Captain Kirk and a wrist communicator,

Got a smart watch for Christmas? Beware the sales killer

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If you were on Santa's Good List this year, you may have found a smart watch under the tree on Christmas morning.

And although you're going to love answering calls from your wrist while pretending you're Captain Kirk (who else remembers the Star Trek 'wrist communicators'?), a very quick word of warning.

The truth is that smart watches can be very bad for business.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say they can actually kill sales for MSPs.

WATCH: Paul gets distracted by his Apple Watch. Other brands of sales-killing tech are available.

I was recently talking to a business-owning friend of mine who'd been in a meeting where he felt as though the other person just didn't want to be there.

Why? Because every five minutes or so, they looked at their watch.

Now, he interpreted that as them being rude. Which is understandable.

However, it's likely the other person just couldn't ignore the constant stream of notifications. Because that's what this kind of tech is designed to do, right?

So, when it comes to sales meetings, I honestly think these things should come off. Just leave them in the car.

That way, you can focus 100% on the person you're trying to make a sale to. 

As Mr Spock so wisely said - sell lots and prosper 🖖.

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