A cool hashtag trick for MSPs on LinkedIn

A cool hashtag trick for MSPs on LinkedIn

Paul GreenUncategorized

This idea is so simple it will take 7 seconds a week to implement (not an exaggeration), yet over time can build powerful positioning on LinkedIn

Hashtags are a little less important on LinkedIn today than they have been in the past... I certainly don't think they bring you a massive amount of traffic.

But there is something cool you can do that helps with your positioning as THE local technology expert.

Every time you post on LinkedIn, add this hashtag at the bottom: #ITsupportYourTown

There's a small chance someone will click through and see lots of your content. But that's not the trick.

Instead, we want LinkedIn to realise this is a hashtag you use a lot, and eventually add it to your profile.

For example, I've been adding #mspmarketing to my posts for years. And...


Great positioning, right?