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You must force your MSP’s techs to take holidays

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The holidays are coming!

They're just a few weeks away, and us business owners will finally take a few days off.

I say 'finally', because as business owners, we do tend to wear not taking a holiday as a badge of honour, don't we?

You hear people comparing their lack of holiday-taking at networking events, "I haven't had a holiday for 17 weeks." "Well, I haven't had a holiday since 1997!"

WATCH: Paul does his best impression of a non-holiday-taking business owner.

But the thing is, not taking a holiday is actually really unhealthy.

Your mind and your body need downtime, away from your PSA, thinking about ordinary things (it's also good for your marriage and your kids and having friendships and social circles and all that stuff too, by the way).

But we're not just talking about just your holidays here. What about your technicians?

I was talking to an MSP owner the other day and he said, with real pride in his voice, "Oh, my technicians are entitled to five weeks holiday a year, but most of them barely take one or two weeks!"

He thought that was awesome. I think the complete opposite.

You should be encouraging your staff to take time off.

Because when they go and have proper holidays and get away from the office and the clients and the clutter and all the work that needs to be done, they will come back to work refreshed and ready to throw themselves into it.

In fact, you will keep your staff longer if you encourage them to actually take their holidays.

I know that kind of goes against what most business owners think, but it's the truth.

So, we're nearly at 2023, here's a really worthwhile question to answer before we get there.

How can you encourage your team to take off the holiday that they're entitled to next year?

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