve created a bunch of promotional tools to help you promote your guide and maximise its impact. Including promotional text, website images, and images for social media.

3) Professional, educational video
Because video is the NUMBER ONE engagement tool

An educational video to add to your website.

You can put the hosted version on your website in seconds using the embed code. Or download the MP4 to add your logo or change it.

You also get the voiceover script and versions without the voice or music, in case you want to change anything to match the exact dialect of your area.

Here’s an example of the video.

4) Impactful prospect emails
To build relationships with people who could buy from you one day

8 educational emails to send out to prospects.

That’s two a week – more than most people will ever need, meaning you can pick and choose.

An efficient way to build a relationship with hundreds of people at a time.

5) Clever client emails
To keep communication (and retention) high

Versions of those 8 emails for your existing clients.

They’re designed to improve client communication and so have a direct positive effect on retention.

6) Easy social media content
Because 2.8 billion people use Facebook, so your MSP has to

You might hate Facebook, but the world loves it. Billions of active users can be wrong (!) but they’re on Facebook, so you need to be.

Increasingly people check out your Facebook page as well as your website. This allows you to look active, easily. It’s 10 minutes’ work once a month for someone in your office.

You can also use the content on LinkedIn, Twitter – and any other social media network.

7) Powerful sales letter
Get your most important commercial messages into the hands of your prospects

A sales letter to post to your prospects.

Direct mail is a great way to communicate.

In our digital age, physical mail stands out more and is more likely to be read, and kept.

This sales letter can be posted to your best prospects, and contains a powerful call to action.

8) Impactful press release
When the local media talks about you, it gives you instant massive credibility

A press release you can send to your local media.

Your local media might be a shadow of its former self. But it still carries immense credibility.

When local newspapers and radio say you’re the local expert, people listen. This press release allows you to send a story suggestion to your local media once a month.

And there’s a support video showing you how to find your local media contacts.

9) Four page newsletter
That you can print and send to prospects and clients

Newsletter to print and post every month: 2 page and 4 page versions

In the digital age, printed stuff is more likely to be read and acted upon. Because we have a lot less post, than we do digital communications.

This monthly newsletter allows you to stay top of mind with your hottest prospects. You can post it to clients too if you wish.

10) Marketing Campaign in a Box
A fully integrated, multi-touchpoint campaign you can use to win new clients

This is one of the most powerful elements your MSP can benefit from. Every month you’ll get a fully integrated marketing campaign.

It contains one powerful commercial message delivered across several different mediums.

Imagine a prospect on the edge of switching MSPs… they get a postcard from you… followed by an email… a message on LinkedIn… they see your Facebook advert… then receive a phone call from your office… 

All of these touchpoints work together to make sure you get in front of the right prospects, at exactly the right time.

And there’s more

This is what you get every single Thursday

11) Tech Tips video
Your own professional presenter will deliver tech tips on your website every week

A presenter on your website, explaining technology to your prospects.

Video is the most engaging type of content there is.

Now you’ll have your own professional presenter on your website every week, delivering small and useful tech tips to your prospects and clients.

12) Even more social media content
Fully up-to-date, fresh content delivered to you every Thursday

Social media content that’s bang up-to-date.

It’s so easy to reach the right people via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

So you’ll get fresh, relevant and real social media content delivered to you every Thursday, ready for you to load and use for the following week.

This strikes the right balance between content that’s easy to schedule saving you time, and the most up-to-date content.

And there’s even more

These are the Secret Weapons marketing tools you get

13) Email Hijack book, landing page and email sequence
The ultimate data capture package

Everything you need to do data capture properly on your website.

MSP Marketing Edge members receive a specially written book that they can put their name on, brand as their own and use in their area.

Print a few hundred copies, and you’re an instant author, with all the credibility and authority that follows.

Email Hijack is about the need for email security. It’s written for ordinary decision makers, not techs.

You get all the files needed to customise your own version and a series of emails to send to new prospects.

14) IT Services Buyer’s Guide 2021 edition
Help your prospects decide to pick you, and not a competitor

This is a clever way to educate decision makers about how to buy something they really don’t understand – managed services.

It’s well known that people who educate the prospects are much more likely to get the sale. This 52 page guide does all the hard work for you. Put it on your website so anyone can download it. And print copies to send to prospects.

The designs match up to Email Hijack. You get all the files you need to customise your version.

15) Have I Been Pwned + password check plugin
A useful service to add to your website

This is a great service to offer on your website.

This WordPress plugin uses the power of Have I Been Pwned, and How Secure Is My Password.

It means anyone can check if their email address has been compromised, directly on your website. They can also check how crackable their password is, and generate a new long random one.

16) Hackers Toolkit videos
Let clients and prospects see exactly what it’s like to be hacked

Data security services are much easier to sell when clients have seen the damage with their own eyes.

Our certified ethical hacker performed 3 hacks and filmed what he did, plus what happened on the victim’s machines. So you show your clients and prospects just how easily hackers can get in without proper security and training.

There are videos of ransomware, EternalBlue and a man in the middle attack. For each video you get a self-contained version for your website; plus a version you can show during meetings and narrate yourself.

17) “How to” videos
Demonstrate your authority by showing prospects what you know

You know you’re the experts. Here’s how to demonstrate that to your prospects.

You’ll have access to dozens of videos showing people how to do useful things in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams. You can put them on your website and make them the basis of your own Learning Hub.

And there’s STILL more

This is the ongoing support you benefit from

18) Private Facebook group just for active members
More than 450+ non-competing MSPs are already there

The support on offer to you from this friendly community is unparalleled.

There’s a private Facebook group just for active MSP Marketing Edge members. It’s a chance to discuss implementation and ideas with other non-competing IT support owners.

19) A ton of advice and direct support
Every possible question on implementing your marketing is answered

Powerful support when you need it.

We know that most MSPs struggle with marketing. So we’ve got hundreds of short videos and articles in a knowledge centre for you.

From how to set up Facebook ads, to posting on LinkedIn, to data capture, to driving traffic. Everything you need.

Plus if you get stuck implementing your marketing, you can talk to our team 121 to get personalised help.

20) 121 implementation helpline
If you do get stuck, personal help is a quick Zoom call away

This is one of the things our members tell us is most useful.

If you’re still stuck implementing a piece of marketing, book a 121 Zoom call with our Expert Implementer.

Using a screen share they’ll talk you through exactly what to do, and the “best practice” way to do it. Most times you can do it there and then under their direct guidance.

21) VALUE ADD: Unparalleled business growth strategy & training
Immerse yourself in growing your MSP

This is one of the greatest value adds ever.

That’s a big claim but we stand by it. You’ll benefit from years of business growth advice and support from our founder Paul Green, and his crack team. Including:

  • An Advanced Profit System strategy roadmap for growing your business
  • Bitesize training courses
  • Monthly business growth webinar
  • MSP Millionaire audio series
  • Hundreds of business growth questions & answers
  • Optional upgrade to MSP peer groups

Download a sample pack now

Click here to download a sample pack of the marketing materials you will receive every month. It's a 467 Mb zipped file.

This is real content from June 2021. You are not licensed to use any of this content in your marketing.

Download a sample pack now

Click here to download a sample pack of the marketing materials you will receive every month. It's a 467 Mb zipped file.

This is real content from June 2021. You are not licensed to use any of this content in your marketing.

Click here to download

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