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MSPs: How to ask your clients for 2 year contracts

Paul GreenUncategorized

Here's a scary idea. Next time you get a new client, instead of asking them for a 12 month contract, why not ask them for a two year contract? Or, scarier still, how about a three year contract?

This idea might make you think I've lost my mind.

But here's the thing.

Good clients are likely to be happy getting into bed with you for two or three years- maybe even longer. Why would they be happy with that? Surely they would rather have a short-term contract they can walk away from, right?

Well actually, no.

Your clients don't know what they don't know about technology. And the reason they don't switch MSP every single year is because technology is not only a mystery to them, it terrifies them.

So, when you have someone thinking of switching to your MSP, you say, 'Hey, Mr/Mrs Prospective New Client, we are happy to make a two or three year commitment to you, if you will make a two or three year commitment back to us.'

This is an opportunity to start to form a proper partnership from the get go- because ultimately, that’s what every MSP wants with their clients, right?

If it helps, you can always build into your contract an ‘emergency exit button clause’. Say to them, ‘Even though we're asking for a two to three year commitment, if at any point you're unhappy and want to walk away, then you can hit the emergency exit button and be out within 90 days.’ You can even guarantee them that you’ll work very hard with their new IT support company to help make it a smooth transition.

Why would you put a clause like that in your contract? Because the reality is, if you had a client who was that desperately unhappy, you’d likely let them go just to get rid of them anyway.

If you can take a deep breath and have a go at this, it will change the way clients think about you and your business. As ever, I’d love to hear how you get on. You can email me any time -