MSPs: Here are 3 sexy emails you can send to leads & prospects

MSPs: Here are 3 sexy emails you can send to leads & prospects

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Here are three marketing emails you can swipe and adapt for your MSP, plus a simple guide to creating more. Easy

Sending emails to your leads is an important way of staying in touch, and building a relationship with them. People only buy managed services when they are ready to buy, and your goal is to make sure you are top of mind when that exact day rolls around.

The problem with email marketing is it's getting HARDER and HARDER every year:

  • Harder to get their email address

  • Harder to get their permission to email

  • Harder to get your email delivered

  • Harder to stay out of the spam folder

  • Harder to get them to open it

  • Harder to stop them unsubscribing

But despite these difficulties, it really is worth persisting.

Compared to most other audiences you can build - LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, forums etc - you OWN your email database. Even if your CRM closes your account and bans you (it happens) you get your data back and can take it elsewhere.

And despite the billion other ways we can and do communicate, email has remained a core and reliable way to reach people (side note, did you know the first ever email was sent 53 years ago?).

In a second, I'm going to give you three sexy examples you can swipe and adapt.

First, here are some of the ingredients you need in marketing emails that ZING ūüėÉ

  • The sender's name and email address should be consistent to build trust

  • The subject line should trigger intrigue, without ever feeling spammy or click baity

  • The email should feel like a communication from one friend to another. This is why I hate graphics in emails... if your friend emails you, they don't have a banner at the top of the email, do they?

  • The content can be as long as you like, so long as it's written in short sentences and tells a story. I'll read an 870 page Harry Potter book if the storytelling is good enough

  • It encourages clicks and replies. One of the best things you can do for deliverability is get people to engage with your emails. It sends positive signals to Google, MS etc. Also, the more humans engage with your content. the better your chances of them asking to talk to you

  • It must be easy peasy for them to unsubscribe. You actually want to encourage unengaged people to unsubscribe to a) keep your email list clean and b) keep your open rate high. For example, if you don't open about 10 emails from me in a row, I automatically unsubscribe you ūüôĀ This makes me weep tears of blood every time... but it's great for a highly engaged list with epic deliverability

Here are 3 emails you're welcome to swipe and adapt for your MSP

These are adaptations of emails provided to my MSP Marketing Edge members.

Subject: HOORAY! We just connected on LinkedIn, NAME


Hi NAME, thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn.

I've been cheeky and added you to my email list. Don't worry, I won't bombard you with unwanted emails. Just one a week showing how technology can help you grow your business faster.

You're a INSERT JOB, I.E. LAWYER, right? Are you confident with technology or does it fill you with dread? (hit reply and let me know, so I can make sure my emails are relevant to you).

Subject: The email that cost $24,000



Imagine returning from a lovely vacation. To find $12,000 missing from your business's bank account.

And worse, that money was to pay a key supplier. You still have to pay the invoice... so now you're $24,000 out of pocket.


This scenario is more likely than you realise. Many cyber attacks start in your email... and smart criminals target businesses when they know the boss (you) is away.

I wrote a short book about this called Email Hijack. It's written for normal people like you (not technology people like me). And it shows you what the dangers are, and how to protect your business.

Want me to send you the PDF? You can get it here: HYPERLINK

NOTE: The Email Hijack book is one of a number of marketing resources every MSP Marketing Edge member can use as their own marketing materials. Others include an IT Services Buyers Guide, sales proposals, technology roadmaps, a series of website tools (which work in all sites) and 100s of tech videos that can be added to a website with a simple copy and paste.

Subject: What score??? (on a scale of 1 to 10)



Do you have an IT support company looking after your business?

On a scale of 1 to 10 ‚Äď where 1 is AWFUL and 10 is AMAZING ‚Äď what score would you give them?

Hit reply and let me know.