Could you use a WFH setup as a bribe for new clients?

Could you use a WFH setup as a bribe for new clients?

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An idea for you. Might not be one of my best, but I'll go with it anyway.

You could use this to persuade new clients to come on board. Or maybe as an incentive / thank you for existing clients, maybe to encourage them to commission a big project, or for signing a new contract.

Most business owners and managers have an element of working from home, right?

So why not give them The Ultimate Work From Home Setup as a thank you gift. You don't charge them for this, it's a bonus (of course in reality you absorb the cost into their workplace project).

What is The Ultimate Work From Home Setup? It's a real WOW setup for them, in their home.

You'd source and install:

  • A high quality camera, perhaps a digital SLR for the perfect picture
  • LED lights so they're always well lit
  • A decent USB microphone
  • Good headphones
  • App-controlled mood lighting in the background
  • And perhaps even run it all off smart plugs controlled by their Alexa, so they can switch on their new setup with a simple voice command

This would cost you, what, $1,000, maybe less? Plus a bit of install time. And the inevitable support call once a year when something doesn't work properly.

And yes, I know you don't want work in people's homes. But go with me on this.

Because this idea has massive WOW FACTOR 😃

Focus on the huge positive emotional impact this would have on your clients

You set all of this up for them in their home, at no (perceived) cost to them.

What a massive differentiator for your MSP! It's the kind of thing they will show off to dinner party guests, and tell all of their business-owning friends about.

You could even take this a step further, such as giving them:

  • A quality desk with good cable management
  • One of those posh Herman Miller office chairs
  • A big curved monitor and laptop station

Again, you can absorb the cost of this into the project, or just look at it as a marketing cost.

The other way to pay for this is ask your client if they want to replicate their at-home setup in their office... for them and their management team. Stick a bit of extra margin on that project, and you have an ultra-happy client at very little cost to you.