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How to kill the problem of “too much competition”. Stone dead

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IT support companies. There are too many of them. They’re everywhere.

Do a Google search for “IT support YourTown” right now. How many competitors do you have?

Too many, right?

And that’s a real problem. Because there are plenty of potential clients out there looking for an MSP just like yours. But with all these competitors around, there is so much noise. So they’re less likely to even see you.

It’s why most IT support companies’ biggest problem is getting new clients.

There is an answer. And it’s beautiful in its simplicity

It’s all down to something called category marketing.

Imagine you’re looking for a new car. Google “new cars” and you’ll quickly find there are 300+ available in the UK right now. Too much choice.

But the reality is, no-one ever considers all 300. Instead, they are looking within a certain category.

You want a large luxury German family car, that’s a category. Crossover between saloon and 4×4, that’s a category.

It’s impossible to win when there are lots of entrants in a category. Could you imagine how stupid it would be to launch a new large luxury German car company against Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW? It would be insane.

So instead, you create a smaller category. Or launch a new category.

Tesla did this. It created its own category – pure electric sports cars with a bespoke charging network.

Boom! A category of one. That no other manufacturer will be able to touch for a decade at least. Tesla just stole the car companies’ market share from under them.

Y’know the most exciting thing – you can do exactly the same. You can create a category of one for your business. So instead of looking at 10, 20, 30+ IT support companies… your perfect prospects are only ever considering you.

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