The powerful concept of social proof

Paul GreenUncategorized

How many testimonials, reviews and case studies do you have on your website?

Your goal should be to have hundreds and hundreds. All from local business owners and managers who are so much in love with your business, that they are happy to have their name (and ideally their photo) on your website, endorsing what you do.

It’s believed that testimonials – the concept of social proof – is behind up to 50% of all purchasing decisions. Testimonials influence people.

Most people prefer to do what most other people are doing… and testimonials make it easy for them to see where the populist vote lies.

International marketing statistics show that when a website has customer testimonials, 63% of visitors are more likely to make a purchase. And reviews can produce an average of an 18% uplift in sales.

Put into a context for your business… people trust testimonials when they see them (especially if you add plenty of details about the person giving them). No matter your personal opinion about testimonials, they certainly have an effect on most people.

The challenge for you is to get as many testimonials as you can and sprinkle them all over your website. They’re wasted if they’re all stuck on a “testimonials” page. Put them on every page, as they provide a powerful context.

The easiest way to get testimonials? Ask for them. The perfect time to do this is off the back of a successfully resolved support call.