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Google hates website popups on mobile devices

Paul GreenUncategorized

Google made an announcement a couple of weeks ago about a major change to its algorithm from January 2017.

This will affect the performance of your website on mobile devices.

The big change is that popups on mobiles will be penalised. You know what I mean – popups that stop you seeing the content that you went to the page to read.

Even though there is plenty of evidence that they work, they’re very annoying. More so on a small screen. And Google is doing something about them.

The web giant has the power… after it changed its algorithm to penalise websites that weren’t mobile-friendly in April last year, nearly 85% of search results now meet this criteria.

Google forced websites to be mobile friendly. Now Google will kill popups on mobiles.

There’s a very good evergreen guide put together on this subject by Infusionsoft, the highly-recommended marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

And don’t forget there’s a Google tool to check your website meets Google’s mobile-friendly requirements.