For MSPs repetition breeds reputation

For MSPs, repetition breeds reputation

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Are you worried prospects might be seeing too much of your MSP's marketing? NOPE... they are barely aware you exist. Here's why

I think I've figured out the main reasons why some MSPs dabble with their marketing for a few weeks but then stop.

  • Maybe it's because they're doing tactical marketing ("just do some LinkedIn") without a marketing strategy to drive it, which makes it easy to give up

  • Maybe it's because they prioritise client delivery above marketing, so it's the first activity to be dropped (of course client delivery is important... but you can successfully market your MSP in just 60 to 90 mins every workday)

  • Maybe it's because the sales cycle for MSPs is so long and they become demotivated and run out of steam

  • But also... I think some MSPs become scared that people are going to become sick of them being "out there"

And I get that, I really do. However I disagree with it 1,000%. Here's why.

As the business owner, you see every piece of activity you do. Every post on LinkedIn, every promotional email, every contact at networking meetings, every phone call made. You have an overview of all the marketing your MSP is doing.

And you rightly judge that if every single piece of it was consumed by a prospect, that could be overwhelming.

But here's the thing... you are THE ONLY PERSON who is consuming ALL of your marketing. Most leads and prospects are seeing just a fraction of it.

  • They open 1 in 5 of your emails

  • They see the odd LinkedIn post now and again

  • They miss your phone calls and don't worry too much about who the missed calls were from

  • They have a September 2022 edition of your printed newsletter in a desk drawer but won't remember it (till the big Desk Drawer Clearout of summer 2026)

  • They vaguely know your face when they bump into you at another networking meeting but can't place how they know you

You see? A lot of marketing effort only goes a tiny way into their brain. This is why you need to do MORE MARKETING, not less! 😃 The more marketing you do, the more likely you are to:

  1. Build a reputation with your leads

  2. Be in front of them at the exact moment they are ready to talk about switching MSPs

The trick is build a simple marketing system that makes this happen day in, day out (without you the business owner having to do much work). So marketing is no longer a task that seems to get bumped onto the next day's task list... every day 😱

I have a simple marketing system you can use along with all the content you need to power the system. It can only be used by one MSP per area. Here's how to check if your area is still available.